Monday, 19 June 2017

Police Ask Newcastle Cosplayers To Use Common Sense

Northumbria Police has posted the following message on its Facebook page. While it does not specify the name of an event, the Sunnycon convention is taking place in St James Park in Newcastle from today (Friday June 16) to Sunday June 18.

'We want to advise the public that there is a cosplay event in Newcastle city centre today so a number of people are in costume. This morning we have received a couple reports from concerned members of the public who have seen people with swords or suspicious outfits. We have carried out the appropriate checks and found these individuals are attending a cosplay style event at St James Park today. The reports were made in good faith and we would advise anyone attending these types of events to be cautious of public perception. If you are planning on dressing up and carrying an item that may be mistaken as an offensive weapon then we would advise you keep it in a bag until you arrive at the event. We want everyone attending these events to have a good time but in light of recent events across the country it is important that people use their common sense.
There are always officers on duty in Newcaslte so if anyone has any concerns they can speak to them. We would always encourage the public to be vigilant and report anything they think is suspicious by calling police on 101.

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