Monday, 17 April 2017

Temporary Case Closed Shop to Open in Tokyo

To capitalize on the long-running anime Case Closed's popularity in Japan, a temporary store called Detective Conan Plaza opens in different locations around the country. With the premiere of the latest Case Closed movie, Detective Conan: The Crimson Love Letter, on April 15, a new Detective Conan Plaza has opened in Tokyo Dome City, a multi-purpose entertainment complex near Suidōbashi, Tokyo. The store offers Case Closed-related goods, of course, but visitors also have a chance to win several prizes and play games.
Customers who spend over 5,000 yen ($46) will receive a non-woven bag; they can choose between Conan, Phantom Thief (Kaitou) Kid, Shuuichi Akai, Tohru Amuro, Jimmy (Shin'ichi) with Rachel (Ran), and Harley (Heiji) with Kirsten (Kazuha).
Customers who spend over 20,000 yen ($18) will be able to get one of three different A-5 sized clear files. The designs switch on May 4 and June 1 (they are differentiated by colored borders below). Only 100 are available per day.
The store offers a deduction game, A Murder Has Occurred! Mystery Challenge!!, to puzzle its visitors. Crack the case and you get one of 11 different character badges. Each play costs 432 yen ($3.94).
Detective Conan Plaza also offers various goods before they can be obtained elsewhere, like these collectible badges showcasing scenes from the film (324 yen/$2.96 each)...
... chocolate squares also featuring scenes from the film (2,398 yen/$21.88 for a set of 30)...
... and a tin of cookies featuring Conan's various gadgets (1,188 yen/$10.84).
The Tokyo Dome City Detective Conan Plaza will remain open until June 30. The miniature detective also made an appearance in 2015-6 at a real escape game, which, appropriately enough, challenge players' deduction and investigative skills.
Sources: Anime! Anime!: Katsunori Takahashi and PR Times

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