Monday, 20 February 2017

Anime Limited and Funimation Updates

Anime Limited made the following announcements regarding Anime Limited and Funimation releases:
- The cinema release of Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale (pictured) will be screening on Wednesday April 19 in the UK and Ireland.
- Funimation's release of Mikagura School Suite has been put back to March 13, 'due to a delay in BBFC certification that resulted in the production window for this title being missed.' The Brothers Conflict Blu-ray is now due on March 6.
- The schedule for forthcoming Anime Limited releases is as follows.
March 6
Full Metal Panic! Collection (Blu-ray, sold only through the AllTheAnime site)
Full Metal Panic! Season 1 (Blu-ray)
Full Metal Panic!: The Second Raid (Blu-ray)
March 13
Persona 3 the Movie #2 Midsummer Knight's Dream (DVD, Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray+DVD)
March 27
Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam Part 2 (Blu-ray). According to Anime Limited, "The first 1000 units of Part 2 – not exclusive to any one retailer – will come with a special art book that will fit inside the box that comes with Part 1. Only this Limited version with the art book will be available on day of release. So no matter where you pre-order it, you will receive it."
Vision of Escaflowne (DVD)
April 3
Gankutsuou: The Count of Monte Cristo (Blu-ray standard edition)
April 10
Persona 3 the Movie #3 Falling Down (DVD, Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray+DVD)
April 24
Durarara!!×2 Ten (DVD, Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray)
Belladonna of Sadness (Blu-ray) - This will be 'a Collector's Edition type set.'
Your Lie in April Part 2 (DVD, Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray)
Evangelion: 1.0 You Are [Not] Alone (Ltd Collectors Edition Blu-ray+DVD) - According to Anime Limited, this date 'is more an absolute safety net than anything, as we are actually expecting stock to be completed in March.'
TBC April
The Anthem of the Heart (DVD, Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray+DVD)
Selector Infected Wixoss (DVD, Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray, pictured). According to Anime Limited, "Our Blu-ray Limited Collector's Edition release will come in a rigid case, with a digipack to store the discs. Also included will be a 36-page art booklet featuring character information, a special column from a representative of Takara Tomy in Japan talking about developing the game, and two round table interviews, one with the Sound Effect staff and the other with Producers."
May 8
Outlaw Star (Blu-ray standard edition)
May 29
Tokyo Ghoul OVAs Tokyo Ghoul: "Jack" & Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto (DVD, Blu-ray) [Blu-ray listing to follow soon.]
GANGSTA. (DVD, Collector's Edition Blu-ray)
Black Butler Season 3 (DVD, Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray)
ERASED Part 1 (DVD, Blu-ray Collector's Edition)
June 5
Sword of the Stranger (Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray+DVD)
Persona 3 the Movie #4 Winter of Rebirth (DVD, Ltd Collector's Edition Blu-ray+DVD)
Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu (Blu-ray)
- The Funimation schedule is as follows. According to Anime Limited, "This isn't the complete list. For example, there are Fairy Tail releases to be added into the mix."
February 27
Fairy Tail Part 12 (DVD)
Absolute Duo (Blu-ray+DVD combi)
No-Rin (Blu-ray)
March 8
Brothers Conflict (Blu-ray)
March 13
Mikagura School Suite (Blu-ray+DVD combi)
March 20
Snow White with the Red Hair Part 1 (Blu-ray)
Heavy Object Season 1 Part 1 (Blu-ray)
Daimidaler vs. Penguin Empire (Blu-ray+DVD combi)
March 27
SHIMONETA: A World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn't Exist (Blu-ray, DVD)
April 10
Shomin Sample (Blu-ray, DVD)
April 24
Snow White with the Red Hair Part 2 (Blu-ray)
Barakamon (Blu-ray+DVD combi)
Noragami Aragoto (DVD, Blu-ray Collector's Edition)
Assassination Classroom Season 2 Part 1 (DVD, Collector's Edition Blu-ray)
TBC April
Overlord (DVD, Collector's Edition Blu-ray)

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