Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Funimation Cancels Subtitle-Only Subscription Plan, Reduces Monthly Rate for Regular Plan

FUNimation Entertainment announced on Thursday that it is cancelling its SubPass subscription service. In addition, the company is launching a "FunimationNow Premium" subscription service in place of its All-AccessPass.
FunimationNow Premium costs US$5.99 a month or US$59.99 a year. Funimation's All-AccessPass previously cost US$7.95 per month or US$59.95 per year prior to a February update that raised the monthly rate to US$7.99.
The SubPass subscription service, which launched in January 2015, allowed for subtitle-only viewing for US$4.99 per month. Funimation is now moving subtitled versions of "many" of its shows to Crunchyroll as part of the two companies' recently announced partnership.

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