Friday, 6 May 2016

Funimation Lists English Dub for Barakamon Anime in June

Funimation's website is listing the Barakamon television anime with an English dub premiere of the first two episodes on June 28. Funimation has not yet officially announced a dub for the series, and the company did not respond to ANN's request for confirmation by press time.
Funimation streamed the series in North America as it aired in Japan in 2014, and Crunchyroll streamed the series in Europe (outside the United Kingdom and Ireland), the Middle East, and North Africa. Funimation describes the series:

An aspiring artist's world is about to be turned upside down. Seishu exiles himself to a small island to rediscover his passion as a calligrapher after violently attacking one of his most vocal critics. While the Goto Islands appear to be a tranquil paradise on the surface, this young mapmaker soon learns that wacky neighbors and hyperactive children just might provide him the sense of humor he needs on his journey towards self-discovery.
Funimation also has the home video rights to the series.
Kinema Citrus (Yuyushiki, Code:Breaker) produced Barakamon for Nippon TV. Masaki Tachibana (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky) directed the series off of Pierre Sugiura's (Yuyushiki, Bottom Biting Bug) scripts. Majiro (Nagareboshi Lens) handled the character designs, and Kenji Kawai (Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit, Patlabor 2: The Movie) handled the music.
Satsuki Yoshino launched the original manga in Square Enix's Gangan Online magazine in 2009. Yoshino's spinoff manga Handa-kun is also inspiring an anime adaptation that will premiere in July.

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