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New Booklet/DVD Series Focusing on Shonen Jump Manga Creators Launches in January


This year's 49th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Monday that Shueisha will launch its Jump Ryū booklet/DVD series across Japan starting in January. The series was previously only available in Shizuoka prefecture as a "mook" series (magazine-style book) that also bundled DVDs. The Shizuoka edition of the series launched in September, and has so far published three issues (see gallery below).
Each issue will focus exclusively on a single Weekly Shonen Jump manga creator, and will include both a booklet and a DVD. The booklets will include: interviews with creators that reveal the secret story behind their debut, reproductions of artwork exclusive to the magazine, and paper that helps readers trace and draw famous scenes from the creators' manga. The accompanying DVDs will go behind-the-scenes with manga creators at their workspace, feature interviews, and offer insight into manga creators' creative process and their lives.
The series' first Shizuoka issue featured Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama, while the second issue featured Naruto creator Masashi Kishimoto, and the third featured One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda.
The first new nationwide issue will cost 702 yen (about US$5.80), while the second issue onward will cost 1,393 yen (about US$11.50). Shueisha will release the first issue on January 7, and each new issue will ship on the first and third Thursdays of the month. Weekly Shonen Jump notes that release dates will differ by region.
The first three nationwide issues will feature Toriyama, Kishimoto, and Oda, respectively. Weekly Shonen Jump also reveals that the series will feature the following manga creators in the future:

Shueisha plans to announce more authors in the future on the series' official website.
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Love Live!, Powerpuff Girls Get Together for New Exhibition

Japan's top fictional idol group and Cartoon Network's super-powered trio are teaming up to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Powerpuff Girls' Japanese television debut.
The Parco Museum in Shibuya will host the "Love Live!~μ's meet Powerpuff Girls" exhibition starting on November 20. The exhibit will then tour other Parco museums in Hiroshima, Sapporo, and Nagoya through February 2016.
The event will follow μ's through the group's last three years and sell special collaboration merchandise. More information on the upcoming merchandise will be announced soon.

Anime Limited Updates

Anime Limited posted the following confirmations re its recent acquisitions and other titles on its 'All the Anime' page.
- Expelled from Paradise (pictured) is 'tentatively' scheduled for January 2016, and Tokyo ESP is 'tentatively' scheduled for February. Both titles will be released on Blu-ray and DVD.
Ninja Slayer, Tokyo Marble Chocolate, Attack on Titan: Junior High, The Case of Hana & Alice, Brothers Conflict, Prison School and Snow White with the Red Hair are also all confirmed for both Blu-ray and DVD formats.
- Claymore will be Blu-ray only.
- Of the Gundam titles, Turn A Gundam will be a sub-only DVD; Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam wil be a Blu-ray (including the Japanese audio, but the English dub is unconfirmed at present); and Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ will be a sub-only DVD.
- Mobile Suit Gundam Part 2 has been moved back to January; the first thousand copies will include a Limited Edition booklet. Gundam: Reconguista in G will be a 2016 release.
- Durarara!!×2 Shō will be a complete season set, tentatively scheduled for February 2016 on Blu-ray and DVD.
- Miss Hokusai wll be released 'around March 2016' on Blu-ray and DVD.
- There will be an Ultimate Edition of Terror in Resonance, including the whole series on Blu-ray and DVD. According to Anime Limited, 'We are also planning a big art book featuring content included from all of the Japanese releases of the series.'
- The Baccano! Collector's Edition Blu-ray is planned for November 16.
- Sword Art Online II: Part 2 will carry parts 8 to 14 (the second half of the 'Phantom Bullet' arc), with extras including Episode 14.5 “Debriefing."
- It is unconfirmed whether The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Season 1 will include Director's Cut versions of the episodes.

Funimation Offers Broadcast Dubs for Dance with Devils, Shomin Sample, Heavy Object

FUNimation Entertainment announced on Wednesday that it will offer Broadcast dubs for Dance with Devils, Shomin Sample, Heavy Object, Attack on Titan: Junior High, Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya, and Noragami Aragoto.
Dance with Devils' story revolves around Ritsuka Tachibana (Himika Akaneya), a female second-year high school student who attends Shiko Academy in Shiko Town. She enjoyed her school life while living with her mother Maria, but one day, that balance fell into ruin. The anime is a story of Ritsuka being loved and being attracted to demons.
Ai Yoshimura (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Blue Spring Ride) is directing the anime at Brains Base (Natsume's Book of Friends, One Week Friends). Tomoko Konparu (Uta no Prince-sama - Maji Love 1000%, Blue Spring Ride) is in charge of the series scripts based on the original concept by Rejet's Daisuke Iwasaki and the original story by Grimoire Henshūshitsu.
The Broadcast dub will premiere on November 11 at 12:00 p.m. EDT. The show premiered in Japan on October 7. FUNimation Entertainment is streaming the series as it airs in Japan.
The Shomin Sample (Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets-rareta Ken or I Was Abducted by an Elite All-Girls School as a Sample Commoner) television anime is based on Takafumi Nanatsuki's Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken light novel series. Funimation is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan, and describes the show:

Kimito Kagurazaka is a extraordinarily average. Average grades, average abilities, average looks, average love life (nonexistent). That is, until one day he's abducted by a mysterious organization and forced to enroll a super secret, super elite academy for the richest, classiest, elitest of the elite young ladies. Turns out Kimito has been chosen as a “commoner sample” to better help the isolated and naïve girls cope with entering into normal society. But there's a catch—Kimito isn't allowed to show any romantic or sexual interest in the girls, lest he face gruesome repercussions. Can this commoner enter the secret world of high society?
Masato Jinbo (Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya 2wei!, Nozo × Kimi) is directing the anime under the title Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Gets-rareta Ken at the studio SILVER LINK Kento Shimoyama (Bleach, Servant × Service) is in charge of series composition.
The Broadcast dub will premiere on November 11 at 11:30 a.m. EDT. The series premiered in Japan on October 7. Funimation is streaming the series as it airs in Japan.
The Heavy Object anime series is based on Kazuma Kamachi's (A Certain Magical Index) light novel series of the same name. The story revolves around Objects — powerful, massive weapons that change the course of warfare — and Elite Object pilots. An odd Elite girl named Milinda meets Quenser, a student who aims to become a Object mechanic, with the soldier-in-training Heivia on a snowy battlefield.
Takashi Watanabe (Slayers, Shakugan no Shana franchises, Ikki Tousen) is serving as chief director of the anime at J.C. Staff. Chikara Sakurai (Little Busters!, Little Busters! Refrain) is serving as assistant director, Hiroyuki Yoshino (Magi - The Kingdom of Magic, Accel World, World Trigger) is handling the series composition
The Broadcast dub will premiere on November 13 at 12:30 p.m. EDT. The series premiered in Japan on October 2. FUNimation Entertainment is streaming the series as it airs in Japan.
The Attack on Titan: Junior High anime is based on Saki Nakagawa's spinoff comedy manga of the same name. The manga re-imagines Eren, Mikasa, Armin, and other characters from the original manga as students and teachers at Titan Junior High School. The cast members from the original Attack on Titan reprise their roles in the anime.
Yoshihide Ibata (Ashiaraiyashiki no Jūnin-tachi, episode director for Kill la Kill, Haikyu!!) is directing the series at Production I.G. Midori Gotou (Hozuki's Coolheadedness, Genshiken: Second Generation) is handling the series composition.
The Broadcast dub will premiere on November 11 at 8:00 p.m. EDT in Funimation's DubbleTalk block. The series premiered in Japan on October 3. Funimation is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan.
The Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya anime series is the second half of the Seraph of the End series that adapts Daisuke Furuya, Takaya Kagami, and Yamato Yamamoto's Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign manga. The story takes place in a world where an unknown virus has killed the entire human population except for children. Those children were then enslaved by vampires. The manga centers on Yūichirō Hyakuya, a human who dreams of becoming strong enough to kill all vampires.
The staff from the first series are also working on Seraph of the End: Battle in Nagoya. Daisuke Tokudo is directing the series off of scripts by Hiroshi Seko.
The Broadcast dub will premiere on November 11 at 8:30 p.m. EDT in Funimation's DubbleTalk block. The series premiered in Japan on October 10. Funimation is streamed an English Broadcast dub for the first series.
Noragami Aragoto is the second season of the TV anime adaptation of Adachitoka's Noragami manga. Funimation streamed the first season as it aired in Japan last year, and it describes the story:

Yato may just be a minor god now, but he's determined to make it big and he's got a plan. Unfortunately, things just don't seem to be going his way. He doesn't have a single shrine dedicated to him, his partner has just quit, and now he's got to find a new divine weapon. Just when things look bleak, he meets a girl named Hiyori and changes her life forever.
Kotaro Tamura (Wolf Children assistant director) is once again directing the anime in the studio BONES. Deko Akao (Arakawa Under the Bridge, Mysterious Girlfriend X) is also returning to provide the series composition.
Funimation released the first season's DVD and Blu-ray Disc release in North America on July 7.
The Broadcast dub will premiere on November 11 at 9:00 p.m. EDT in Funimation's DubbleTalk block. Noragami Aragoto premiered in Japan on October 2. Funimation is Funimation also previously streamed the original Noragami anime.

New DW toys

Toys “R” Us has linked up with Character Options to bring a new collector’s series of figures that will be available only in Toys “R” Us Stores in the UK. The new collection of 11 Figures includes a never before seen Eighth Doctor Figure.

The new 5 inch figure series has been created in response to the demand from Doctor Who fans who are eager to see the return of the larger format. It will include:
  • Clara Oswald (played By Jenna Coleman) – the most recent time travelling companion of The Doctor
  • Rose Tyler (played By Billie Piper) with K9
  • Amy Pond (played by Karen Gillan) in her famed police outfit
  • Three separate Eleventh Doctor figures (played by Matt Smith): One in purple Jacket , another donning a cowboy hat as in Doctor Who - A Christmas Carol, and finally a classically posed Eleventh Doctor with a his ubiquitous Sonic device
  • Four versions of the current and Twelfth Doctor (played by Peter Capaldi) are also part of the line-up. Known for being a rather dapper Time Lord, there is a choice of figure in White, Black, Purple or Polka Dot shirt.
  • And last but definitely not least a brand new Eighth Doctor figure (played by Paul McGann) and as seen in the episode Night of The Doctor. The Eighth Doctor has never before been released individually in the 5 inch figure format.
Four 3.75 inch Wave 4 figures will also be available.

Al Dewar, Product Development Director, Character Options commented:
This collector’s series is really special. The fans have been requesting a return to the 5.5 inch format for a long time and in producing this collection I feel we have brought to them exactly what they have been demanding. The most exciting part for me however, is the creation of the Eighth Doctor figure, which is often seen as the missing piece for the true Doctor Who collector.
Mike Coogan, Marketing & eCommerce Director, Toy “R” Us further commented:
Toy “R” Us has a particular affinity with the Doctor Who fan and each year we like to bring to them something that they could not get anywhere else. This new series is exceptional and I believe one of the most comprehensive collector’s series to date - It will be an instant hit with all collectors.

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Live-Action Yo-kai Watch TV Spot Streamed

Nintendo began streaming a live-action television commercial for its upcoming North American release of Level-5's Yo-kai Watch role-playing game on November 6.
The game is slated to release in Australia and New Zealand in December 2, and in Europe in 2016.
Nintendo released the game's sequel, Yo-kai Watch 2, in Japan in July 2014 in two versions, and introduced a third "Shinuchi" version in December 2014. The third game, with a setting based on the United States, will ship in Japan in summer 2016.
Disney XD premiered the Yo-kai Watch television anime series on October 5. Viz Media is publishing the manga starting on November 3.

Yu-Gi-Oh's Dark Magician Girl Gets 1/7-Scale Movie Version Figure

Next year's Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions film is bringing back the series' original characters and cast and also inspiring new merchandise. Dark Magician Girl, the spell-casting card character first utilized by Yugi in the Battle City arc, is the first character selected for a new, 1/7-scale figure.
Titled as the "Movie Edition" and created by Kotobukiya, this new figure was sculpted under the supervision of Yu-Gi-Oh! original creator Kazuki Takahashi.
The first edition of the figure will also comes with the movie version of Kuriboh.
The figure costs 9,000 yen (US$75) and will ship in March.
Kotobukiya has plans for more Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions merchandise, including Apple Magician Girl and Lemon Magician Girl. The company previously released another Black Magician Girl figure in April.

Oriemo Uk release

UK Anime Network reports that Anime-On-Line (the website of MVM Entertainment) is listing MVM editions of both seasons of Oreimo (My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute) in 2016; Season 1 on January 25 and Season 2 on February 1.
Additionally, Anime-On-Line lists the following release dates:
- Hidamari Sketch S1 (DVD and Blu-ray) on January 4;
- Kämpfer (DVD Collector's Edition and Blu-ray) on March 6;
- No Game, No Life delayed to February 29;
- Maid Sama! part 1 on December 7 and part 2 on January 18;
- Infinite Stratos 2 on December 14;
and So, I Can't Play H! on December 6.

one piece Uk delay

UK Anime Network reports that the twelfth box-set of One Piece, pictured left, has been confirmed delayed to December 28.

DW Series 9 ep 8 pulicity images

A roundup of publicity for the next episode in the current series of Doctor Who, The Zygon Invasion.
The Zygons, a race of shapeshifting aliens, have been living in secret among us on Earth, unknown and unseen - until now!

When Osgood is kidnapped by a rogue gang of Zygons, the Doctor, Clara and UNIT must scatter across the world in a bid to set her free. But will they reach her in time, and can they stop an uprising before it’s too late?
Invasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBCInvasion of the Zygons. Photo: BBC

The Zygon Invasion: Known Broadcast Details
United KingdomBBC OneSat 31 Oct 20158:15pm
United States of AmericaBBC AmericaSat 31 Oct 20159:00pm EDT(1:00am GMT)
CanadaSPACESat 31 Oct 20159:00pm EDT(1:00am GMT)
Asia PacificBBC EntertainmentSun 1 Nov 201510:00am SGT(2:00am GMT)
New ZealandPRIMESun 1 Nov 20157:30pm NZDT(6:30am GMT)
AustraliaABCSun 1 Nov 20157:40pm AEDT(8:40am GMT)
Europe (Benelux)BBC FirstTue 3 Nov 20159:00pm CEST
United KingdomBBC TwoFri 6 Nov 20151:45am(British Signed Language)

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Creator Kōji Miyata passed away

Manga creator Kōji Miyata passed away last Thursday, October 22, due to cerebral hemorrhage. He was 34.
Miyata began his career as a manga creator in 2007, publishing his "Neko de Tandem" (Tandem With a Cat) one-shot manga in Kadokawa's Comic Beam Fellows! magazine. He published his first serialized manga, Kikimimi Zukan (Pictorial Book of Sound), in Kadokawa's Monthly Comic Beam magazine in 2008. He serialized two other manga, Mahiru ni Miyoko (Miyoko at Noon) and Inugami-hime ni Kuchizuke (A Kiss for the Dog God Princess) in Fellows! magazine (renamed as Harta magazine in 2013).
He has also published many other one-shot manga, collected in the Utatane Hime (Napping Princess) and Yome ga Kore na Mon de. short manga compilations.
Miyata's family will hold a vigil for him on Tuesday. The family invites friends and fans of his work to participate in the vigil in Sōjiji Dainichido Funeral Hall, Tanashi, Nishitokyo. His burial will take place on Wednesday.

Kill la kill colab

A brand new music collaboration has brought together artists and animators to promote horse racing.
Umami, a horseracing entertainment site, now has a new theme song thanks to the combined efforts of three musical talents, who were known collectively as TK feat. TK for this song. The song is entitled "#Run" and is meant to represent the idea of running happily under a blue sky.
The song was arrranged by musicians Tetsuya Komuro and tofubeats. Komuro once worked on the soundtrack for the 1985 OAV Vampire Hunter D. Sayaka Kanda provided the vocals for the song. Kanda is the vocal talent for the musical duo TRUSTRICK who provided the opening theme "Miraikei Answer," for My Love Story!!
Their collaboration name comes from the initials of the filming location of Tokyo Racecourse (Tokyo Keiba-jo in Japanese) as well as the initials of Komuro himself.
"A racecourse is a place where people can enjoy things like concerts and entertainment in other countries," Komuro said about writing a song in relation to the venue. "We wanted this song to show off that fun and we hope people will recognize that down the line."
Kanda expressed a bit of reverence in working with someone as reputable as Komuro. "His work has spanned across generations, and I was really excited to work with him."
Furthermore, small animated portions of the music video brought Kill la Kill character designer Sushio into the spotlight. Shown above is Sushio's depiction of Komuro as he prepares to run.
An official site has been released for the song, which features interviews with the artists as well as a special "making-of" section.
Tokyo Racecourse will soon host the Japan Cup 2015, one of the most popular horse races in the country. The race takes place on November 29.

UN Report on Child anime in japan

Dutch lawyer Maud de Boer-Buquicchio, serving as a U.N. rapporteur on child prostitution and pornography, suggested in a news conference at Japan National Press Club on Monday that Japan should ban manga with "extreme child pornographic content."
She noted that it is important to find "the right balance" between artistic freedom and the protection of children. "I accept that the freedom of expression argument should outweigh, should prevail when it comes to adult pornography," she said.
De Boer-Buquicchio recently completed an eight-day study of the sexual abuse situation in Japan. For her investigation she interviewed government and law-enforcement representatives, non-governmental organizations, and victims.
Japan passed a bill last summer outlawing the possession of child pornography, though the bill does not criminalize depictions in manga and anime. It is also still legal to offer photos depicting half-naked children or children in skimpy outfits, and DVDs and photos with child erotica are available online and in some stores.
"All these are obviously lucrative businesses," De Boer-Buquicchio said. "What is worrying is that there is a trend which seems to be socially accepted and tolerated." She found the hesitation to take action in Japanese law enforcement officers to be "exceptional," and noted that sex offenders in Japan enjoy a "relatively high" impunity compared with other developed nations.
These factors, she asserts, contribute to Japan's "social and institutional tolerance" for offenses related to sexual exploitation of children. De Boer-Buquicchio suggested the ban on manga with extreme content as a step to combat the problem. She also proposed instituting penalties for viewing child pornography.
Sources: The Japan Times, The Straits Times

Japn rice idols

Yamagata Prefecture in Tōhoku is one of the regions of Japan most known for rice production. In an effort to promote local varieties of rice, rice producers have teamed up to develop an unofficial idol unit starring anthropomorphized rice varieties, RiCes (pronounced like "recess").
The idol unit currently has three members, but they're open to admitting more. The catch is the rice has to score more than 80 "flavor points" (an indicator of the grain's quality; 65 points is average).

The infrared machine used to evaluate rice quality
The unit's members so far are:
Haenuki Shōnai (representing Haenuki), a serious, earnest girl. She has experience in a different idol unit. Despite appearances, she is older than Tsuyahime.
Tsuyahime Uzen (representing Tsuyahime), who is the youngest of the three but also the leader. She can be selfish at times, but pulls the group along with her energy. She tries hard, but sometimes her efforts don't amount to much.
Hitomebore Miyagi (representing Hitomebore), the "big sister" of the three. She has a relaxed personality and takes things at her own pace. She is well-rounded and skilled at dancing and singing, yet sometimes she is weakened by anemia.
The RiCes packages go on sale on November 12, but can be pre-ordered at Yahoo! Japan Shopping. Tsuyahime costs 3,000 yen ($25) while the others are 2,500 yen ($21). Each bag weighs 5 kilograms (about 11 pounds).

DW Series 9 ep8 new images