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Poll Ranks Most Over-Used Cliches in J-Pop Lyrics

It's hard to argue that love songs are the last place to look for creative or original lyrics, and despite J-pop's broad popularity in Japan, its lyrics are no more innovative than any other genre dominated by romance. Accordingly, My Navi Woman, a Japanese news website, has conducted a poll of the most over-used lyrics in J-pop.
"[You're] not alone" tops the poll with 20.6% of the vote. "I hear it a lot in songs of lost love," says a 32-year-old working in the financial securities sector. A 29-year-old health care worker concurs: "I somehow get the feeling I hear that a lot. But the question comes up: What if you are alone? So I'm tired of it." "We are all born alone and die alone," a 32-year-old working in the food and beverage sector notes.
Here are the other cliched lyrics:
2. "I want to protect you" (15.6%)
3. "I won't let go of those hands" (8.4%)
4. "If [we] could go back to those days" (7.3%)
5. "I called your name" (6.7%)
5. "A feeling I can't express" (6.7%)
In addition, My Navi Woman also surveyed users about lyrics required for hit songs. Tellingly, several of the phrases that appeared in the most cliched list reappeared in this batch. A 25-year-old store employee likes "in a shifting season" because "it's a roundabout way of saying something you'd only hear in song lyrics." "I won't let go of those hands" is a favorite of a 32-year-old in the education sector, even though she doesn't understand why. "It's fitting and has a quality that generally hits the spot." And a 42-year-old warehouse worker supports "I called your name" even though she hasn't called anyone's name before "because it comes up a lot in song lyrics."
The poll was conducted from May 3 to May 12 online. 617 people were queried, of whom 409 were female.

San Francisco's J-Pop Summit Festival to Host Idol Group Tokyo Girls' Style

The organizers of San Francisco's J-Pop Summit Festivalannounced that idol group TOKYO GIRLS' STYLE will make their U.S. debut at the event on July 19 and 20.
The five members — Aya Konishi, Miyu Yamabe, Hitomi Arai, Yuri Nakae, and Mei Shoji — performed the ending theme "We Will Win! -Kokoro no Baton de popon no po-" in the ice-skating idol series Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream. They also performed an insert song for its sequelPretty Rhythm Dear My Future.
The event will also host the J-Rock band Pinky Doodle Poodle, led by vocalist YURIAYURIA starred as Ama Shigure in the Shuffle! anime series and performed the series' opening theme. She also contributed songs forGreen GreenCanvas 2 - Niji Iro no Sketch and School Days.
The J-Pop Summit Festival will be held July 19-20. Previously announced guests include May'n, Daichi, Yanakiku, The Akabane Vultures, and Una.

Forthcoming MVM Schedule Includes Mysterious Girlfriend X in August

MVM is now listing the anime titles below on its 'Pre-releases' catalogue on the Anime-on-line website (the first page ishere).
The titles include Mysterious Girlfriend X (pictured right), due for DVD release on August 18. It involves Akira, a high school boy who impulsively licks some drool left by a mysterious girl transfer student Mikoto, and finds himself bound into a bizarre relationship.
Regarding the release ofThe Garden of Sinners(pictured left), MVMdescribes it on the web page as a Limited Edition DVD Box Set, featuring eight movies on 8 discs, a 36-page booklet (including an Image Gallery), and 14 postcards illustrated byTakashi Takeuchi (the original character designer) and Sudo Tomomori (animation director / character design). Each disc will have its own digi-pak case featuring an original illustration and bonus materials. MVM also tweeted, "For everyone wondering why Garden of Sinners won't be on BD, the committee at Aniplex Japan will not allow it. It's out of our hands."
The upcoming MVM titles from the end of June are listed below.
July 14 Kamisama Kiss
July 21 Accel World - Part 2 (DVD and Blu-Ray)
July 28 The Familiar of Zero Season 1 (DVD and Blu-Ray)
August 4 Campione!
August 11 From the New World - Part 1 (DVD and Blu-Ray)
August 18 Mysterious Girlfriend X
August 25 Nekomonogatari (Black) (DVD and Blu-Ray)
September 1 Kokoro Connect
September 15 From the New World - Part 2 (DVD and Blu-Ray)
September 22 Bodacious Space Pirates Complete Series Collection (DVD and Blu-Ray)
September 29 Toradora! (DVD and Blu-Ray)
October 6 The Garden of Sinners Movie Collection
October 13 Kokoro Connect OVA Collection
October 27 Sankarea Complete Series Collection

Anime Among Empire Greatest Movies

The latest issue of the film magazine Empire (July 2014), includes a reader poll of the best 301 cinema films. According to the editorial, 250,000 people voted. Four anime films made the list, three of them directed byHayao Miyazaki. (Update - The full list is online here, thanks to TsunaReborn! for the heads-up.)
The highest was Spirited Away (pictured) at 82, which also made it the third high-rated animated film, behind the first Toy Story at 58 and Disney's The Lion King at 66. The other three anime nominees were Princess Mononoke at 203, My Neighbor Totoro at 216 and Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira at 236.
Three Japanese live-action films made the poll: Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai at 57, Yasujiro Ozu's Tokyo Story at 231 and Kinji Fukasaku's Battle Royale at 289.
The higher entries included the anime-inspired The Matrix at 23 and the Tokyo-set Lost in Translation at 73.

Day of the doctor Paul McGann

Paul McGann is never far from the Doctor Who convention world, at theComicpalooza 2014 convention last weekend he was asked to read the words from the final scene of the 50th Anniversary special, 'Day of the Doctor'. An edited video of his speech is shown below:

Barbara Murray 1929-2104

The actress Barbara Murray has died at the age of 84. 

Barbara Murray appeared in Doctor Who in 1982, playing Lady Cranleigh in the story Black Orchid, alongside fifth DoctorPeter Davison. 

Born in London in 1929, Murray made her stage debut in 1949 working in regional rep at the Newcastle Playhouse. Later that year she appeared in her first film, Badger’s Green before appearing as Shirley Pemberton in the classic Ealing comedy Passport to Pimlico. 

Her success in the movies led to a string of roles on the small screen, where she became a familiar face, with a career spanning five decades. Some of her more memorable TV roles include parts in The Pallisers, His and Hers, Never a Cross Word, The Power Game and The Indian Tales of Rudyard Kipling. 

West End appearances included the thriller Wait Until Dark , the comedy Flip Side and the play An Ideal Husband. She also appeared with Peter O’Toole in Pygmalion and opposite John Mills in Little White Lies. On Broadway she appeared briefly at the Biltmore Theatre in Leslie Weiner’s comedy about a family-run lingerie business, In the Counting House. 

Barbara Murray retired to Spain where, earlier this year, she fell and broke her hip. She died in hospital May 20, aged 84. 

She was twice married and divorced, and is survived by three daughters from her first marriage to the actor John Justin.

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Ressha Sentai Toqger ep14

chocho14sub by speeddemon2

Kill la Kill's English Dub Trailer Streamed by Aniplex USA

Aniplex of America began streaming the Kill la Kill English dub trailer on Thursday. The trailer first premiered during the live dub cast announcement on the same day.
The dub cast includes:
Aniplex USA will release the series in three versions: Limited edition Bluray/DVD combo packs with soundtracks, standard Blu-ray, and standard DVD. The entire series will be released in five volumes.
The first volume will be released on July 15 and include the first four episodes with pre-ordersopening on the official website on Thursday. The limited edition first volume will retail for US$74.98 or US$59.98 in stores. The standard Blu-ray will retail for US$49.98 (store price US$39.98), and the standard DVD will retail for US$39.98 (store price US$29.98).
The Kill la Kill dub will premiere at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. The event is also hosting series' guests including original story and script writer Kazuki Nakashima, character designer and animation director SUSHIO, producer Yosuke Toba, voice actresses Ami Koshimizu and Ryoka Yuzuki (Ryuko and Satsuki), and opening theme song performer Eir Aoi.
Anime Expo will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 3-6.

Erica Mendez, Carrie Keranen Star in Kill la Kill's English Dub

Aniplex USA announced the English dub cast and debuted the first dub trailer on Wednesday. The dub cast is as follows:
Aniplex USA will release the series in three versions: Limited edition Bluray/DVD combo packs with soundtracks, standard Blu-ray, and standard DVD. The entire series will be released in five volumes.
The first volume will be released on July 15 and include the first four episodes with pre-ordersopening on the official website on Thursday. The limited edition first volume will retail for US$74.98 or US$59.98 in stores. The standard Blu-ray will retail for US$49.98 (store price US$39.98), and the standard DVD will retail for US$39.98 (store price US$29.98).
The Kill la Kill dub will premiere at Anime Expo in Los Angeles. The event is also hosting series' guests including original story and script writer Kazuki Nakashima, character designer and animation director SUSHIO, producer Yosuke Toba, voice actresses Ami Koshimizu and Ryoka Yuzuki (Ryuko and Satsuki), and opening theme song performer Eir Aoi.
Anime Expo will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center from July 3-6.

Banpresto Launches 5th Anniversary K-On Lottery Goods

Banpresto's Ichiban Kuji lottery added fifth anniversary K-ON! goods on Saturday to participatingLAWSON stores, hobby shops, and arcades. The company pulled out all the stops, with cosplayersappearing during the campaign's launch.
Prizes include:
Prize A: Picture of the Ho-kago Tea Time girls singing.
Prize B: T-shirts
Price C: Wall Scroll
Prize D: Button Set (two types)
Prize E: Towel
Prize F: Clear Poster Set
Prize G: Rubber Phone Straps (10 types)
Last Prize: Special A2-size Art
Crane King machines will also get exclusive fifth anniversary prizes:
Fifth Anniversary Yui Figure
Rubber Phone Straps
Clear Posters (2 types)
Deluxe Multi-cloth
LAWSON has held a number of K-ON! related campaigns in the past including hand puppets, augmented reality (AR) applicationsnackschristmas cakes, appliances, and signed guitars.
Sentai Filmworks licensed the first K-ON! season last week. The company previously released the second season and film on home video.

Cuss Like a Pro With This Handy Guide for Japanese Speakers

Everyone knows that there are certain nuances in every language that you just can't learn from school. Humor, for instance, but also cursing. Sure, you might know the definitions of a few key words, but stringing them together is a task unlikely to be perfected except by those who have spent some time with folks who are native speakers.
A recent book written by MADSAKI and published by Transworld Japan is giving Japanese speakers the fine opportunity to learn how to creatively curse in American-English. Titled, How to use F*** Correctly: 99 Phrases Using F***, S***, D***, and H*** that Schools Won't Teach You, Handle with Care, it promises 176 pages of illustrated cursing, with examples.
Some would argue that Americans aren't the most creative in our usage of expletives (our cousins across the Atlantic are a shade better), but we make do with our small arsenal of four-letter words.
In any case, if you're not too shy about seeing four-letter words in print and want to see some sample pages, the folks over at Japan Subculture Research Center have uploaded a review, complete with pictures.
Apparently it even comes with a CD.

Sunday Without God, Maid Sama!, Outbreak Company Will Get English Dubs

Sentai Filmworks announced at Atlanta's MomoCon last weekend that Sunday Without GodMaid Sama! andOutbreak Company will be dubbed in English. All three will be released this year.
Sentai Filmworks previously released Maid-sama! on a subtitled-only DVD in 2011. The company re-released Maria Holic with an English dub on Blu-ray and DVD in March.
The company also announced that Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! and Highschool of the Dead will get box sets for the holiday season. K-ON! Season 1, Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3Tamako Market,and Tari Tari are scheduled for Blu-ray releases. Tamako Market and Sentai Filmworks' DVD and Blu-ray release ofFate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya will also have English dubs.
Update: Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya will also be available on Blu-ray . Thanks, normajean19.

Funimation v. ADV Lawsuit Settled, Dismissed

A court document filed on May 16 with the Harris County district clerk reveals that Funimation'slawsuit against A.D. Vision has been dismissed on agreement of all parties. An earlier document filed on April 28 states that the lawsuit reached a settlement through mediation. Another court date is scheduled for June 2.
Funimation's legal representative, Evan Stone, stated to ANN, "We have mutually settled all claims in this litigation and dismissed the lawsuit and are satisfied with the result."
Section 23's Mike Baliff responded to ANN's request for comment with, "The dispute between the Parties has been resolved and the case has been dismissed."


Funimation's Original Claim

On November 4, 2011, FUNimation Entertainment filed a lawsuit in the district court of Harris County, Texas against John Ledford, as well as companies A.D. VisionAEsir Holdings, Sxion 23 (A.K.A. Section23 Films), Valkyrie Media Partners, Seraphim Studios, Sentai Filmworks, Sentai Holdings, and Unio Mystica Holdings (A.K.A. Switchblade Pictures) for breach of contract and other claims. Ledford is the CEO and co-founder of A.D. Vision. In the lawsuit, Funimation claimed that the defendants owed Funimation "an amount to be proven at trial but currently estimated" to be approximately US$8 million plus interest, costs, and attorneys' fees.
Funimation's lawsuit alleged that it became a creditor of ADV in regard to a debt ADV owed ARM Corporation, which was a third-party licensing entity jointly owned by Sojitz Corporation and several other companies. The lawsuit notes that ADV had purchased anime licenses from ARM after May 2006, and in September 2007 defaulted on its payments to ARM. ADV lost the rights to more than 30 anime properties, and ARM began seeking a buyer for them.
ADV, in turn, sued ARM for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, failure to provide proper notice of ARM's intended sale of the ARM titles, and seeking to pierce the corporate veil with an alter ego theory in April 2008. ADV sought a temporary restraining order to prevent ARM from selling the ARM titles. The state court of Texas denied the request. ARM filed a countersuit to regain control of its titles, which the court granted. ADV was ordered to pay ARM US$11,202,361.09 plus fees. ARM sold the rights to those titles to Funimation along with the debt owed by ADV in July 2008.
In the lawsuit, Funimation claimed that ARM also gave Funimation the right to enforce ARM's agreement with ADV, specifically in regard to the debt that ADV owed ARM — making Funimation a creditor. The suit alleged that ADV never paid this debt, and instead sold its assets for below market price to several companies owned by former ADV executives and shut down.
The suit went on to claim that ADV's transfer of assets "was made with the intent to defer, hinder or defraud the creditors of ADV," including Funimation, and that the new companies "succeededADV's contractual liability" in regard to the outstanding debt.
Funimation also requested that the court declare ADV's transfer of assets "as null, voided and without effect," restoring those assets to the parent company.


On December 23, 2011, Sentai Filmworks, Seraphim Studios, Sentai Holdings, Valkyrie Media Partners, Unio Mysteica Holdings, AEsir Holdings, and Section23 Films filed a counterclaim againstFunimation. The companies claimed, among other things, that they do not have a contract withFunimation and are not liable to the company. They claimed that the companies did not exist whenFunimation acquired the rights from ARM to enforce ADV's contract with ARM. In addition, the companies claimed that Funimation's lawsuit was filed after the two-year statute of limitations, and that Funimation was not involved with the original contract and cannot claim any direct damages.
The companies asked that the court declare that Funimation's contract "is not a valid agreement binding on the Defendants," that the companies owe "no duties or performance of any obligations" to Funimation, and that Funimation pay for the companies' attorney's fees, costs, and expenses.

ADV's Third-Party Claim

On May 8, 2012, ADV filed a counterclaim and a third-party claim in the lawsuit. The claims are part of the ongoing lawsuit and are not a separate case. The parties named in A.D. Vision's third-party claim include FunimationFUNimation Productions, LTD., AnimeOnline Ltd., Funimation GP LLC, Anime LP Holdings LLC, Funimation LP LLC, and Funimation CEO Gen Fukunaga.
In the counterclaim and third-party claim, ADV asserted that the case is "the culmination ofFunimation's illicit scheme designed to obliterate competition in the market for Japanese anime."ADV also claimed that "Funimation is, or is dangerously close to becoming, a monopolist." ADVadditionally claimed that Funimation's original claims "are a baseless attempt to drive out competition, and Funimation should be held accountable for its actions."
ADV claimed, among other things, that Funimation had violated the Federal Sherman Act and the Texas Free Enterprise Act. The company claimed that Funimation is "a monopolist in the various downstream [and upstream] markets for Japanese anime" or that it is "attempting to achieve a monopoly" in these markets and "is dangerously close to doing so." ADV additionally claimed thatFunimation "willfully and intentionally" interfered with the agreement between ADV and ARM Corporation — which was a third party licensing entity jointly owned by Sojitz Corporation and several other companies — and that Fukunaga, Funimation, Sojitz, ARM, and Japan Contents Investments LPS (JCI) "conspired, agreed and otherwise had a meeting of the minds to defraudADV."
ADV's counterclaim and third-party claim asked the court to judge in favor of ADV in Funimation's original lawsuit, judge in favor of ADV in ADV's third-party claim, and award ADV its "actual, consequential, direct, indirect, and exemplary damages," as well as its "attorney's fees, interests, and costs of court." Additionally, ADV asked the court to order that Funimation not attempt to "enforce any rights it claims to have secured from ARM and from obtaining any assets owned by the defendants," and grant any other "relief to which ADV and [ADV CEO and co-founder John Ledford] may be entitled in equity or law."

Judge Dismisses ADV's Counterclaim and Third-party Claim and Remands Case to State Court

U.S. District Court Southern District of Texas Houston Division Judge Keith P. Ellison dismissedA.D. Vision, Inc.'s (ADV) counterclaim and third-party claim against Funimation on May 20, 2013. In his court order, Judge Ellison denied ADV's Motion to Strike and granted Funimation's Motion to Dismiss.
On October 23, 2012, Funimation had filed a motion to ask the court to dismiss ADV's counterclaim. In the Amended Motion to Dismiss, Funimation claimed that ADV and Ledford's counterclaim "contained 25 causes of action ... and yet not a single clause is properly stated or legally viable." Funimation also claimed that "ADV and Mr. Ledford have suffered no injury that needs to be vindicated."
On November 11, 2012, ADV and Ledford filed a motion to exclude evidence listed in Funimation's Motion to Dismiss. ADV and Ledford claimed in its motion that Funimation "references and asks the Court to consider exhibits outside the pleadings." ADV and Ledford additionally claimed that these exhibits were not actually attached to Funimation's Motion to Dismiss and were attached to a previous filing in the case, were not referred to in ADV's original countersuit, are not central toADV's claims, and are "subject to reasonable dispute." These exhibits referred to a previous case between ARM and ADV.
The Court denied the Motion to Strike, stating that the documents provided by Funimation are related to ADV's countersuit because the previous ADV/ARM case is related to ADV's coutersuit. Additionally, the documents attached to an earlier filing also do not fall outside of the court's jurisdiction when considering evidence.
The Court noted that ADV's third-party claim pleaded nine claims that fall into six categories, but the Court at this time only considered and ruled on one of the categories regarding a federal antitrust claim. ADV had claimed that it had been injured by an antitrust violation. (Antitrust laws regulate the conduct of businesses to promote fair competition.) The court decided that ADV "has not sufficiently alleged that FUNimation caused ADV's alleged injuries, nor has ADV alleged that the harms it suffered constituted an antitrust injury." The Court thus decided to dismiss ADV's federal antitrust claim, and said that without antitrust standing, "ADV has not pled a plausible federal claim."
The case was then remanded from federal to state court on June 14, 2013, and was designated as "trial ready" on September 10, 2013.
Thanks to ravegrl for the news tip.