Monday, 30 September 2013

Kamen Rider Wizard & Gaim Crossover for December Film

The final episode of the Kamen Rider Wizard live action program unveiled a trailer for the upcoming Kamen Rider film,Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: Tenka Wakeme no Sengoku Movie Dai Gassen. The film is in celebration of the fifteenth Kamen Rider series. In the video, the film is described as the final battle for Wizard(Highlight the following white text to read spoilers for Wizard) [Haruto confronts Koyomi, who appears to have returned from the dead. However, Haruto insists that she is not Koyomi.]
The film will open in Japanese theaters on December 14. Those who purchase advance tickets at movie theaters will receive one of two Kamen Rider Sengoku Sugoroku board game sets.
Ryuta Tasaki and Takayuki Shibasaki are directing the upcoming Kamen Rider Gaim from scripts by Gen Urobuchi (Puella Magi Madoka MagicaFate/Zero). The show will premiere on Japanese television on October 6 at 8:00 a.m., and will air every Sunday.

Princess Mononoke Fan Film Passes Kickstarter Target

A Kickstarter appeal to fund a short British live-action fan film inspired by Hayao Miyazaki's Princess Mononoke has met its target of £29,000. According to the film's twitter feed, the total was reached on the final day with only minutes to spare, and the last 15% of the total was made in the final quarter-hour.
The feed's owner commented: "Do or do not - there is no try. And we did. WE FREAKING DID! Thank you everyone! This means everything!" The final total raised was £29,895 from 238 backers.
The film will be a sequel called Wolf Girl, set 600 years after the events of Miyazaki's story. 'What if the forest needed a princess once again?' The Kickstarter film is below:
Directed by Nate Drake, the film is planned to include creature effects and CGI. So far, the film-makers have created the script, concept art, test footage and costume design, and aim to deliver the film by spring 2014. The concept trailer is below:
The film also has a website, facebook page and twitter account.

Unlimited Blade Works and 2nd Steins;Gate on Blu-ray and DVD Monday

On Monday September 30, Manga Entertainment will release the 105-minute feature Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works in Blu-ray and DVD editions. The story covers the Unlimited Blade Works storyline from Type-Moon's gamefranchise. Director Yuji Yamaguchi, series script supervisor Takuya Satō, character designer and chief animation director Megumi Ishihara, and Studio DEEN return from the Fate/stay night television series. Voice cast membersNoriaki SugiyamaAyako KawasumiKana UedaNoriko ShitayaMai Kadowaki,Miki ItouJunichi SuwabeYuu Asakawa, and Jouji Nakata also reprise their roles.
Manga is also releasing the second half of the time-travel series Steins;Gate on Blu-ray and DVD. It carries parts 13 to 24 of the series, as well as the OVA part 25.

Aniplex USA Announces Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic Dub Cast

Aniplex of America announced the English dub cast for its upcoming release of the Magi - The Labyrinth of Magictelevision anime series at Anime Weekend Atlanta on Saturday. The cast is as follows:

Aladdin: Erica Mendez
Alibaba: Erik Kimerer
Morgiana: Cristina Vee
Sinbad: Matthew Mercer
Judar: Todd Haberkorn
Jafar: Lucien Dodge
Ugo: Patrick Seitz

Shinobu Ohtaka's original manga re-imagines tales from the classic story One Thousand and One Nights (also known asArabian Nights). Director Koji Masunari (Read or DieWelcome to THE SPACE SHOW) helmed the 25-episode first season at A-1 Pictures, and is returning to direct the second season. Toshifumi Akai (Kokoro ConnectSound of the Sky) serves as the character designer and chief animation director, and Hiroyuki Yoshino (Accel WorldGuilty CrownMy-HiME) is handling the scripts. Shiro Sagisu (Bleach, Evangelion, Berserk films) is composing the music.

Anime Weekend Atlanta hosted the dub premiere of the anime on Saturday before Viz Media's Neon Alley servicepremieres the series in October. The anime premiered in Japan last October, and Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired. Aniplex of America announced last October that it had licensed the series.

The second season, Magi: The Kingdom of Magic, will premiere in Japan on October 6. Aniplex of America announcedthis month that it will stream the series on DaisukiCrunchyrollHulu, and Aniplex Channel starting in October.

Perfect Blue Blu-ray/DVD Combi Release Delayed to October 28

The facebook page of Anime Limited has confirmed that the Blu-ray/DVD combi edition Satoshi Kon's psycho-thrillerPerfect Blue has been delayed to October 28. On the page,Anime Limited said, "The delay is nothing serious, rather final approval on the designs took a little longer than we would have liked.'
The feature film was the director debut for Kon, who went to make Millennium ActressTokyo GodfathersParanoia Agent and Paprika before his death in 2010. Set in contemporary Tokyo, the story concerns a pop singer, Mima, who tries to develop an acting career, only to experience threats and traumas as her mind breaks down and she is tormented by a ghostly version of her singer self. The film was previously released on VHS and DVD by Manga Entertainment.
The film is also being screened as part of the Sci-Fi LondonAnime All-Nighter on October 12, and in the Edinburgh strand of Scotland Loves Anime on October 19.

Official Instructions for a Hello Kitty Stew!

No, you can't eat her, but you can have her enjoy a lovely stew bath.
Sanrio Japan posted a video on their YouTube channel instructing people how to make a Hello Kitty white stew. In the video, they show fans how to craft a Hello Kitty body out of rice, and decorate it like the iconic cat. Placed in a bowl, it looks like she's relaxing in a spa.
The video has subtitles in both Japanese and English. Sadly, it doesn't include instructions on how to make the actual stew, but we won't tell anyone if you just dump a can of Campbell's in there.
If crafts are more your style, Sanrio Japan also has instructions for making your own Hello Kitty hairbands. This one involves some sewing, though. Likewise, this video is subtitled in both Japanese and English.

Anime Limited Acquires Shinkai's Garden of Words for Blu-ray and DVD.

Anime Limited has announced that it has acquired The Garden of Words(pictured), the newest film by Makoto Shinkai. A date has not been announced yet, but Anime Limited confirmed to ANN that the release would be both on DVD and Blu-ray.
The Garden of Words follows the story of shoemaker-in-training Takao, who begins sketching shoes in a Japanese-style garden. He meets a mysterious older woman and the two start meeting and deepening their relationship. Shinkai previously wrote that The Garden of Words would be his first story about love in the traditional Japanese meaning of the word. Originally, "love" was written as "lonely sadness" (koi), and, according to Shinkai, the modern concept of "love" (ai) was imported from the West. While his new film is set in the modern era, it will be about koi in the original "lonely sadness" meaning — of longing for someone in solitude.
Kenichi Tsuchiya designed the characters and oversaw the animation process.Hiroshi Takiguchi was the art director, and Daisuke Kashiwa composed the music.Miyu Irino and Kana Hanazawa headlined the cast as Takao and Yukino, respectively. Motohiro Hata contributed the theme song "Rain" with lyrics and music by Senri Oe. The film opened in Japan on May 31, running approximately 46 minutes.
The Garden of Words will also be screened at the Scotland Loves Anime festival in Edinburgh on Thursday October 17.

Drive Away in a Char Aznable Toyota Auris

Beginning October 1, Toyota Marketing Japan will be selling a customizable Char Aznable-inspired Toyota Auris.
Called "Char's Customize Auris," it was first announced in August 2012 as a concept car, but was put into production as a consumer model due to public reponse.
As part of the promotion of this car, Toyota launched a virtual company this January called Zeonic Toyota, based on the mobile suit maker Zeon from the Gundam franchise. Zeonic Toyota attracted over 26,000 "employees" through the website, where users were able to share ideas and feebdack about the upcoming vehicle.
The car has 19 unique parts that can be customized according the buyer's wants, including interior and exterior customizations, Char-themed key cases and license plate holders, and a customized GPS system featuring directions narrated by Char himself. The GPS system is already sold-out from pre-orders.
The vehicle retails between 2,732,175 and 3,306,825 yen ($27,608 - $33,415).


New Japanese-Owned Online Video Service in U.K.

A new online video service,, has been launched in the U.K. by the Japanese company Rakuten. According to an article in the Hollywood aims to be a rival to Netflix, Love Film and Blink Box. At present, it is notoffering any anime content, but will offer a "hand-picked catalog of blockbuster movies and TV shows that is regularly refreshed each week." Its titles at launch range from Iron Man 3 to Downton Abbey.
Users can either rent or purchase particular titles, or buy a monthly subscription. Titles can be streamed on PCs and laptops, tablets, Samsung smartTVs and through XBox Live, with more devices to be added before the end of the year

PR megaforce last laugh review

The teens are some sort of street festival and notice a comedy duo they think are funny but Noah doesn't. Gia gets suck in a gourd and other people to by No Joke, a monster Vrak sent. Malkor likes Vrak's idea of taking people who laugh, eventually empty out the world. The Rangers chase after No Joke and Robo Knight intervenes. No Joke finds out he has the Yellow Ranger in the gourd. No Joke retreats. No Joke meets the mutants and says he hates laughter and tells them the story. In an abandoned area, the four teens and Robo Knight talk and Troy gets an idea.

No Joke attacks a birthday party with a clown in a park and takes more people. No Joke gets stopped by the Rangers, Noah and Robo Knight are put forefront as they don't find stuff funny. Robo Knight and Noah lack teamwork and they fail. Jake and Emma get sucked in the gourd. Robo Knight leaves. Troy tries making Noah laugh and fails. Troy wants to make him laugh in a garage with an echo so No Joke can hear him. Troy thinks to make him laugh with scientific jokes and is successful. No Joke arrives. They morph.

They arrive at a stadium and Robo Knight does. No Joke farts, Troy laughs and gets trapped. Noah and Robo Knight does a comedy duo show for No Joke and makes him laugh. Not to be trapped, No Joke destroys the gourd and frees everyone.

Gia comes out morphed for some reason. They go to Ultra Mode. They destroy the monster, he gets big and they destroy him with Sea Megazord. Afterwards, the gang asks Noah how he saved the day and he does a joke with Robo Knight.
Best part was Troy making faces to Noah. The fart joke was tasteless, and not believable the serious Troy would find that funny. In fact, I would had accepted more as Troy as the humorless one than Noah because Noah made a joke at Gia's expense two episodes ago. Of course the jokes are lame with the puns and all.

Stephen moffat video interview

So, Steven Moffat gave an interview to Nerd³, which for his and our purposes is a Youtube channel run by a chap named Daniel Hartcastle. There's a rumour in the Youtube comments that Moffat agreed to do it because his son's a huge fan of this channel, and while we couldn't find any solid evidence to this effect we didn't see any to the contrary either. Actually, saying that Daniel Hardcastle has a Youtube is probably understating it if you like Internet video game fan culture, so we'll just provide links to this interviewTV Tropes, the fan Wiki, and his personalTwitter for those who desire more background on the interviewer. There is quite a lot of info and we'll confine ourselves to noting that Matt Smith was apparently his favourite Doctor.

The interview itself is a whole half-hour of discussion, and even so it had to be cut down from twice that length, what with cutting out spoilers and all. That is, some of it is showrunner discussion, some of it is comfortably casual chit-chat (Moffat looks very relaxed and cheery in this interview) and some of it is joking about what naughty things Jeff was watching in "The Eleventh Hour", but there's a wealth of interesting comments for anyone willing to sit through the whole thing. The one that all the papers have picked out to reprint is the anecdote with Peter Capaldi's name attached. Russell T Davies was delighted to have an actor of Capaldi's caliber on the programme (as per The Writer's Tale, "Brilliant casting!"), so after Capaldi appeared on Torchwood as well, he came up with a theory to reconcile the two appearances. He mentioned this in passing to Moffat, who called back after the Twelfth Doctor was cast to inquire whether the theory was still valid. The answer was yes, and we're going to see a story dealing with this somewhere along the line. 

Someone who Moffat identifies as a "very good Doctor Who writer" offered to write a story about the Weeping Angels, with a pitch that Moffat thought was wonderful. Unfortunately, the writer in question called back two days later saying that he didn't have the time after all, so it won't be happening in the next series, though it's a possibility for the one after that...Neil Gaiman is an obvious candidate (who's very good and so busy he wouldn't have time for DW?), but it could just as easily be someone else. For all we know he might have been talking about Chris Chibnall, who has a lot to do for the next series of Broadchurch.

Plus random snippets -  the TARDIS is just a machine and it isn't crusading for justice when it takes the Doctor strange places, it just wants to go somewhere interesting. Because it's a "party animal", Moffat says, and he reckons that Idris' characterisation backs that up. Sonic screwdrivers exist to be plot inhibitors/facilitators, hence the business with deadlock seals. There's another confirmation that the whole reboot-the-universe business in "The Pandorica Opens" was intended specifically to give him leeway to fiddle with continuity and paper over cracks. Indeed it's one of three, the other two being the Time War and the Silence. Someone is going to cast a woman as the Doctor one day, and it might be him. He can't find the statue that inspired his idea about the Weeping Angels, but was surprised one day to be sent a picture from a Belgian fan of an angel wearing a gas mask (he didn't say if it was from the Musée des Beaux-Arts). The day that the press stops caring about the impending death of the programme is the day he'll start worrying its days are numbered. And the headline quote was apparently what the younger Moffat thought of Tom Baker wearing his scarf indoors.

Have I got news for you DW related trailer

A short while ago, we posted on the fact that filming took place in London with the TARDIS and a Tom Baker getup, to which it had been rumoured that it was for Have I Got News For You. Clearly, it was and this is the trailer, though we're not sure if it's just for the trailer or for anything else.

#Savetheday hastag as DW 50th

The Sting for the 50th Anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, has just been shown on BBC One and it has revealed that #SaveTheDay is the official Twitter hashtag.

Please note, that ALL the sting contained is the hashtag being slowly (if you can call 2 seconds slowly) revealed.

For those after a trailer, there has been a specially-produced trailer that is now in post-production.

USA Empire state building to celebrate DW 50th

It is recognised around the world as an icon of its time, a piece of elegant period design which works as much in silhouette as in real life.  It is timeless, a symbol which encapsulates an era long gone and yet also represents the modern world we live in and the future, yet to come.  For many it is the symbol of an entire nation.  The sight of it conjures up images of monsters and maidens, glamour and adventure, idealised futures and difficult pasts.

What am I talking about?  The TARDIS of course!  But it's true that I could just as easily have been referring to the graceful art deco landmark that is the Empire State Building in New York.  Perhaps that's why one fan club is petitioning to have the whole structure lit up TARDIS blue on 23rd November to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.

The club, NYSciFi & Fantasy launched the petition on to get their home town involved in the anniversary celebrations in a big way.  And why not?  The Doctor has visited New York on a number of occasions after all, the most recent being in last year's The Angels Take Manhattan.  The Empire State Building in particular had a prominent role in both the 1965 First Doctor serial The Chase and the Tenth Doctor episodes Daleks in Manhattan and Evolution of the Daleks from 2007, meaning that its connection with the show spans both the classic and new series and much of the 50 years we're getting ready to celebrate.

The petition, for which NYSciFi &Fantasy currently hope to get 15,000 signatures from all around the world reads:

This is the first time a SciFi show has lasted 50 years. It's a landmark occasion.
The Doctor has visted [sic] NYC many times over the years, most recently earlier this season. Now NYSciFi & Fantasy ... wants to bring NYC to The Doctor to celebrate!
We are attempting to partner with the Empire State Building ( to make this happen (all official paperwork was submitted to the Empire State Building on 9/23/13). Help show just how popular this show is by signing the petition and sharing the link. Spread the word via facebook, Twitter, or any way you can! Allons-y!
Currently there is no mention of any response from Empire State Building Associates, so how likely this is to happen regardless of the number of signatures is hard to tell, but I for one am all for it.  It's only for one day in the year, after all and I rather think that this is one skyscraper which will look extremely pretty in blue, so much so that I bet all the other buildings would be green with envy!


You can read and sign the petition yourself here.

DW celebration and companion

Two items which don't really require any elaboration...

If you missed out on the official BBC 50th Anniversary celebration come November then you can apply for some tickets in a lottery, either by calling a phone number (+44 0844 693 0780) or by sending in an online application.

"The ballot can be entered online and via telephone now, and will remain open until 10am (BST) on Monday 30 September 2013. Ticket prices are £45 for adults, £20 for children and £104 for a family ticket (two adults and two children, prices exclude booking fee)."

"Ticket holders to this once-in-a-lifetime event at London’s ExCeL will have access to a whole range of activities including panels with key cast from 50 years of Doctor Who, special effects shows, stunt workshops, quizzes and games for fans young and old and more Doctor Who features than you can shake a sonic screwdriver at. For more information on the Celebration and a Plan Your Day guide, visit"

Secondly, an eight-minute video interview from the Guardian with Freema Agyeman, Carole Ann Ford, Karen Gillan, Louise Jameson, Katy Manning, and Billie Piper. In which they rhapsodize about their time on DW, with lots of amusing little snippets - Piper didn't know much about the show when she started, Agyeman knows quite a lot about the distinction between "assistant" and "companion", Jameson wants a black ginger lesbian to play the Doctor...all good fun and worth a look.
And now they've put up extended text versions of the interviews: here's the Sixties and Seventies post, the Eighties and Nineties post, and the Aughts and Teens post. There's several companions here who weren't in the video, including Catherine Tate, Sophie Aldred, and others (we'd hate to suggest that either the Guardian or Sarah Sutton got their facts wrong, but surely the anecdote about a Baker who couldn't enter the TARDIS with his mighty chicken-shaped hat was Colin in "Arc of Infinity" and not Tom...). Oh, and an interview with Jenny Colgan in which she talks about how exciting it was to meet Peter Davison, her plans for a Mickey/Martha divorce novel, and her book "Dark Horizon".

DW 50th Celebrated at BAFTA Wales

Doctor Who failed to win either of the categories for which it was nominated at the BAFTA Cymru Awards tonight - but the programme's 50th anniversary was marked with a clips montage and a number of people with connections to the show and its spin-offs still walked away with gongs.

It had been put forward for Sound and Editing honours but lost out to, respectively, The Gospel Of Us and Stella.

However, the event - held at the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff - saw Julie Gardner presented by Russell T Davies with the TLWS Sian Phillips Award, which recognises a significant contribution made by a Welshman or woman in a network television programme or major feature film. Gardner worked as an executive producer on Doctor Who, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and Torchwood.

Michael Sheen was named best actor for The Gospel Of Us, Sara Lloyd-Gregory carried away the award for best actress for Alys, and Ruth Jones made up for losing out in the actress stakes for Stella by being named best writer for the same series.

Arwel Wyn Jones won for production design on Sherlock - having also been nominated for Wizards vs Aliens - but Ray Holman, who had been nominated for costume design on Wizards vs Aliens, lost out to Chrissie Pegg for The Machine. Brian Minchin, who had been cited in the Children's Programme (Including Animation) category for Wizards vs Aliens, saw the prize go to Nia Ceidiog for Dwylo'r Enfys. However, Huw Edwards took best presenter for The Story Of Wales.

Fan round up

Myth Makers Presents: Golden Years celebrates the timeless elements of Doctor Who that have appealed to the show's followers for half a century. 

Monsters, time travel and exotic alien worlds. Horror, drama and humour. Golden Years celebrates the many eras of the series, featuring the Doctor in his many aspects: whether magician, scientist, wanderer, battle-scarred survivor or Machiavellian chess-player. 

Featuring 11 Doctors across 12 stories, penned by BBC Books, Short Trips, Obverse Books and Myth Makers alumni: Violet Addison &David N. Smith, Pete Kempshall, Samuel Marks, Daniel Tessier, Kelly Hale, Blair Bidmead, Matthew James, Chris Kocher, Andrew K. Purvis, Stephen Hatcher and Cody Quijano-Schell. 

The anthology is 92 pages, with artwork by Carolyn Edwards, Andy Walker and Iain Robertson. 

It includes 50-Word Memories from Robert J. Sawyer, Piers Anthony, Stephen James Walker, Stuart Douglas, Graeme Burk, Arnold T. Blumberg and is edited by Matt Grady and Andrew Kearley. Layout by Arnold T. Blumberg. 

Ordering information available at 

Golden Years is a non-commercial publication. All proceeds will be donated to St John Ambulance Canada. 

The New York Sci-Fi/Fantasy Meetup group is currently in talks with the authorities at the Empire State Building to light up the building TARDIS blue on 23 November. 

The building lights up a different colour every night to celebrate different events. Paperwork has been filed and the group have an online petition to help demonstrate interest.