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More SDCC exclusive for PR/Bandai US exclusives

A 24karat gold plated Power Rangers Megaforce DX Gold Gosei Mopher will be released exclusively at the San Diego Comic-Con this July 18th to 21st. With only 300 sets produced, the release comes with 10 ranger cards, exclusive to this set. Price is yet to be announced

[UPDATED] BlueFin Tamashii Nations had announced that they will be releasing an S.H. FiguArts Power Rangers Super Samurai Metallic Coating Set as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive. The set features all of the Rangers in an exquisite metallic finish!

This will be the first time that these S.H. FiguArts Samurai Sentai Shinkenger figures gets a North American release as four of them, minus Super ShinkenRed, are Tamashii Web exclusives. This limited set is available for $200 (with each figure going for $40 a piece!), only at San Diego Comic-Con 2013.

UPDATE: Check out the individual photos below courtesy of Bluefin:

Andrew Partridge Leaving Kaze

Andrew Partridge posted the following message on a forum on the Anime UK News website.
I was informed by email yesterday that my consultancy agreement will not be renewed with Viz Media Europe / Kaze - so my last day with them is in fact tomorrow! [i.e. Friday] No real reason was supplied to me I'm afraid so the above is all I can actually say!
Later, Partridge told ANN, "No reasons were given but we're parting under friendly terms to the best of my knowledge and I wish them all the best for whatever path they choose to follow in the UK in future!"

SimulTV Launches Social Anime Streaming Service

The media provider SimulTV announced on Thursday that it has launcheda new social anime video-on-demand streaming service. The "social TV everywhere" service will allow viewers to stream anime on "any web-enabled device." The service will feature a built-in voice, video, and text chat function, will have an online search bar embedded on the viewing screen, and users can also use Twitter and Facebook on the same screen while watching the shows. Users can also add other apps as plug-ins, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or LinkedIn.
The service will stream the children's sci-fi adventure CG anime filmHappening Star, and will also stream Blue ExorcistDurarara!!, and Fate/Zero. SimulTV noted it will expand its library to include more than 500 episodes of 40 anime titles. The episodes will be available for US$0.99-US$2.99 each. SimulTV also features subscription packages that range from US$5 to US$20 per month. SimulTV's subscription package allows users to watch 37 cable TV channels as well as other non-anime video-on-demand titles. SimulTV will also allow users to buy DVDs of select anime series directly from their viewing screen.
SimulTV will also livestream events from this year's Anime Expo, including industry panels, performances by Cell, Kaya, and Moonstream, the opening and closing ceremonies, and fashion shows. Anime Expo will be held from July 4-7 in Los Angeles. Those who purchase a subscription during Anime Expo either online or by using a QR code in the SimulTV screening room in room 405 at the convention, will receive a free 14-day subscription.
Chihiro Matsumoto's independent CG film Happening Star takes place 46 million light years away from Earth in the Sombrero Galaxy on a planet named Milky. The alien boy Kid, who refers to himself as "Space's #1 Pilot," uses a "Power Crystal" to modify his spaceship and travel through dimensions. Matsumoto produced, directed, and wrote the screenplay for the 48-minute film with music from Makoto Shozu and Tatsuki Tsuboi. The film starred Romi ParkAki ToyosakiHalko MomoiIchirô NagaiKeiko Zaitsu, Takamichi Murashima, and Emi Morooka. The film was distributed at the Sunshine Creation doujinshi event in January 2012.

No Delay for UK Release of The Woman Called Fujiko Mine

Following the announcement that the US release of Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine has been delayedManga Entertainment has tweeted that the UK release will be unaffacted. The series is due for release on Blu-ray and DVD on September 16.
The series focuses on Fujiko Mine, as well as featuring the other characters from the Lupin III franchiseSayo Yamamoto (Michiko to Hatchindirected the 13-episode series, making her the first female director on the Lupin IIIseries. It premiered on television in Japan in 2012.

Funimation's Wolf Children Dub to Premiere at Otakon

Otakon announced on Thursday that it would premiere Funimation's North Americandub of Mamoru Hosoda's film Wolf Children at its August 9-11 convention in Baltimore, Maryland. According to the announcement, Mike McFarland, who directed the dub of Hosoda's previous film Summer Wars, will also serve as ADR director for Wolf Children. McFarland will be at the convention during the premiere.
Funimation has yet to release any further details on the film's dub.
Wolf Children's story covers 13 years and begins with a 19-year-old college student named Hana who encounters and falls in "fairy tale-like" love with a "wolf man." After marrying the wolf man, Hana gives birth and raises two wolf children — an older sister named Yuki ("snow") who was born on a snowy day, and a younger brother named Ame ("rain") who was born on a rainy day. When the wolf man suddenly dies, Hana decides to move to a rural town far removed from the city. Funimation licensed Wolf Childrenand plans to release it this year in theaters and on home video.
The film won the Animation of the Year award at this year's Tokyo Anime Awards, wonthe animation category in the 26th Annual Japan Academy Prizes in March, and won the Animation Film Award at the 67th Annual Mainichi Film Awards in February. Additionally, the film won an Audience Award at this year's New York International Children's Film Festival.

RahXephon To Be Reissued by 101 Films

The video label 101 Films will be reissuing the 2002 Studio BONES mecha seriesRahXephon, according to MVM's twitter feed. The new edition is listed on MVM'sAnime-on-line site as coming out on August 26, as an eight-disc DVD set that will contain the 26 TV episodes as well as the re-edited feature film version (RahXephon: Pluralitas Concentio). The series was previously released in the UK by ADV Films.
The series is described on Anime-on-line as follows:
It is a new reality. For 15 years, the remnants of the human race have fought against the alien Mu and their unstoppable giant Dolem; a battle mankind seems destined to lose. But deep within the captured city of Tokyo, where time flows on a different path and mind-wiped citizens do not even know that they have been conquered, there is something that the Mu fears more than all of mankind's weapons. To find that secret, one young woman must penetrate the domed walls of Tokyo Jupiter and find a single young man, a young man upon whom the fate of all humanity depends… for in his heart lies the power of RahXephon, and with it all the worlds can be remade.

July Hyper Japan Details

The Hyper Japan festival in London runs from Friday July 26 to Sunday July 28. The timetable is here, although it is subject to alteration and exact times are TBA. Advance tickets are here.
The festival takes place at Earls Court (directions).
There are 'Anime events' timetabled on Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon. The anime page does not specify what the events will be, although it confirms that will be represented at Hyper Japan, offering mascots, figurines and books. On the games side, Nintendo and Namco Bandai will also be represented.
There will be several Cosplay events. Hyper Japan is hosting the U.K. round of the European Cosplay Gathering(the page is here). Online registration closes on July 16. One group and one individual will be chosen at Hyper Japan and sent to the final at the Japan Expo convention in Paris next year (July 2014).
There will also be COSParade events, which have a page here. Entries close on July 17, with a small number of places reserved for on the day entries.
According to the provisional timetable, both COSParade and ECG will take place on Saturday afternoon, with a further COSParade event on Sunday afternoon.
There is a talk on "Cosplay in Japan" scheduled for 1230 p.m. on Sunday, and themed photo-sessions at the times below. (There are more details here.)
Friday 4pm - General Photo Session (all characters welcome) small stage
Saturday 12:30pm – General Photo Session (all characters welcome) – Outside Earls Court 2 entrance
1:30pm – Vocaloid - small stage
4:30pm – ECG contestants - small stage
Sunday 1:00pm - Nintendo characters (Mario, Zelda etc) - small stage
3:30pm - Bandai Namco characters (Tales of series, Soul Calibur, Tekken etc) – Outside Earls 2 entrance

SDCC 2013 PR/Bandai US exclusives for PR 20th

What fans have been wanting for years...
Larger Photo:
Bandai says:
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers fans, be the first to own the Legacy Power Morpher in a Green Ranger / White Ranger Edition! This Limited Edition is 24 Karat Gold... plated and comes with two Diecast medals.

Available exclusively at the Bandai America booth # 2813 at San Diego Comic Con, July 18-21, 2013. Limited quantities available each day. Only 1000 produced and individually numbered. for more information.
Now a lot of people are kicking themselves for not going to the Comic Con, including me. Yes, the coins are on the wrong sides.

FuryDiamond has a picture of the Exclusive Green Ranger that comes with a coin of all 5 Dinozords for the Legacy Morpher:

So there will also be a gold plated Gosei Morpher with 10 foil cards.
Stop by the SDCC Bandai booth (#2813) July 17th-21st to pick this amazing card promo! Supplies are limited.
 Their Facebook page will reveal more. There will be 7 of them, one Red Mighty Morphin, some Megaforce and others still to be revealed.

Wand release collectors edition of DW sonic screw driver

Loved the original sonic screwdriver remote control? The company that made it, Wand is releasing two more, a limited gold and silver variant of the Eleventh Doctor's sonic, and one for the Tenth Doctor.

The Tenth Doctor's new Sonic remote has the same remote control functions as the original, but is also as accurate to the prop as you can get, having been 3D scanned from the original, though some minor changes have been made to make it more affordable and/or functional. It will be previewed at Think Geek's ComicCon booth in July, and will cost £69.95 in the UK, $109.95 in the US and $129.95 in Australia.

In addition to the all-new Tenth Doctor remote control, Wand is releasing a gold and silver variant of the Eleventh Doctor's sonic remote, limited to 250 units worldwide. It will be available for £119.95 in the UK and $199.95 in the US.

Source 1
Source 2

Chris chibnal writes for DW series 8

There's a fair amount of news going around about Chris Chibnall just now. First off, we've already mentioned his participation in the TV Drama Writers' Festival, where he's been speaking about his most recent show, "Broadchurch". An ITV crime drama starring David Tennant and Arthur Darvill, the first series finished airing 15th April, with another year already confirmed. BBC America has bought the American rights, to air 7th August 10pm, and has just posted a trailer here.

The Mirror decided that now was a good time to publish an interview with Chibnall, in which he mentioned that Moffat had asked him to return to the series: “If we can get the schedules to work I will write for series eight, but obviously Broadchurch is my priority and that’s no small commitment. If their schedule and our schedule can work together then I’ll nip in and do one. Steven has asked and that’s very nice but it will just depend on the detail of schedules.” He also commented upon how much he enjoyed writing for Matt Smith as well: “I’d love to work with Matt again, he’s absolutely brilliant. I’d ­absolutely work with him at the drop of a fez. Matt is a brilliant actor and he can effortlessly become an even bigger star than he is already. The thing is he’s transformative and brilliant I think it’s great he’s off doing this movie role as a little break.” He also discussed "Broadchurch" and his interest in doing period drama.

Which is very interesting and all, but the headline for the article - "Doctor Who star Matt Smith could be heading to Broadchurch, writer reveals" - was thoroughly debunked by Chibnall just hours after the interview was posted to the Mirror website. He posted on his Twitter account that it was a "recycled old interview" and that he never mentioned casting Smith in "Broadchurch". TheRadio Times helpfully reiterated his statements almost immediately, so that would seem to be that. One can only speculate as to why the Mirror decided to run the article now, rather than back when "Broadchurch" and "Doctor Who" were actually airing; perhaps, as Chibnall suggested, it simply was a slow news day and they were publishing unused material from an interview with him back in April. Despite the publicity blitz ITV1 gave the series ahead of broadcast, nobody really expected it to do anywhere near as well as it did. Maybe someone at the Mirror noticed that the BBC America "Broadchurch" trailer had used their admiring "Drama of the Year" quote and thought it was a good time for an article. The interview claims that Chibnall is just finishing up work on "The Great Train Robbery," a BBC One production, but his contribution to that was writing the scripts, not producing. The BBC started filming the two ninety minute films in March, so it's fair to guess that the interview did take place some time around then. Chibnall's in good company for his latest project, at any rate; there have been umpteen dramas and documentaries about the 1963 heist, including a 1988 film with Phil Collins and a 2012 ITV series starring Sheridan Smith (Big Finish Audios) as the titular "Mrs Biggs" and Daniel Mays ("Night Terrors") as Ronald Biggs.

DW 50th Anniversary trailer (Fan Made) but really well done almost official

Hinchclife era revived

Big Finish are to produce a couple of Doctor Who stories in association with former producer Philip Hinchcliffe, the man who led the Doctor Who through one of its most successful and best remembered era’s. 

Starring Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor and Louise Jameson as Leela, the two audio plays will evoke the spirit and feel of the period when Hinchcliffe was in charge of production. Philip Hinchcliffe produced Doctor Who from 1975’s The Ark in Space through to the 1977 story The Talons of Weng-Chiang. He was responsible for a series of stories which regularly top fan polls of favourite titles and which include some of the episodes with the highest ratings in Doctor Who’s history. 

The idea for revisiting the era came after Hinchcliffe visited the Big Finish studios to watch the recording of series three of The Fourth Doctor Adventures. Big Finish Producer David Richardson said
I know that Tom Baker and Louise Jameson were thrilled to have him there, and they both enthused to him about what a great time they were having working for Big Finish. After the recording ended, Philip took me and executive producer Nicholas Briggs aside, and pitched the idea of doing a set of stories of the kind he would have hoped to have done, had he stayed on to produce the series for longer. We just said ‘yes’ instantly!

The first story in the set will be an epic six-parter set in Victorian London, adapted by Marc Platt, who wrote the TV story Ghost Light, which will be paired with a four-parter. 

Hinchcliffe said he wanted to create create stories that feel as if they could belong to his second or third season
They are not designed to follow on from my era, more to re-evoke it for fans who enjoyed the originals: and so the Doctor and Leela in these new stories are the same as they were then, in the glorious seventies! That's the beauty of radio - they look and sound the same

Doctor Who: Philip Hinchcliffe Presents will be released in August 2014, and is available for pre-order.

BBC radio 2 DW celebration

BBC Radio 2 has told Doctor Who News it is to produce a documentary entitled Who is the Doctor? to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who. 

The 90 minute programme will be broadcast on Thursday 21st November, just two days before the celebration date. More details when we have them. 

Also on Radio 2, former companion to the Sixth Doctor, Bonnie Langford, will be Graham Norton’s guest this Saturday . The actress, who played Mel from 1986 - 1987 is scheduled to appear at around 12.15pm UK time. Questions can be sent to Norton at the usual address 

BBC Radio 2 can be heard worldwide via the BBC Website.

DWM 462

The new edition of Doctor Who Magazine, out today, asks the question as to who will be the Twelfth Doctor. And as speculation mounts about the identity of who that might be, the show’s head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat writes exclusively about casting Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor, and the times they’ve shared together during the production of the series.

These have been the maddest few years of my writing career – so many ridiculous adventures, so many things I thought I'd never do – and I could not have shared them with a kinder, more considerate, more supportive friend than the man I completely refuse to call Smithers.

Also this issue:
  • How many Doctors? If you thought there just eleven Doctors, think again! And we’re not just referring to the surprise appearance of John Hurt at the end of The Name of the Doctor. Discover the Doctor’s forgotten incarnations in The Sixty-Seven Doctors!.
  • The Captain's Back! He fought at the Third Doctor's side as UNIT's Captain Mike Yates, confronting Autons, battling Daleks, and resisting the control of mad computers... DWM talks exclusively to Richard Franklin about his relationship with his alter ego.
  • Choc's Away! Clara makes her comic strip début in the first part of a brand new adventure, A Wing and A Prayer, written by Scott Gray with art by Mike CollinsWhen a sandstorm forces the TARDIS down in the Iraqi desert in 1930, Clara is overjoyed to meet the legendary Amy Johnson, currently engaged in her bid to become the first woman to fly across the world. But something else is hiding in desert sands. Something small and sinister...
  • Changing History: the Sixth Doctor uncovers a plot by the Cybermen to change their own history by using Halley’s comet to destroy the Earth, in Attack of the CybermenThe Fact of Fiction places this serial from 1985 under the microscope, revealing more facts about the story than a Cyberman can shake a clenched silver fist at. Excellent!
  • Power Mad! DWM's Countdown to 50 reaches the final days of the Tenth Doctor era and the five Specials shown from Christmas 2008 to New Year’s Day 2010, as the chorological tour through Doctor Who history continues. So eager to help people, the Tenth Doctor crosses a line and breaks the rules...
  • Sun Burn: Chris, Emma, Michael and Will are on the edge of their seats as the seconds count down to disaster for the ill-fated SS Pentallian and her crew as it plunges down into the hungry fires of a sun. Will our Time Team chums survive the tension of the nail-biting Tenth Doctor adventure, 42? Or will it just be one big meltdown?
  • Don't Interrupt! There’s nothing more annoying than having your viewing of a brand new episode of Doctor Who disturbed by a phone call or a knock at the door. But, as Jacqueline Rayner relates in this issue’s Relative Dimensions, with a husband and two children, it’s not always easy to maintain that perfect peace and calm, even for just 45 minutes...
  • Yum, Yum: WOTCHA! is full of Goodies this issue as the mysterious white one shines a light on some of Doctor Who’s more notable, enduring and often quoted misconceptions – including that there was an episode featuring a giant kitten that climbed up the Post Office Tower! All this to be found in A History of Doctor Who in 100 Objects. Plus The Six Faces of Delusion continues the Goodies theme; a selection of new previously unknown definitions from The Stockbridge English DictionaryThe Top Ten Nursery Rhymes with a Doctor Who twist; and an unforgiving spotlight on another Supporting Artist of the Month.
PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, ratings analysis, competitions, a prize-winning crossword and much, much more!

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Upcoming kroyuger spoilers

Pictures from Dukemon22 of TokuInsider

 KyoryuViolet is not a spirit ranger but a modern guy who created their gun/morphers. The actor is the narrator of the show and the voice of the toys. He tweeted that he would transform.
His granddaughter will also be introduced, rumor is she will take his mantle. 


 Here is the evil Beast Battery

 Here is the 'good' Beast Battery


This is from an Ova Special on DVD said to have 9 Kyoryuger. In this scan, we only see Gray, Blue, Red, Gold and Cyan. Maybe another grouping will be Pink, Green, Black and Violet.

NZ celebrates DW50th

The Perth Mint of Australia, on behalf of the New Zealand Mint has struck a limited edition coin to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  The Two dollar coins are 99.9% pure silver proof and feature an engraved image of the TARDIS on one side with a stylised time vortex background.  The other side features a familiar portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.  Included on the outer circumference of the coin is the text 'Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 1963 - 2013'.

With no more than 10,000 to be minted, each coin comes with its own certificate of authenticity, packaged in a special presentation case shaped like a TARDIS.  The case makes the classic 'vworp vworp' sound effect when opened to reveal the coin.  Curiously, whilst this commemorative coin for a long-running British science fiction show is being minted in Australia for the New Zealand Mint, it will actually be legal tender in the tiny South Pacific island nation of Niue.

The coin is currently priced at £62.79 (just short of 63 times the face value of the coin in Niue) and can be ordered from the Perth Mint, where there is also tantalising mention of an upcoming eleven coin set featuring each of the Doctor's incarnations so far.