Thursday, 28 February 2013

Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters Cast Revealed

The April issue of this year's Hyper Hobby Magazine reveals the cast ofGo-Busters V-cinema, “Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters VS Dobutsu Sentai Go-Busters”. The casts from the TV show will play a new "animal" rolefor this one-shot special!

  • Hiromu Sakurada / Red Cheetah - Katsuhiro Suzuki
  • Ryuji Iwasaki / Blue Gorilla - Ryoma Baba
  • Yoko Usami / Yellow Rabbit - Arisa Komiya
  • Masato Jin / Gold Beetle - Hiroya Matsumoto
  • Takeshi Kuroki / Black Puma - Hideo Sakaki
  • Rika Sakurada / Pink Cat - Risa Yoshiki
  • Atsushi Domyoji / Green Hippopotamus - Tatsuhisa Suzuki
  • Kami-sama (God) - Syo Jinnai
  • Kikai Empress Trange Star - Ayame Mizaki
Running for a total of 45 minutes, the release includes the main program, making and other behind the scenes, PR images, and videos with fans. Directed by Hiroyuki Kato, with Kento Shimoyama on the scripts, it will be released on June 21st, and retails 6300 yen. The official site also hinted the return of Pink Buster.

It's been quite long since TOEI released a V-Cinema after a Super Sentai series ended. The last was “Tensou Sentai Goseiger Returns! The Last Epic: The Gosei Angels are National Icons?!”, where the Goseigers were unable to use their "Memory Wash" memory erase card on people, thus becoming national idols. It all started out in “The Return of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger: Special Act”, where they were transported through different illusion dimensions.

Dragon Ball's Goku Chows Down on Fried Chicken in KFC TV Ad

Akibaranger's 2nd Season Previewed in New Teaser Video

The official website for Hikōnin Sentai Akibaranger (Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger) began streaming a new teaser video for the second season on Wednesday. The teaser reveals footage of shooting from upcoming episodes, as well as short messages from cast members Masato Wada (Nobuo Akagi/Akiba Red), Shione Sawada (Mitsuki Iwashimizu/Akiba Blue), Karin Ogino (Yuko Yamada/Akiba Yellow), Maaya Uchida (Hiroyo Hakase), Kozue Aikawa (Kozkoz Mita), and Honoka (Malsheena). Sawada replaced Kyoko

Hinami for the new season.

 The cast members vow to do their best for the new season, which will premiere on April 5 on BS Asahi and on April 8 on TOKYO MX TV and Kansai's Sun TV. Toei streamed the first teaser video in January where Masato Wada, as his delivery man character Nobuo Akagi, announced the show's second season in front of a live audience at the "Chōeiyūsai Kamen Rider x Super Sentai Live & Show 2013" stage event.

 The first season of the show was known for its production pool of anime veterans, such as director Ryuta Tazaki (Kamen Rider), director/character designer Keiichi Satou (Karas, Tiger & Bunny), writer Naruhisa Arakawa (Kamen Rider Kuuga, Spice and Wolf, Steel Angel Kurumi), and composer Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, Eden of the East).

DW orchestra at Liverpool

A Doctor Who Showcase Symphonic Spectacular was held in Liverpool last night to pay tribute to the programme.

Hosted by Mark Williams, it took place at the BBC Worldwide Showcase - being attended by some 700 TV buyers from around the world - and saw Ben Foster lead the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra as well as theSense of Sound choir through compositions by Murray Gold, with Elin Manahan Thomas and Daniel Keating-Roberts providing solos.

Earlier this week, Steve Macallister, the president and managing director of sales and distribution at BBC Worldwide, had said that Doctor Who would feature as one of two themed evenings at the showcase.

The programme was as follows:

  • The Madman With A Box
  • I Am The Doctor
  • Brianosaurus
  • Abigail's Song
  • Battle In The Skies
  • The Majestic Tale Of A Madman In A Box
  • Liz, Lizards, Vampires & Vincent
  • This Is Gallifrey/Vale Decem
  • The Final Chapter Of Amelia Pond
  • Doctor Who Theme
Scenes from The Angels Take Manhattan provided a suitable backdrop for the penultimate piece.

As has been the case with previous musical outings, various monsters put in an appearance too, including Daleks, Ood, Cybermen, Silurians, the Silence, and Saturnynians (from The Vampires of Venice). The Symphonic Spectacular also featured a compilation of the Doctor's regenerations.

More pictures from the event can be seen on BBC America's Anglophenia site.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods' 2nd Full Trailer Streamed

The Japanese website Cinema Today began streaming the second full trailer for Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods on Wednesday. The video features a cover of the signature Dragon Ball Z theme song "Cha-La Head-Cha-La," as performed by the band Flow. Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods is set between the 517th and 518th installments of Akira Toriyama's original manga. Specifically, it is set during the "lost decade" of story time after the end of the battle with Majin Buu: Birusu, the god of destruction who has maintained the balance of the universe, has awakened from a long slumber.

Hearing rumors of a Saiyan (Saiya-jin) who defeated Freeza, Birusu comes looking for Goku. Excited that a powerful oponent has appeared after so long, Goku ignores King Kai's advce and challenges Birusu in a battle.

However, Goku is no match for Birusu's overwhelming power and is defeated. Birusu leaves after uttering an ominous message, “Is there anyone on Earth more worthy to destroy?”

 Will Goku and the others really be able to stop the God of Destruction?! Kuririn, Piccolo, Vegeta, Gohan, and other familar characters will appear in the film with an all-star cast. The film is not a spinoff, but a story in the official history of Dragon Ball. Akira Toriyama has been deeply involved in the film's story and designs from the early screenwriting stages.

Masahiro Hosoda (Dragon Ball Z episode director, Nangoku Shounen Papuwa-kun) is directing at Toei off a script by Yūsuke Watanabe (live-action 20th Century Boys trilogy, Gantz, Bloody Monday, Future Diary). The film will open in Japan on March 30.

ADK, 6 Anime Firms to Launch Overseas Streaming Site Daisuki

Anime studios and production companies Aniplex, Sunrise, Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, Nihon Ad Systems (NAS), Dentsu, and Asatsu-DK (ADK) confirmed with ANN that they are collaborating to launch a new anime streaming and commerce service for overseas fans called "Daisuki." President and CEO Kunihiko Shibata leads Daisuki, which will launch in April.

 According to the service, titles such as Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Mobile Suit Gundam, One Piece, Lupin the 3rd, and Prince of Tennis are "ready to be delivered." Daisuki also plans to stream anime titles nearly simultaneously with their Japanese broadcasts, as well as live events.

 Advertising and marketing company Asatsu-DK Inc. holds the highest share in the company at 26.3%. Aniplex, Sunrise, Toei, TMS Entertainment, and NAS hold equal shares of 13.4%, while Dentsu holds a 6.5% stake.

 Crunchyroll currently offers Madoka Magica on its streaming service, Hulu streams the Lupin the 3rd television series and selected movies, Viz offers Prince of Tennis on Amazon Instant Video, and Funimation simulcasts One Piece on its official website. Daisuki plans to sell anime tie-in goods on its website.

Nikkei: ADK, Toei, Aniplex, Sunrise, TMS, NAS, Dentsu to Stream Anime Overseas

The Japanese financial newspaper Nikkei is reporting on Wednesday that Asatsu-DK (ADK) will begin streaming anime titles overseas in April. Six major anime companies are investing in ADK's subsidiary that is handling the streaming.

The venture will translate and host popular works from over 500 titles, and it plans to recoup costs through fees and advertising. ADK issued third-party stocks worth 340 million yen (US$3.69 million) in its 100%-financed subsidiary Daisuki.

The anime companies Toei Animation, Aniplex, Sunrise, TMS Entertainment, and Nihon Ad Systems (NAS), along with Dentsu, are investing in the subsidiary.

 ADK plans to retain a 26.3% stake in Daisuki. Nikkei notes that Toei's One Piece anime and Sunrise's Gundam anime have garnered many fans overseas. Daisuki's site will present new titles nearly simultaneously with their Japanese broadcasts. The venture will also stream live programs to anime fans in English.

 The newspaper adds that the site plans to begin an online commerce service in June and sell tie-in goods.

It aims to gain about 3 million members in five years. Until now, the different anime companies have supplied their works separately to overseas streaming services. They plan to develop a streaming service on this site to bring together the leading titles and increase revenue.

DW in Multi lingual

BBC Worldwide have released a demonstration of how Doctor Who is broadcast in other languages from around the world as part of the promotion of the show at this year's BBC Worldwide Showcase, currently taking place in Liverpool. The video shows a clip from The Wedding of River Song in English, Brazilian Portuguese, French, German and Italian.

 Doctor Who in Five Languages, BBC Worldwide, via YouTube As recently reported, episodes of the show will be available to watch in the Middle East via Al Jazeera's JCC channel, and in Poland, South Africa, Burma and Indonesia via BBC Entertainment.

DW series 6 Double bill in Australia

n Bowman A special screening of the opening two episodes of Series 6 is to take place across Australia and New Zealand on Thursday 14th March, the BBC has announced. In a world-first multiple cinema screening for Doctor Who, The Impossible Astronaut and Day of the Moon will be shown at selected Event Cinemas, Greater Union and Birch, Carroll & Coyle Cinemas, and Village Cinemas across the two countries, starting at 7pm on the day.

 There will also be a "best-dressed" prize at each cinema for the Doctor Who fan with the most impressive costume, from Time Lords to monsters. Sharon Wilson, BBC Worldwide Australasia's head of marketing for global brands, said: We're building on the concept of "event television" by creating simultaneous Doctor Who experiences on big screens across Australia and New Zealand for the first time. It's an opportunity for fans to enjoy the programmes and participate in the whole experience in a way that they've not been able to before. We hope this will be the start of more BBC Worldwide cinema events with our partners Event Cinemas and Village Cinemas.

The screening has been arranged as part of the celebrations for the show's 50th-anniversary year. Written by Steven Moffat and directed by Toby Haynes, the 90-minute two-parter stars Matt Smith as the Doctor, Karen Gillan as Amy Pond, Arthur Darvill as Rory Williams, Alex Kingston as River Song, and Mark Sheppard as Canton Everett Delaware III.

 In The Impossible Astronaut, the Doctor, Amy, and Rory receive a secret summons that leads them to the Oval Office in 1969. Enlisting the help of a former FBI agent and the irrepressible River Song, the Doctor promises to assist President Nixon in saving a terrified little girl from a mysterious Space Man.

In Day of the Moon, the Doctor is locked in the perfect prison, while Amy, Rory, and River Song are being hunted down by the FBI. But with the help of the president and Neil Armstrong, the Doctor is able to mount a rebellion against an alien invasion dating back to the very beginnings of human civilisation.

 Tickets for the high-definition big-screen showings can be bought online at Event Cinemas or Village Cinemas (booking fees may apply) or at the box offices of the cinemas involved. The websites list the cinemas taking part in this special event. UKTV, which is wholly owned by BBC Worldwide Australasia, is the media partner for this screening, which has been devised by BBC Worldwide Australasia.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Free Satoshi Kon London Double Bill March 5

A facebook page has been launched by the 'Anachron Film Evening' group, advertising a free double bill of films by the late director Satoshi Kon on Tuesday March 5. The screenings will be of Kon's 2001 feature Millennium Actress - a romantic journey through the memories of a Japanese film actress - and his 2006 film Paprika - about a female 'dream detective' who can enter people's minds. (The running times given for the films on the facebook page are incorrect.

Both films run 87 minutes each.) The screenings will run from 7 p.m. until 11 p.m., including a ten-minute break between the films. The venue is The Earl of Portobello pub at 36 Golborne Grove (map). The nearest Underground station is Westbourne Park, on the Circle and Hammersmith and City lines.

Thermae Romae's Yamazaki to Draw Manga of Apple's Steve Jobs

Thermae Romae manga creator Mari Yamazaki revealed on Tuesday that her next series will be a biography of the late Apple company co-founder Steve Jobs. She made the announcement herself during an appearance on the NHK-General talk show Studio Park Kara Konnichiwa.

When asked about her next work during the show, Yamazaki presented an profile illustration she drew of Jobs. She commented that she personally feels sympathy for one of the leading figures in the personal computer and electronics industry.

 The new series will run in Kodansha's revamped Kiss magazine, which is switching from a biweekly schedule to a monthly one in the May issue on March 25. Yamazaki is ending her historical comedy manga Thermae Romae in the April issue of Enterbrain's Monthly Comic Beam magazine on March 12. The manga inspired a television anime mini-series, a live-action film starring Hiroshi Abe and Aya Ueto, and an upcoming live-action film sequel. Yen Press publishes the manga in North America, while Discotek licensed the anime in North America.

  Thermae Romae won the Manga Taisho (Cartoon Grand Prize) award in 2010, followed by the Short Work Prize in the 14th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prizes. Although Yamazaki was born in Tokyo, she now lives in Chicago.

Lucky Star Shrine's Otaku Matchmaking Events Lead to 1st Wedding

After three years of hosting otaku matchmaking events, the "Lucky Star shrine" celebrated the first wedding of a couple who found each other through those events. 31-year-old Nari and 31-year-old Seira tied the knot at the shrine on Saturday. The shrine appeared in Kyoto Animation's 2007 television adaptation of Kagami Yoshimizu's manga Lucky Star. It has since become a popular destination for anime fans, who make "pilgrimages" to the shrine.

After many visiting fans told the shrine staff in surveys that they were interested in marriage, the local neighborhood held its first "Ota-Konkatsu" matchmaking event in 2010. 386 males applied for 20 spots, and 115 females applied for 20 spots. Nari and Seri met each other through the third matchmaking event in 2012, which featured cosplaying. When the matchmaking event organizers heard about their marriage registration last September, they offered to arrange a wedding ceremony at the shrine.

The couple refused the generous offer several times at first, but eventually agreed. Kaori Fukuhara, the voice of the character Tsukasa Hiiragi who works at the shrine, gave a personal message of blessing to the couple. Yoshimizu gave them a sketch as a surprise present. The Mainichi Shimbun newspaper's Mantan Web site posted more photographs from the event

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX Heading to N. America

Square Enix confirmed on Monday that Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX, the high-definition port of the first Kingdom Hearts role-playing game and the Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories follow-up, is coming to the PlayStation 3 in North America this fall.

In addition to the graphics update, the release will include full Trophy support and the once-exclusive Kingdom Hearts Final Mix content. Cutscene director Masaru Oka had also told Famitsu last month that the staff created 100 new scenes for the 2 hours and 50 minutes of remastered video footage included from the Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days game.

  Jesse McCartney, the English voice of Roxas from the Kingdom Hearts games, had revealed in January that he is recording more dialogue for the franchise. The game is scheduled for a March 14 release in Japan for 6,980 yen (about US$77).

Nurse Miku Entices Fans to Donate Blood to Red Cross

The Red Cross Blood Center in Nara Prefecture joined forces with virtual idol Hatsune Miku in a campaign to encourage young people to donate blood last week. As part of the campaign at the Aeon Mall Kashihara, donors received an original Hatsune Miku poster ("Your courage means another life") and a postcard:

This is not the first time Hatsune Miku did her part for blood donations. For years, a blood donor center called akiba:F in Tokyo's Akihabara shopping district has recruited potential donors through stickers and other tie-ins to Hatsune Miku, Evangelion, and similar popular franchises.

  This is not the first time Hatsune Miku did her part for blood donations. For years, a blood donor center called akiba:F in Tokyo's Akihabara shopping district has recruited potential donors through stickers and other tie-ins to Hatsune Miku, Evangelion, and similar popular franchises.

Super taisen Z

Here are pictures from the upcoming Super Hero War Z featuring Kyoryuger, Kamen Rider Wizard and Gavan.

KyuroCyan in Kyrougers

On the heels of news about new KyoryuGold, we get a Kyoryuger before KyoryuGold. This actor is not Japanese and the first one apparently. Robert Baldwin played Gordo in the 2005 Star God Series, Sazer X. Since he hasn't appeared in toy catalogs, I am thinking he will be a guest Ranger and makes me think we will be getting more Kyoryugers. I like the silver on his teeth and replacing the yellow. I like that his name is Cyan, as no other warrior in Super Sentai will has had the name Cyan, neither on Power Rangers while Jungle Fury's Shark Ranger is cyan.

Hikonin sentai Akibaranger scans

So Akibaranger was announced to have a second season, it will be coming in April.
Akiba Red gets an upgrade called Akiba Red Max, which his same suit but with an Aoi-inspired upgrade--which basically looks like a woman hugging him. Akiba Yellow and Akiba Blue get new hairstyles. Even though some people don't believe the show needs a sequel, I think it is cool and I am looking forward to it!

This will be the new actress to play AkibaBlue. Most likely a new character.

PR Super megaforce spoilers

This is from the suit actor and stunt Namihei Koshige, stunt and choreographer with minor details on Super Megaforce. Namihei has played mainly female characters since season 2 or so like the White Aquitar Ranger, Pink Lightspeed Ranger, Pink Time Force Ranger, Yellow Dino Ranger, Pink SPD Ranger, Pink Samurai Ranger and much more.

.@SilurianRanger on Twitter helped translate the important parts:
"Next week stunt team will be receiving scripts. He states that the stunt team will be using the plot in these scripts to enhance fight scenes, and characterizations. There will be more rehearsals than normal to perfect this, then the cast will join to learn this new fighting style.

The more spoiler filled segment in the final paragraph comes from the segment before the URL, and the video itself. He says, "It will go from ray-guns and colored weapons to a mix of sword and gun fighting." I suspect that this is leading to Gokaiger adaptation. If you then watch the video you can see where I think this is the case. The stunt team will use props for practice next week, as in the past."

More evidence I think that Gokaiger suits will be used and that Jake will become the Green Ranger is that one of the consoles are green. The above picture is from and it is from the first episode "Mega Mission." Yes, that is a clip of Jake with Gia's bookbag from Episode 2 used in Episode 1.

DW @50- Splendid Chap

As previously reported, Splendid Chaps is a year-long performance/podcast project to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who hosted by comedian Ben McKenzie (Dungeon Crawl, Melbourne Museum Comedy Tour) and writer John Richards (ABC1 sitcom Outland, Boxcutters podcast).

Described by its creators as part intellectual panel discussion, part nerdy Tonight Show, Splendid Chaps is a combination of analysis, enthusiasm and irreverence. The first episode went to number 1 on the iTunes TV & Film Podcast chart in Australia, and to number 4 in the UK. The podcasts to the first two episodes are now available at or at iTunes.

Tickets are now on sale for their March show, in which the Splendid Chaps TARDIS will be visiting Adelaide. They'll be discussing the frill-fronted velveteen Time Lord Jon Pertwee, and looking at the notion of Family in Doctor Who - why are there so few families in the early years of the show? What’s with all the distant aunts? How did it change the show when companions’ families started to appear after Rose?

Hosts Ben McKenzie, John Richards and Petra Elliott are joined by New York Times best-selling author Sean Williams plus other guests poached from the Adelaide Fringe Festival as Splendid Chaps makes the exciting move into colour and corduroy.

Splendid Chaps: A Year Of Doctor Who: "Three/Family"
Space: The Tuxedo Cat – The Yellow Room, 199-200 North Terrace, Adelaide.
Time: Sunday, March 10; show starts 2 PM (note that as we will be recording, latecomers will not be admitted until interval).
Tickets: All tickets $15 (plus booking fee where applicable).
Bookings:, tickets also sold at the door (subject to availability).
Podcast: not yet available; released 23 March 2013.
Accessibility: This venue is wheelchair accessible

Vote Dalek

The Professional Publishers Association are celebrating their centenary this year, and as part of this ten covers are to compete to become Cover of the Century, one of which is the Radio Times issue covering the week 30th April to May 6th May 2005 - otherwise known as Vote Dalek!

The magazine is up against covers from the Beano, Cosmpolitan, Empire, Harpers, MacUser, NewScientist, Time Out, Vogue and Woman's Weekly, all of which were chosen by a panel of experts as being the most iconic over the century.

Professional Publishers Association Centenary Covers

Head of the PPA, Barry McIlheney said
Our centenary year provides us with a unique opportunity for the industry to celebrate not only the association but, more importantly, its members and the entire magazine publishing industry. The Cover of the Century is just one of the many activities the PPA will be carrying out in 2013 to mark this historic occasion.

We are looking forward to the next 100 years, and how the unique power of magazine brands will help shape the evolving media landscape at what is the most exciting time in our rich and vibrant history.

Voting is open daily to the public via the PAA website until the 30th September, with the winning cover announced on the Association's actual centenary on 21st November.

Radio Times (5-11 May 2005) - wraparoundThis isn't the first time the Radio Times cover has been up for an award - in 2008 it won the coveted title of Best Magazine Cover Of All Time in a poll that was also conducted by the PAA!

Circulation director at the time, Nicola Rowe said of its successback then:
We had many outstanding entries but Vote Dalek! captured the popular vote. It is sharply observed, funny, and to the point. It is, in its own way, a truly inspired reflection of the British sense of humour.

Final week of filming for adventures in time and space

It's the last week of principal photography for An Adventure in Space and Time, with producer Matt Strevens commenting: "So the final week begins. It's flown by. Some big, moving scenes to come and perhaps a new creature or 2.". Doctor Who wouldn't be Doctor Who without corridors, but this time of the real kind as a couple of Dalek props are left "lurking" - as Matt observed: "These Daleks do like to gossip on a Monday morning."

Meanwhile, Waris met Waris as Sacha Dhawan caught up with original director Waris Hussein; the actor intimated that his time on filming was coming to an end, saying: "What a journey through space and time..loved every minute of it.x" Additional photos of the two together can be seen courtesy of the Radio Times, published when the initial casting was announced at the end of January.

Daleks at Wimbledon Studios (Credit: Matt Strevens, via Twitter) Sacha Dhawan with Waris Hussein (Credit: Sacha Dhawan, via Twitter)

Speaking of cast, last week Reece Shearsmith got to grips with becoming the Second Doctor: "Tried the hobo costume on the other day. Oh my giddy aunt ..."

Some additional members of the production team have been confirmed, with script editor Richard Cookson telling us: "I am indeed lucky enough to be working on An Adventure in Space and Time. Thanks for the congratulations! All I can really say is that it's a huge honour to be involved in the programme and to work with such a fantastic and talented cast and crew." Other confirmations include Pippa Suren as production coordinator, Catriona Scott as production secretary, and James Metcalf as a floor runner.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Kyoryuger: KyoryuCyan Revealed

As we get to know about the Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, images from the latest magazine issues had revealed more information on what we could expected this March! One of them is the new Brave, KyoryuCyan.

Ramirez, also known as KyoryuCyan, was chosen by Ankydon, 500 years, to be the "Steel Brave". He appears in the present, in spirit form, to grant the Kyoryuger the power of Ankydon. It can combine with the Kyoryuzin to form Kyoryuzin Macho!

Above is the Zyuden-Arms. It is composed of GabuTyra Fang (Red), ParaShot (Black), StegoShield (Blue), ZactorSlasher (Green), and DriceraLance (Pink). By using the Beast Battery #13, they can combine to form the KentroSpiker, a giant sword to be used as a finisher.

In addition, Beast Battery #13 KentroSpiker can also be used in the Gaburevolver to perform the "KentroSpiker Beam." The above image also shows powers from using different Beast Batteries.

Meanwhile, here's the DinoChaser, the team's trusty motorcycle. Two small Zyudenryus, Deinos and Chase, combines to form the DinoChaser.

Lastly, the magazine shows a silhouette to preview the upcoming debut of KyoryuGold. You can check more images in the slideshow below:

The Devoss Army is now on the move to revive their master, which Torin and the ZyuDenChi sealed during the ancient times. Now, the safety of the Earth relies in the hand of the five champions. The magnificent Kyoryuger's just began

Bleach The Movie: Hell Verse Released on Blu-ray and DVD Monday

Manga Entertainment will release Bleach the Movie: Hell Verse (Bleach: Jigoku-hen) on DVD and Blu-ray on Monday March 25. The DVD will have an RRP of £19.99 while the Blu-ray will have an RRP of £29.99. Bleach manga creator Tite Kubo personally oversaw the production on the film, which opened in Japan in December 2010.

Warner Home Video, which released the film in America, describes Hell Verse as follows: Hell - a place where beings that have committed mortal sins during their lifetime are sent.

 It is a realm where even Soul Reapers are forbidden to interfere.

When a group of vicious Sinners plots to escape from this eternal prison, they discover that Substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki is the key to their freedom. The Sinners launch an attack and in the process kidnap Ichigo's younger sister YUZU and take her to Hell. With the help of a mysterious man named Kokuto, Ichigo and his friends must now travel into the depths of Hell to stop the Sinners and save YUZU, unaware that their actions could bring Hell to the World of the Living.

Akibaranger's 2nd Season Cast Revealed

The official website for Hikōnin Sentai Akibaranger (Unofficial Sentai Akibaranger) live-action television series announced the second season's cast on Friday. Masato Wada (Tooyama Kintarou in the live-action The Prince of Tennis film) and Karin Ogino are returning as Akiba Red and Akiba Yellow, respectively. Shione Sawada will play the new Akiba Blue, Mitsuki Iwashimizu, replacing last season's Kyoko Hinami.

  Also joining the cast is Ryo Horikawa (voice actor of Dragon Ball Z's Vegeta, Detective Conan's Heiji Hattori) as General Tsū. Honoka, Maaya Uchida, and Kozue Aikawa are also reprising their roles as Malseena, Hiroyo Hakase, and Kozkoz Mita. Ryuta Tazaki (Kamen Rider series, Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) and Nobuhiro Suzumura (Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon) are directing the series and Naruhisa Arakawa (Kamen Rider Kuuga, Steel Angel Kurumi Pure) is handling the scripts.

The second season is slated to premiere on April 5 at 25:30 (effectively April 6 at 1:30 a.m.) on BS Asahi. The series will also air on the Tokyo MX TV station and on Kansai's Sun TV.

Where are the Power rangers in fictional world

With all the talk of all the Power Rangers fighting together in Troy's Dream (Referred to as the "Legend War" to Super Sentai fans) in the first episode of Power Rangers Megaforce, I came to think where could the Rangers be now in their fictional world. I will start backwards. I will not discuss the likeness of them having their powers. I am also not referring to the actors and their real lives and schedules. Most of these assumptions come from the last time we saw most of the characters on the show (either their own finales or teamups).
Power Rangers Samurai
The last we saw the Samurai Rangers, they had gone their separate ways. Kevin was trying out for the Olympics, Antonio went to catch a big fish, Mia went to cooking school, Emily and Mike went to Emily's home, Lauren returned to wherever she came from and Jayden stayed with Jii at the Shiba House. They know of the RPM Rangers.
Current Status: Parted Ways

Power Rangers RPM
The last we saw Summer, Tenaya and Dillon, they went to travel the world. Ziggy and De. K began a relationship in Corinth. Flynn was in charge of technology. Scott was in the military. Gem and Gema presumably stayed on Corinth. In Samurai, it was revealed the RPM world was in another dimension but that is still up to debate according to fans. They know of the Samurai Rangers.
Current Status: City of Corinth in Other Dimension
Power Rangers Jungle Fury
Last we saw Flit was working with RJ at Jungle Karma Pizza in their city of Ocean Bluff. Casey were teachers at the temple and Dai Shi and Camile were now students. Theo and Lilly got together as a couple. Dominick and Fran went globe trotting. So far that we have seen, the Jungle Fury Rangers know of no other team.
Current Status: Ocean Bluff and Pai Zhua Temple

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive
Everyone went their separate ways. Tyzonn returned to his planet with his lady love. Mac had become human and went traveling with his dad. Dax went back to stunt work, Rose went back to being a professor at an university, Ronnie went back to racing and presumably Will went back to spying. Mac's dad did get a dragon scale from the Mystic Force Ranger's Fire Heart and they know of the Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force and Mighty Morphin teams.
Current Status: Different parts of the Earth

Power Rangers Mystic Force
Nick went to visit his adoptive parents with his real parents Udonna and Leanbow. Everyone else remained in Brairwood working at the Rock Porium. Xander later appeared in Operation Overdrive, he met members of Mighty Morphin, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, and Operation Overdrive.
Current Status: Brairwood

Power Rangers SPD
The series took place in the year 2025. Sam, the Omega Ranger returned to his time in 2040 with Nova Ranger. In the last episode, Jack left the team, Sky became Red Ranger and Bridge became Blue Ranger. In Operation Overdrive, the Sentinel Knight brought Bridge the Red Ranger from an undisclosed time. Bridge explained that Sky took Doggie's place as Doggie took Birdie's place and Birdie retired so Bridge became Red. Bridge met members of Mighty Morphin, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Mystic Force, and Operation Overdrive. The SPD Rangers did meet the Dino Thunder Rangers but their memories were wiped.
Current Status: The Future

Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Last we saw Connor goes on to start his own soccer camp, Ethan was doing something tech-y and Trent had graduated from High School. Kira appeared in Operation Overdrive and met members of SPD, Mystic Force, Operation Overdrive and Mighty Morphin. Kira already knew of the Wind and Thunder Rangers of Ninja Storm. Kira had gone to the future and met the SPD Rangers but her memory was wiped. She also fought alongside the SPD Rangers during her time as a Ranger but same thing happened. Kira was currently a recording artist. Tommy Oliver was last seen being a teacher in Reefside. The Dino Thunder Rangers also got a refresher course on all the Rangers before Dino Thunder.
Current Status: Parted Ways, Reefside

Power Rangers Ninja Storm
Last we saw them all was in Dino Thunder, Shane and Dustin were Ninja Academy teachers. Blake was a Motocross star. Hunter was a teacher at the Thunder Academy. Cam was still in the headquarters. We saw Tori in Operation Overdrive, where she met members of Mighty Morphin, SPD, Mystic Force and PROO. The Wind and Thunder Rangers already met the Dino Thunder Rangers.
Current Status: Blue Bay Harbor

Power Rangers Wild Force
We last saw them in Wild Force, Alyssa was a teacher, Taylor returned to the air force, Max and Danny went traveling, Merrick went wandering around with Zen-Aku and Cole decided to use his talents to help animals in need wherever he roamed. Princess Shayla went back into the sky with the Animarium. Cole met members from Time Force, Lightspeed, Lost Galaxy, In Space, Turbo, Zeo, Aquitar and Mighty Morphin.
Current Status: Went Separate Ways

Power Rangers Time Force
We last saw them all in Wild Force. Jen, Trip, Lucas and Katie returned to the future in the 31st century. Wes and Eric remained as Silver Guardians in Silver Hills. The Time Force Rangers all knew Lightspeed Rangers and Wild Force Rangers. Wes and Eric met members of Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, and Lost Galaxy.
Current Status: The Future and Silver Hills

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue
Last we saw most of them was in Time Force where Chad was a lifeguard, Dana was a doctor, and Kelsey was still doing extreme sports. Joel was on his way to his honeymoon. Ryan's life was not spoken about when he returned. Carter was seen in "Forever Red" with his Lightspeed jacket but he had returned to fire fighting in Time Force. The Lightspeed Rangers knew the Galaxy Rangers and Time Force Rangers. Cole met the Red Rangers of Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, In Space and Wild Force.
Current Status: Went Separate Ways

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy
In the last ep of PRLG, the Rangers were all on Mirinoi. In Lightspeed, they somehow quickly came to Earth to help the Lightspeed Rangers without explanation how they got there. In "Forever Red," Leo did take out his saber from the rock in Mirinoi. The Galaxy Rangers knew of the Space and Lightspeed Rangers. Leo met Red Rangers of Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Zeo, Turbo, Time Force and Wild Force. Bulk was also last seen in Mirinoi but then returned to Angel Grove in "Forever Red" and then ended up in the "Samurai" city.
Current Status: Mirinoi

Power Rangers in Space
At the end of Space, Andros, Zhane and Karone went along with the Earth Rangers. In Lost Galaxy, Karone joined the Galaxy Rangers and was last seen in Mirinoi. The Space Rangers returned to Earth. In Forever Red, Andros was seen on Earth and had a new Astro Megaship from KO-35. TJ was representing Turbo in the Forever Red episode and was on Earth. Presumably Ashley, Cassie and Carlos are still on Earth and maybe in Angel Grove. TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos knew Tommy, Justin, Adam, Tanya, Katherine, Kendrix, Leo, Maya, Damon, Kai and Mike. Andros and TJ know Jason, Aurico, Tommy, Carter, Wes, Eric and Cole.
Current Status: Separate Ways, Earth and KO-35

Power Rangers Turbo
Presumably TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos are still on Earth and maybe in Angel Grove. Tanya was last seen working at a radio station, and Katherine was last seen practicing ballet. We all know where Tommy ended up. In Operation Overdrive, we discover Adam has a dojo in Angel Grove. We last saw Justin living with his father, he is now an adult. Katherine, Tanya, and Justin know TJ, Ashley, Cassie and Carlos knew Kendrix, Leo, Maya, Damon, Kai and Mike. TJ and Tommy know Jason, Aurico, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Eric and Cole. Adam knows Tori, Kira, Bridge, Xander and all the Operation Overdrive Rangers. Tommy knows the Dino Thunder Rangers.
Current Status: Separate Ways, Angel Grove

Power Rangers Zeo
Tommy last became the Zeo Ranger I Red in Forever Red but we now know where he is. We last saw Rocky in Turbo where he graduated. Trey was last seen in "Countdown to Destruction" of In Space, fighting evil. Jason was last seen in Angel Grove during the Turbo movie and still on Earth in Forever Red. Everyone else must've stayed in Angel Grove. Tommy and Jason met TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Wes, Eric and Cole. The Zeo Rangers knew the Aquitar Rangers, former Mighty Morphin and new Turbo Rangers. Tommy knows members of the teams Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, and SPD. Adam knows members of the teams Mighty Morphin, Aquitar,Turbo, In Space, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive.
Current Status: Angel Grove, Triforia

Aquitar Rangers
Most likely they still live on the planet of Aquitar. Aurico met TJ, Andros, Leo, Carter, Eric, Wes, and Cole. All the Rangers know Jason, Tommy, Katherine, Aisha, Adam, Billy, Rocky, Tanya and Trey.
Current Status: Aquitar

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Here is the big one. Last we saw Jason was in Forever Red, he didn't disclose what he did for a living. Billy was last seen in Zeo living in Aquitar. Trini and Zack were last heard going to the Peace Conference and never mentioned again. Kimberly was last heard living in Florida, noted by a letter in Zeo but last seen in the Turbo movie. Tommy was last seen in Dino Thunder (psychically, not like in SPD just in suit) living in Reefside. Adam was last seen in Operation Overdrive, he said he had a dojo in Angel Grove. Rocky was last seen in Turbo having graduated from Angel Grove high. Aisha was last heard of living in Africa from a letter in Zeo. Katherine was last seen in Turbo currently living in Angel Grove. Jason knows members of Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force and Aquitar. Tommy knows members of the teams Mighty Morphin, Aquitar, Turbo, In Space, Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, and SPD. Adam knows members of the teams Aquitar, Turbo, In Space, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive. Aisha, Trini, and Zack only know members of MMPR. Katherine knows members of Aquitar, Turbo and In Space. Rocky only knows the Aquitar Rangers and Justin. Billy only knows all the MMPR, Zeo and Aquitar Rangers. That we saw Katherine never met Trini or Zack. Technically Rocky, Adam and Aisha met Trini and Zack. Same goes for Aisha and Jason knowing each other. Kimberly presumably met Justin and Tanya but never met the Aquitar Rangers nor Trey. Up to Zeo, Billy knew all the most Rangers. Tommy now knows a majority of Rangers.

PR megaforce ep 4 review

We open to the war full of Rangers in Troy's dream. (This is previously unseen footage in Power Rangers Megaforce provided by extended footage from Gokaiger) We see the Megaforce, RPM, Operation Overdrive, Lost Galaxy, Zeo, Ninja Storm and Aquitar Rangers fight silver robot minions. We also see the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger (with a voice unlike Jason), Red Tiger Ranger from Jungle Fury and a mysterious white vested Red Ranger (Ryuuranger of Gosei Sentai Dairanger). Red Samurai Ranger at the end. Troy wakes up and wonders why he keeps having those dreams. In the Warstar ship, Creepox wants to be in charge of the next mission. He calls for Dragonflay, who is a quick runner.

At the Ernie Brainfreeze, Emma is helping with recycling and Troy tells he has had strange dreams. They notice a group of people around one guy claiming to be the Red Ranger. Troy grins. Emma asks if he is going to do something about it. He says he will take the recycling out. He then thinks they have to get stronger than the monsters. He looks at the plastic bottles and gets an idea when a cup falls. Later he has set up bottles around on strings in a forest. He blindfolds himself and tries avoiding them and hitting them.

The other Rangers arrive to the Brainfreeze and listen into the bragger. Gia says it is just a guy looking for attention and asks Jake jokingly, "You can relate right?" Tensou worries and calls the others. The others start walking out. One guy tells the impostor that there is an attack. Emma wonders if he will do something foolish. The guy says he will go and the crowd follows him out. The Rangers go through the back door and transform. The imposter confronts the monster and gets blasted at. Troy takes him to safety. Dragonflay takes the four down. Troy arrives and gets knocked down. Troy closes his eyes and concentrates. He takes Dragonflay down. Creepox arrives and doesn't like the Red Ranger. The impostor cheers them on.

Creepox takes Red down. The hunky blue eyed impostor gets blasted at and hides. Red confronts Creepox. The bad guys leave. The guy says his name is Jordan and get reprimanded by the Rangers. Jordan follows the Rangers into the forest. Un-morphed the Rangers with blindfolds train like Troy. They hear something and quickly morph when Jordan arrives and they tell him that it takes dedication and training to be a Ranger. They have him run the obstacle course but it isn't easy for him. He says he wanted to know what it was like to be looked up to. Troy says he doesn't feel like a hero something. Emma tells him he seems like a good guy but best to be himself. They tell Jordan to stay.

The Rangers arrive in the city again to confront Dragonflay. Troy jumps up and lands down to Creepox, Creepox laughs that Troy thinks he wanted Dragonflay. Red clarifies he wanted him and Dragonflay arrives to be attacked by the Rangers. The four take the monster while Red takes Creepox. They talk about insect aliens vs. humans, who will survive. Troy takes down his sword and flips on a bar to avoid Creepox and then slashes at him with a Dragon Sword attack. Creepox says that good shot and retreats, saying that it isn't over. The four sense Dragonflay and blast him down.

Blue calls for the Sea Brothers and Yellow uses the Hammerhead, Black uses the Sawshark and Pink uses the Mantazord and they destroy Dragonflay. Troy is exteremly tired, saying the fight with Creepox took a lot out of him. Vrax makes Dragonflay grow, mocking Creepox. The Rangers form the Megazord. Red is exhausted and gives it to Yellow and Black as they are the Megazord's feet, they travel quick and launch the Snake to bite Dragonflay.

Gia and Jake earn the Land Brothers Zords: Rhino, Dino and Beetle. "I knew you and I would make a great couple." "Don't get any ideas." They form the Land Megazord or Land Gosei Great. They destroy the monster with Land Strike. Back at the juice bar, a crowd applauds Jordan. He confesses he is not a Power Ranger. They are all disappointed with him and leave. He asks for forgiveness and is not given it.

He sits next to Troy at the bar. Troy says it took a lot of courage. Jordan asks if they met before. Troy introduces himself and says no. Jordan says he learned a lesson thanks to the Red Ranger. Ernie is about to give a shake but it flipped out of his hand and Jordan catches it. Ernie asks where he learned that. Jordan says a friend.

Episode Review:
At first I did not how to feel about the episode. I felt it uneven and some parts forced. I found Jordan 'learning' a lesson quick and admitting his flaws. From seeing the preview clip of him bragging about being a Ranger, I had the feeling he was a stuck-up bravado guy that was going to be challenging the gang and thinking he can do better than them. I thought Jordan would be a jerk. But Jordan was just a good guy after all. I like that Jordan was a hot and fit guy, because it shows that even though he LOOKS like a Power Ranger (On the resume of actor Joshua McKenzie says he does kickboxing, gymnastics, martial arts and Parkour and Acrobatics), it doesn't mean you can be one. What I am trying to say is that he could have been just a chubby nerd that was a fan or like Boom in SPD but he looks like a Ranger and looks athletic. But I think it is too soon for the Rangers to be boosting that they have 'training.'

Because it is only the fourth episode and we have only seen Troy train. And plus that only last week Noah was doubting himself. But it is a pretty good side by side comparison that Noah believed in himself and picked for his smarts. I also didn't like how Troy conveniently trained for the monster before the dilemma was even presented. Troy is still mysterious but he comes off a bit stale. Anyway, it was good all in all with development with Troy. When I heard the episode description I thought the episode footage would be from Goseiger Episode 10, the Gosei Green monster. I knew that Gosei Green would not be used as he didn't have much footage. It is actually based on Episode 6 of Goseiger. I didn't expect to see Gosei Green but my idea was that Jordan would say he was the Green one and swear to have powers but didn't. It doesn't matter anyway.