Friday, 30 September 2011

Sphere, Minori Chihara, Kalafina to Take Part in Quake Charity Event

Various Japanese musical guests will appear at the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Festival 2001 - For the Children's Future - event on October 29 and 30. The festival will offer music, comedy, and food at the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to benefit children and families recovering from the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

On October 29, pop band Kalafina, voice actress idol group Sphere, pop singer Faylan, actress/singer Yui Makino, rock group Yōsei Teikoku, and singer-songwriter Chihiro Yonekura will perform with other guests. Actress/singer Natsuki Asou, singer-songwriter Chiaki Ishikawa, pop singer Marina Kawano, singer-songwriter Maon Kurosaki, singer-songwriter Hiromi Satō, anime music group JAM Project, and voice actress Minori Chihara will appear on October 30.

Many Japanese singers and voice actors took part in earthquake charity events earlier this year. Pop singer T.M. Revolution planned a charity concert in March, and rock singer Gackt launched a donation fund called "Show Your Heart." A group of 15 Japanese voice actors raised 2,450,568 yen (about US$29,000) to benefit victims of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake in April. Dub actresses Stephanie Sheh and Cristina Vee also participated in the We Heart Japan karaoke charity event held in Los Angeles in June.

vJapanese Man Arrested for Selling 200 Modified Wii Consoles

On Thursday, police in Aichi Prefecture arrested Shintarō Monishi, a 33-year-old agricultural worker from Ehime Prefecture's Yawatahama City, for modifying Nintendo Wii game consoles to play illegally pirated software and then selling them. The suspect is being charged for infringing on Nintendo's trademarks.

According to the police, the suspect purchased used Wii consoles at about 5,000 yen (about US$65), modified them, and then sold them for about 20,000 yen (about US$260). Between last November and this month, the suspect allegedly sold about 200 consoles and earned 4.5 million yen (about US$59,000). In particular, he is accused of selling the modified Wii consoles on Internet and mobile phone site auctions between December of 2010 and March of 2011.

Precure Film Inspires Guam Travel Tour with Cosplay

JALPAK, a foreign tourism company run by Japan Airlines, began offering a Guam tour package to coincide with the opening of the Eiga Suite Precure: Torimodose! Kokoro ga Tsunagu Kiseki no Melody film on Thursday. As a side story to the Suite Precure television anime, the magical girl anime film opens on October 29 in Japan. JALPAK's Guam trip departure dates begin on November 1 and continue through January 31.

The tour's accommodations offer the ten previous Precure movies for rental on DVD. As part of the tour package, guests can also use provided Precure costumes from the upcoming film or bring their own cosplay outfits and pose for photographs with professional photographers. Travelers can choose costume shots or family photographs and receive a photo album and CD-ROM with the pictures.

All Precure Guam trips leave from Narita International Airport in Chiba. A four-day Precure trip to Guam costs between 98,800 yen (about US$1,300) and 322,800 yen (about US$4,200). A five-day option is also available, and prices range from 105,800 yen (about US$1,400) to 329,800 yen (about US$4,300).

Toei Streams Making-of Video for 'Rebellions' Pilot

The Japanese production company Toei began streaming a 12-minute making-of video for the live-action "Rebellions" project on Tuesday. The "Part 1" pre-production video includes an interview with director Koichi Sakamoto and a look at the visual effects process for the action movie demo.

Toei began streaming a 133-second demo movie for "Rebellions" on its YouTube channel in August. Sakamoto, the action director for much of the Power Rangers franchise, oversaw the demo's creation at Toei Digital Center's Tsukun Laboratory. The short movie ends with a pitch for investors in order to expand "Rebellions" into a complete film.

The cast of the demo video includes Nao Nagasawa (Ninpū Sentai Hurricaneger), Minami Tsukui (Kamen Rider Den-O), and Saaya Irie (Hell Girl, Kyo no Gononi). Toshiyuki Kimura (Casshern) was a concept designer, and Yasushi Nirasawa (Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, Hellboy) designed characters. Dango Takeda (Kamen Rider, Gantz, Mamoru Oshii's Assault Girls) designed the costumes, while Atsushi Takeuchi (Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell, Yukikaze) designed the motorcycle.

Spain's Sitges to Show FMA, Trigun, Buddha

The 44th annual Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival will screen a variety of Japanese anime and live-action films in Sitges, Spain next month. Running from October 6 to October 16, the festival specializes in the fantasy, science-fiction, and horror genres but includes animated and other titles as well. The event will feature Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, and Buddha: The Great Departure in the "Anima't" (animated film) category.

Screenings and competition categories for Japanese anime and live-action films at the festival include:

Trigun: Badlands Rumble - October 7 at 2:15 p.m., Anima't
Smuggler - October 9 at 11:00 a.m. and October 10 at 6:15 p.m., Special Session
Gantz - October 9 at 4:00 p.m., Special Session
Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai - October 10 at 11:15 a.m. and October 11 at 3:30 p.m., Official Fantàstic Competition
Buddha: The Great Departure - October 10 at 4:00 p.m., Anima't
Ninja Kids - October 11 and 14 at 1:00 a.m., Midnight X-Treme
Tomie: Unlimited - October 11 and 14 at 1:00 a.m., Midnight X-Treme
Yakuza Weapon - October 11 and 14 at 1:00 a.m., Midnight X-Treme
A Letter to Momo - October 12 at 12:00 p.m. and October 14 at 2:30 p.m., Official Fantàstic Competition
Himizu - October 14 at 9:30 a.m. and October 15 at 10:30 p.m., Noves Visions - Ficció
Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos - October 14 at 4:45 p.m., Anima't
A Letter to Momo and Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai are competing for the festival's main awards with 30 films from around the world. The other Japanese films listed above will be eligible for special category awards. Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos, Trigun: Badlands Rumble, and Buddha: The Great Departure are competing with the Danish film Ronal the Barbarian in the feature-length animated film category.

Various film festivals around the world are also presenting anime films this year. North American Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos screenings include festivals in Burbank, Hawaii, Vancouver, Toronto, and San Francisco. The Toronto International Film Festival hosted the world premiere of A Letter to Momo, and festivals in Warsaw, Hawaii, Scotland, and South Korea will also show the film. The New York Asian Film Festival hosted the North American premiere of Buddha: The Great Departure and the world premiere of Ninja Kids in July.

DW Xmas special filming

French DW

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Teacher Arrested for Uploading K-ON, Haruhi, Oreimo via Share Program

The cyber crime unit of the Hyōgo Prefectural Police arrested Kōhei Miyagishi, a 32-year-old elementary school teacher from Kanazawa City, on Wednesday on suspicion of using the Share file-sharing software to upload anime online without the copyright holders' permission. According to a person connected to the investigation, the suspect uploaded an episode each from the K-ON!!, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and Oreimo anime off his personal computer in early August.

The suspect allegedly had over a thousand television anime episodes, each about 30 minutes long. The police are investigating how the suspect acquired the anime by analyzing the suspect's confiscated computer.

Japanese Model Names Child After One Piece Character

After the recent birth, Japanese fashion model Hikari Kamikawa named her boy after the One Piece franchise character Portgas D. Ace. The Koakuma Ageha fashion magazine model stated on her blog that she picked the name because she loves the One Piece manga. Kamikawa chose two Japanese kanji characters that can be pronounced as "Ace" in Japanese, as in the character's surname.

Although Japan does have a list of banned names, Kamikawa's choice is legal. Some of Kamikawa's fans liked the name, but others expressed concerns that it may cause problems for the boy as he grows up. "Ace" does not sound like a typical Japanese name and may also be difficult for some people to read correctly.

In 2010, entertainment figure and former Morning Musume idol singer Nozomi Tsuji denied wanting to name her baby after Dragon Ball. Earlier that year, ASCII Media Works' Dengeki Online website posted the results of a poll asking what anime character names people would like to give to their children. Neither One Piece nor Dragon Ball made the top ten choices, but Final Fantasy, K-ON!, and Clannad names were popular in the poll.

Hawaii, Warsaw Int'l Film Fests to Show A Letter to Momo

Production I.G's upcoming drama film A Letter to Momo will screen at October film festivals in Hawaii and Warsaw, Poland.

The Hawaii International Film Festival will screen the film on October 16 at 11:30 a.m. and October 17 at 5:30 p.m. in Japanese with English subtitles. A Letter to Momo is nominated for the Halekulani Golden Orchid Award in the "Narrative Feature" category at the festival. The Pacific Rim festival will also show the anime movie Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos.

The Warsaw Film Festival will screen A Letter to Momo on October 7 at 9:30 p.m., October 8 at 11:30 a.m., and October 10 at 4:15 p.m. The festival will also show several live-action Japanese films.

The Toronto International Film Festival hosted A Letter to Momo's world premiere earlier this month. The Scotland Loves Anime festival will show the film in Glasgow and Edinburgh in October. Spain's Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia and South Korea's Busan International Film Festival with also screen A Letter to Momo next month.

The anime film open in Japan during the Golden Week Holiday. The Hawaii International Film Festival describes the film planned and directed by Hiroyuki Okiura as follows:

Meet 13-year-old Momo, a shy, imaginative girl struggling with some major life changes. After the sudden death of her father, Momo must leave the big city for her mother's childhood home, a remote island village. Still coming to terms with the loss of her father, Momo is not happy with her new surroundings. But as she muddles over her dad's last cryptic two-word note, ‘dear Momo…’ she finds that her new house seems to have gained an otherworldly presence. These strange new residents quickly turn Momo's life upside down, and may possibly change her life forever…
Okiura spent years planning, writing, storyboarding, and directing the film, and it will be his first film as a director since the 2000 anime Jin-Roh - The Wolf Brigade. Masashi Ando (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away) is overseeing the animation process. The film's animators include Toshiyuki Inoue (Akira), Ei Inoue (The Cat Returns), Takeshi Honda (Evangelion: 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance), Tetsuya Nishio (Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence), and Hiroyuki Aoyama (Summer Wars). Hiroshi Ohno (Kiki's Delivery Service) is serving as the art director.

The November issue of Kadokawa Shoten's Monthly Asuka magazine began serializing a manga adaptation of A Letter to Momo drawn by Akiko Kitami.

Singapore to Air English-Dubbed Cardfight!! Vanguard Anime

Bushiroad Inc. announced at an Anime Festival Asia press conference on Monday that it will air the Cardfight!! Vanguard television anime series in Singapore with an English dub in October.

The dubbed version of Cardfight!! Vanguard will air on Singapore's OKTO channel at 10:30 a.m. SGT on Sundays starting on October 16. Bushiroad's CEO Takaaki Kidani also announced at the press conference that Bushiroad will release an English-language line of the original trading card game that inspired the anime in Singapore. Kidani noted that Bushiroad plans to release the trading card game in other parts of the world as well.

Bushiroad will stage a pre-release of the English line of the trading card game. The release will include:

2 Trial Decks: Blaster Blade and Dragonic Overlord
Booster Pack: Descent of the King of Knights
Bushiroad will release the card game items at Anime Festival Asia 2011, which takes place on November 11-13 in Singapore. The card game items will officially hit stores in Singapore on December 3.

Anime in Japan Conference at London's Birkbeck College, November 18

Anime and manga will be among the subjects covered in an upcoming conference on Japan at London's Birkbeck College on Gordon Square (map) on Friday November 18. The event is free but registration is required, as spaces for the event are limited.

Presented by Birkbeck College and the Great Britain Saakawa Foundation, the event is called "Keeping Japan on the Map," with talks running from 9.15 a.m. to 5.15 p.m. The talks schedule is here, with summaries of the talks here. The papers include:

"Gendering Death: Concepts of Passing Away in Japanese Manga," by Dr. Ulrich Heinze, looking at the depictions of death in Death Note and Ikigami.

"The Lone Ninja Kamui Gaiden: From Manga to Live-Action Movie," by Dr. Nana Sato-Rossberg, examining the work of manga writer Shirato Sanpei.

"Death and Disaster in Japanese Manga: Constructing Memory and Behaviour," by Dr. Christopher Hood, looking at such manga as Kurosagi Shitai Takuhaibin.

Other papers cover subjects ranging from a comparison of elderly care policy in Japan and Britain, to Japan's current nuclear debate.

Hetalia, Durarara, Conan Characters Turned Into Teddy Bears

The character goods chain store ANIMATE will sell a line of miniature teddy bears dressed as anime characters starting in October. The new line, titled "Kumamate," features the bears in outfits from characters from Durarara!!, Hetalia, Detective Conan, Inazuma Eleven, and Inazuma Eleven GO.

ANIMATE is selling the 14-centimeter (5.5-inch) teddy bears in both black and white for 735 yen (about US$9.60). The anime character clothing is sold separately, and each set retails for 840 yen (about US$11). The bears and the Durarara!!, Hetalia, and Detective Conan clothing sets will go on sale on October 27. The Inazuma Eleven and Inazuma Eleven GO clothing sets will go on sale in November.

PR Halloween special

The cast of the hit Nickelodeon series Power Rangers Samurai star in the Halloween safety video on the site’s homepage. This fun video, that teaches kids tips on how to stay safe this Halloween, will be airing in movie theaters nationwide as well as online. Plus the site has easy-to-download safety tips, coloring sheets, pumpkin stencils, new Samurai Power Rangers costumes and much more.

Official Press:


In Addition To Halloween Safety, Power Rangers emPOWER To Also Implement New Initiatives And Partnerships For Health And Fitness This Fall

LOS ANGELES (September 28, 2011) – Saban Brands announced today a forthcoming multi-platform national Halloween safety campaign featuring the Samurai Power Rangers, along with additional activities for their Power Rangers emPOWER initiative for fall 2011. Beginning next month, Saban Brands will launch a multi-platform campaign focused on Halloween safety featuring the Power Rangers, designed to reach parents and children at schools, in theaters, online, and at home.

Videos about Halloween safety featuring the cast of the #1 kids action series Power Rangers Samurai will air in movie theaters nationwide before PG and G-rated films. Some of the many important tips that the Power Rangers will share include:

· Do not eat unwrapped candy.

· When trick-or-treating, make sure to also take a glow stick or flashlight, or add reflective tape to your costume so that cars may more easily see you.

· Never go trick-or-treating alone. Use teamwork and stay in groups or with a parent.

Special bulletin board posters reinforcing safe trick-or-treating guidelines will be distributed to 5,000+ elementary schools across the country. Also, online, kids can visit for more Halloween Halloween safety tips, videos, activities, games and resources throughout the month of October. The Power Rangers will also be reaching parents and kids through some of the most popular parenting blogs, entertainment websites, and gaming portals.

“Saban Brands is committed to sharing the message of Halloween safety with young Power Rangers fans and parents worldwide,” said Saban Brands president Elie Dekel. “In addition, we’re also continuing to encourage families to live a more active and healthier lifestyle with the Power Rangers emPOWER program.”

As part of Saban Brands and Power Rangers’ commitment to promote the health and well being of millions of young Power Rangers fans nationwide, additional initiatives tied to the Power Rangers emPOWER program are also scheduled for this fall, including Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play, a partnership with Every Body Walk!, where the Rangers will participate in Walk To School Day, and the newest cycle of the Power Rangers emPOWER Sweepstakes.

Power Rangers emPOWER was developed in conjunction with the hit television series Power Rangers Samurai to inspire kids and families to put the Power Rangers values of teamwork, confidence, health and physical activity into action. The initiative shows kids and parents how to make healthy choices through programs at schools, online, and at live events in local communities.

New sentai for 2012

"Tokumei Sentai Gobusters" (Special Mission Taskforce Gobusters) is the newest title Dukemon22 says, not likely confirmed. Dukemon22 says the late copyright posting actually lends credence to Gokaiger having a bit more air time to itself. (54-55 eps is my guess right now until someone says other wise). So obviously 'Gobusters' is a play on Ghost Busters, which makes me think it might not be true but stranger things have happen. Maybe Toei noticed all their teams have been 'angers' or 'gers' or 'man' so they would go with something else.

Save DWC BBC reply

Since yesterdays announcement, here, there have been developments, all over the Internet, people are fighting back! There is a Facebook group Save Doctor Who Confidential, and a petition, and one at Kasterborous (and there are several others I have found since).

I have a suspicion the BBC are putting the money towards something Whoniverse, after all with the Sarah Jane Adventures ending this year, and no more Torchwood, perhaps we will see a new BBC3 Doctor Who spin off in 2012 (a post watershed Victorian Lesbian Vampire Slayers?).

The only thing that concerns me is there are lots of petitions, and if the BBC figure most people have voted in them all, but in reality they haven't? If Confidential is truly to be saved it needs ONE petition everyone signs, so no split vote - so people, please no more of them, the internet is already saturated!

And you can always mail the BBC complaints department, here, voicing your opinion. Yesterday Skaro did complain to the BBC and received this reply...

Thanks for contacting us regarding ‘Doctor Who Confidential’ on BBC Three.

I understand you’re unhappy the series is coming to an end.

The 'Doctor Who' spin-off series, 'Doctor Who Confidential' has been a great show for BBC Three over the years, but our priority now is to build on original British commissions, unique to the channel. We regularly have to make difficult decisions and unfortunately sometimes they will prove to be unpopular with sections of the audience.

I’d like to assure you the feedback we’ve received has been registered on our audience log. This is an internal report of audience feedback which we compile daily and is available for viewing by all our staff. This includes all programme makers and commissioning executives, along with our senior management. It ensures that your points, along with all other comments we receive, are circulated and considered across the BBC.

Save DWC twitter

With the news that Doctor Who Confidential is to be axed just hours old, fans have taken to that ultimate tool of 21st century popular dissent - Twitter - to set up a campaign to "save" the programme from its fate.

At the time of posting, the feed had over 2000 followers, including some noted Who sites, including Blogtor Who and DoctorWhoSite, with Den Of Geek reserving judgment and asking for views. Ian Levine, one-time consultant to the show is also calling for people to complain to the BBC about the decision, and one-time companion Nicola "Peri" Bryant is urging people to support the @SaveDWC campaign.

Both Doctor Who Confidential and DWC are currently trending on Twitter, at least in the UK and according to some reports, also worldwide.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

DWC axed

The producer of the behind-the-scenes documentary series Doctor Who Confidential, Zoe Rushton, has confirmed on Twitter that the show will no longer be produced by the BBC. The final edition of the show will be broadcast this coming Saturday at 8:35pm on BBC3 (with Rushton clarifying that previously reported production for a Christmas edition is no longer occuring).

Reasons for the show's cancellation have been cited by the Guardian newspaper as being financial in nature, with the BBC having to engage in several cost-cutting exercises to meet its tighter budget. Part of this initiative has been a 're-alignment' of programming on BBC3, with controller Zai Bennett commenting at last month's Edinburgh International Television Festival that "it's about focusing my budget on 9pm and 10pm; those are the time slots that count. Budgets are tight, so we have to be sensible with the money we have." Further details about BBC3 changes are expected to be outlined by the Director General, Mark Thompson on 6th October.

The BBC Press Office confirmed to us that:
The Doctor Who spin-off series, Doctor Who Confidential, has been a great show for BBC Three over the years, but our priority now is to build on original British commissions, unique to the channel.

2011's Evangelion, K-On!! Christmas Cakes Put on Sale

Japanese convenience store chain LAWSON lists Neon Genesis Evangelion and K-ON!!-themed desserts in its 2011 Christmas cake collection. Both varieties come in special boxes and include character figures.

The strawberry-flavored Evangelion cake is made to represent the core of an Eva unit. The dome-shaped cake measures 13 centimeters in diameter and is filled with strawberry jam and mousse. It comes with a 13-centimeter Asuka Langely Shikinami figure and costs 4,500 yen (about US$60). This is the second year an Evangelion Christmas cake has been offered.

The K-ON!! Christmas cake has a strawberries-and-cream flavor, comes with chocolate K-ON!! decorations, and a Christmas K-ON!! banner wraps around the outside. The cake measures 15 centimeters in diameter and comes with a 105-millimeter figure of Yui Hirasawa dressed like Santa. The cake with the Yui figure costs 3,980 yen (about US$52), but a version with miniature K-ON!! plushies is also available costing 4,500 yen (about US$60). This is the first time a K-ON!! Christmas cake has been offered. LAWSON is also selling a set of K-ON!! frozen ice desserts for 3,980 yen (about US$52).

Christmas cakes are traditionally a light cake eaten on Christmas Eve in Japan, and various retailers sell them in numerous varieties in the months leading up to December 25. Cakes with anime or manga characters are common along with many other Christmas designs.

Tezuka Pro Revives Budori Gusuko Anime after TAC's Bankruptcy

The global art licensing magazine Total Licensing revealed in its fall issue that Tezuka Productions will take over Group TAC's The Life of Guskou Budori anime film project. The magazine published an interview with the film's producer Yoshihiro Shimizu (Black Jack The Movie, MURAMASA, Astroboy) discussing the new adaptation.

As the general manager of Tezuka Productions, Shimizu said he wanted the company to release the film based on children's author Kenji Miyazawa's story because it fits in with Osamu Tezuka's ideals, especially in the theme: "how you actually live your life is more important than your environment." Shimizu also discussed potential plans to help victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake alongside The Life of Guskou Budori's production.

In 2008, the Group TAC studio announced plans to revisit the fable first adapted into an anime film by Bandai Visual in 1994. At the time, Gisaburô Sugii (Galactic Railroad, Touch) was set to direct the new adaptation for release in 2009. However, after the unexpected death of Atsumi Tashiro, head of Group TAC, the company fell into bankruptcy and production of the film halted. The anime and computer graphics company owed "about 650 million yen (about US$7.7 million) to about 167 creditors" at the time of its demise.

Shimizu stated in his interview with Total Licensing that the initial production cost estimate for the anime film was 300 to 600 million yen (about US$4,000,000 - 8,000,000) when Group TAC was set to produce The Life of Guskou Budori. According to Shimizu, the Tezuka Productions film has found some investors but still needs about 50,000,000 yen (about US$650,000) to ensure the film's completion.

The Life of Guskou Budori is based on a children's tale by Kenji Miyazawa (Night on the Galactic Railroad, Yukiwatari, Spring and Chaos) about a boy named Guskou who loses his sister to a kidnapper. Guskou grows up to become a volcano researcher striving to protect his land. Set in a mythical version of northern Japan, the story revolves around early concepts of the greenhouse effect. As seen in Spring and Chaos and several other anime based on Miyazawa's works, all the characters will be depicted as cats.

The well-known manga artist and animator Osamu Tezuka established Tezuka Productions in 1968. The company has produced many film and television anime based on Tezuka's works as well as assisting with other anime studios' projects.

Vocaloid Song Crowd-Sourced to Sell Fried Chicken

The LAWSON convenience store chain is currently holding a contest for lyrics to a new song for its new Vocaloid mascot "Akikoroid-chan" (pictured at right) to sing as the official song for the store's Kara-age-kun, which is battered and deep-fried chicken. The contest is commemorating 25 years of the store serving the fried chicken.

Those interested can submit their lyrics on the contest's official website, and the lyrics will be put through the Vocaloid software for Akikoroid-chan to sing. The submitted lyrics are then used to generate a video featuring Akikoroid-chan dancing and singing the completed song. Yasuharu Konishi (One Piece Film Strong World, Sugar Sugar Rune) created the tune for the song, and popular Nico Nico Douga dancer COCO (pronounced "Shioshio") was in charge of Akikoroid-chan's choreography for the video. Contestants can share their submitted video on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and mixi, and can also download their submitted song.

Visitors to the site can vote for which submission they like the best. LAWSON will combine the lyrics from the top six entries to create the official song. The winners will receive a yearly supply of the fried chicken and a "Fried Chicken's Song" original CD. LAWSON will accept entries until October 24.

LAWSON's mascot Akiko-chan received a synthesized Vocaloid voice makeover earlier this month to become Akikoroid-chan. Akikoroid-chan acts as a navigator for LAWSON's new Nico Nico Douga channel, and she also acts as the company's spokesperson on more than 10 different social media services including Twitter.

Film Line-Up at Manchester's Doki Doki Festival, November 13

The upcoming Doki Doki festival, which will take place in Manchester on November 13, has announced its line-up of screenings on its facebook page. The screenings are:

11:15 a.m. - 12:45 p.m. TBA

1:00 p.m. - 2:49 p.m. Summer Wars

3:00 p.m. - 4:43 p.m. Kamikaze Girls (live-action manga adaptation)

5:00 p.m. - 6:40 p.m. Redline

The screenings will take place during Doki Doki's daytime events, which run from 9 a.m. –7 p.m. at the Sugden Sports Centre in Grovesnor Street (scroll down for map). In addition, there will be video game tournaments at Kyoto Lounge, also in Grovesnor Street.

Other Doki Doki events include talks on manga, anime and cosplay, including a talk by Viz Media; a Lolita fashion show at 2.30 p.m.; and a cosplay competion at 5 p.m. (registrations on the day).

There is no age limit for the daytime events, but anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a paying parent or guardian – the child will get in free. Early bird tickets, allowing entry at 9am and a goodie bag, are £15; normal tickets bought on the day are £14 (entry after 10am) after £15; and normal tickets bought in advance are £10. There are also a limited number of £30 family tickets, admitting two adults and two children aged between 12 and 16.

There is also also an evening cosplay party, restricted to over-18s, taking place at the Zoo nightclub in the same road. Tickets cost £2 or £4 (see here) and cannot be bought in advance. The party is organised in conjuction with the Manchester University Japanimation Society (MUJS)

Hyper Japan Returns in February 2012

The Hyper Japan J-Culture festival has announced that its next London event will take place in February next year, from Friday 24 to Sunday 26. Like this July's event , it will be at Earl's Court, but a different venue - Brompton Hall in the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre, which has 5,300 square metres of space.

(The last Hyper Japan event took place in Olympia Two, but the organisers apologised for problems with queuing.)

The February festival will open from 3 p.m. to 9 p.m on Friday; 9.30 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday; and 9.30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Sunday. (All times are subject to change). It will include the Hyper Japan Cosplay Awards, which will be a preliminary to the World Cosplay Summit and Japan Expo European Cosplay Gathering. Hyper Japan will also have events and stalls related to anime, manga, games and other Japanese pop-culture, and to Japanese food, fashion, technology and traditions.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal to Premiere on Toonzai on October 15

The North American media distributor 4Kids Entertainment announced on its Facebook page and YouTube channel on Tuesday that it will begin airing Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal on the CW4Kids Toonzai on Saturday, October 15 at 9:30 a.m.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal premiered in April in Japan. The near-future story revolves around Yūma Tukumo, a 13-year-old rookie duelist, and Astral, the mysterious lifeform from a parallel world who suddenly appears before Yūma. A manga version already launched in the February issue of Shueisha's V Jump magazine.

4Kids is involved in a court battle with the Japanese licensors of Yu-Gi-Oh!, ADK's Nihon Ad Systems (NAS) and TV Tokyo. Both Japanese companies intended to cancel their contract with 4Kids Entertainment due to allegedly fraudulent underpayment. 4Kids then filed for bankruptcy but it continues to operate in the meantime.

ADK and TV Tokyo then planned to pitch Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal themselves at the Licensing International Expo, but 4Kids filed a legal motion against this. In June, Judge Shelley C. Chapman of 4Kids' bankruptcy case ordered a stay, barring ADK and TV Tokyo from selling the license to another company until the case of fraudulent underpayment is resolved. 4Kids then promoted Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal in a Las Vegas event in June attract potential merchandise producers.

TV Tokyo Lists Game-Based Uncharted TV Drama Short

The Japanese broadcaster TV Tokyo lists a seven-minute television "drama" special adaptation of the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception game that will air on October 3 at 0:53 (effectively October 4 at 12:53 a.m.). According to TV Tokyo's description, this "Uncha TV" short will adapt Naughty Dog and Sony Computer Entertainment's action game for the PlayStation 3 console.

The game will ship in North America on November 1, followed by a Japanese release in November 2.

PR Teamups news

Marvista Entertainment and Saban Brands will debut three new Power Rangers Samurai TV specials (2x30, 1x60), based on the new TV series of the same name. Featuring the Samurai Rangers, the new specials include:

Christmas Together, Friends Forever - the Rangers reflect on their first year together as a team and learn about the spirit of the season.

Party Monsters - a scare-fest when the creepiest monsters from beyond get together for party and trade stories about their battles with the Rangers.

The Clash of the Red Rangers - a crossover special where the Samurai Rangers team with the mysterious RPM Rangers Red fend off the dual threat from Master Xandred's Mooger army and robotic super-villain from the RPM Ranger's dimension. When something goes awry, the two Red Rangers turn on one another and the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

“The new Power Rangers Samurai specials are a perfect fit for the international markets ongoing demand for event-driven programming which offers broadcasters additional opportunities to cross promote,” said Fernando Szew, the CEO of MarVista Entertainment. “The new season of Power Rangers continues to generate stellar ratings as it launches around the world, and we are pleased to be in a position to continue to build upon the brand by offering dynamic and fresh new content to our partners.”

The date to air these are not announced yet, most likely we will be seeing these Halloween and Christmas specials this year. It is great news that the RPM Rangers are from another dimension, explaining the whole post-apocalyptic thing. So this explains suspensions that they were filming a RPM teamup, and why Mike's actor Hector was communicating via Twitter to the actress who played Tenaya.

NTA 2012 open

Voting is now open in longlist for the 2012 National TV Awards. Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day have been nominated in the 'Most Popular Drama' category.

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, John Barrowman and Eve Myles have all been nominated in 'Outstanding Drama Performance' for their roles in Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day respectively.

John Barrowman has also been nominated in 'Most Popular Entertainment Presenter' while his show, Tonight's The Night, is up for 'Most Popular Entertainment Programme'.

Competition in the longlist will come from ITV's Downton Abbey. The period drama, featuring Hugh Bonneville (Henry Avery, The Curse of the Black Spot) recently won 6 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Voting in the longlist closes on 17 October 2011. The shortlist will be announced in January 2012.

DW series 6 boxset

2|Entertain have now confirmed that the Complete Series Six boxed set will be released in the United Kingdom on the 21st November 2011 on Blu-ray and DVD:

The Doctor, Amy and Rory return to face monsters, mysteries and adventures all across time and space in the the action-packed sixth series.

Together they find themselves in Sixties America, battling the invasion the world forgot, then journey on the high seas of 1696 aboard a pirate ship, to solve the mystery of the Siren. In a bubble universe at the very edge of reality, the Doctor meets an old friend with a new face, and in a monastery on a remote island in the near future, an industrial accident takes on a terrible human shape. They also venture across centuries and galaxies, where they encounter the greatest war criminal in all of history - and Hitler. They'll also discover there's no scarier place in the universe than a child's bedroom and a visit to an alien quarantine facility will reveal to Rory a very different side to his wife. In a hotel where walls move, corridors twist and rooms vanish, death lies waiting. But the Doctor's time has yet to come. He has one last stop to make on his final journey - an old friend needs his help and an old foe must be defeated. But time catches up with us all and the Doctor can delay no more.
As previously revealed by the BBFC earlier in the month, only four episodes will be accompanied by a commentary this year, covering The Impossible Astronaut, The Doctor's Wife, A Good Man Goes To War, and The Wedding of River Song. However, as usual all thirteen episodes of the series have their accompanying episode of Doctor Who Confidential Cut Down.

Also included with the release are last year's festive treat, A Christmas Carol, the Comic Relief mini-episode Space & Time, and the five series preludes released online through the BBC's Doctor Who site; though not listed in the press release, the Script to Screen mini-episode Death is the Only Answer is also expected to be included. The set also sees the addition of five new mini-episodes, themed "Night and the Doctor", which have been written exclusively for the release by Steven Moffat, plus a special Confidential to accompany them, The Night's Tale.

The boxed set will also contain the four Monster Files released with the previous, individual Part 1 and Part 2 series sets.

The DVD boxed set will also be released as a limited edition "Silence" version, which will also include four lenticular prints.

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Ranma 1/2 Manga Gets Live-Action Special with Yui Aragaki + cast details

A live-action television adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma ½ martial arts comedy manga will air this December as a two-hour special on Japan's NTV network. Yui Aragaki (Digimon: Data Squad, Koizora) will play Akane Tendō, and Kento Kaku (Paradise Kiss, Gokusen) and Natsuna (Gantz) will play the dual male/female sides of the title character Ranma Saotome.

Viz published the manga in North America, and it also released the television anime series adaptation and the various anime spinoffs.

On Tuesday, the Mainichi Shimbun paper's Mantan Web and Oricon sites provided more information about the upcoming live-action television special based on Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma ½ martial arts comedy manga. As a revival of the manga, the special tells an original story centering around Akane Tendō (played by Yui Aragaki). Kenta Kaku and Natsuna play the dual male/female roles of the title character.

As the third daughter of the Tendō family, Akane is determined to protect the family's legacy, its dōjō. However, her father Soun suddenly and arbitrarily announced one day that "only men can be heirs." Unfortunately, this puts Ranma in a bind, since he turns female when splashed with cold water after falling into a cursed hot spring in China. To return himself to a "full man," Ranma searches for the "secret hot spring" and gets caught up in a battle with a mysterious enemy. Now Akane holds the key to the story.

Kyōko Hasegawa (Angel Bank: Dragon Zakura Gaiden, Dragon Zakura) plays the oldest Tendō sister, Kasumi. Tōfū Ono, the man who has a crush on Kasumi even as Akane has a crush on him, is played by Shosuke Tanihara (Gekijōban Pocket Monster Best Wishes! Victini to Kuroki Eiyū Zekrom/Victini to Shiroki Eiyū Reshiram, The Sky Crawlers, Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan). Genma — Ranma's father who transforms into a panda when splashed with cold water — appears in the form of actor Arata Furuta (20th Century Boys, Ping Pong, Air Doll). Katsuhisa Namase (Gokusen, Trick, Yatterman) plays Akane and Kasumi's father Soun Tendō.

Yoshihiro Izumi scripted this first live-action version of the manga after having written the live-action television and film versions of the Rookies baseball manga. Takahashi herself said that she was surprised at first when she heard about the live-action adaptation — but with the interesting story scenario and all-star lineup, she added that she now thinks it is very amusing.

The special will air during NTV's 7:00 p.m. Friday Super Prime timeslot in December. The original manga ran in Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine from 1987 to 1996, and Shogakukan printed 53 million copies of the compiled book volumes.

Singapore's Anime Festival Asia Announces Guest Lineup, Theme Song

Singapore's Anime Festival Asia has announced its guest lineup on Monday for this year's event, which will take place on November 11-13. Nine musical acts who have worked on anime will perform at the festival's weekend-long concert titled "I Love Anisong."

On November 11, virtual idol Hatsune Miku will perform. On November 12, LiSA (Fate/Zero, Angel Beats!), FLOW (Code Geass, Eureka Seven, Naruto), Sea☆A (Cardfight!! Vanguard), and Ichiro Mizuki (Mazinger Z, Voltus 5) are scheduled to perform. November 13 will include performances from May'n (Macross Frontier, Shangri-La), Kalafina (Black Butler, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Sound of the Sky), Kanako Itou with Shikura Chiyomaru (Steins;Gate), and Milky Holmes, the group made up of the four voice actresses from the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes anime: Suzuko Mimori, Sora Tokui, Mikoi Sasaki, and Izumi Kitta.

The convention also announced Sea☆A's debut single "Dream Shooter" will be the event's official theme song. "Dream Shooter" was used as the third ending for the Cardfight!! Vanguard television anime series. The band's next single "DELI-DELI☆DELICIOUS" will be used as the ending theme for Toriko. The music video for Sea☆A's "Dream Shooter" can be viewed below.

Special guests at the event include producer Gou Nakanishi (Fafner, Heroic Age, Negima!?), cosplayer KANAME☆, and blogger-turned-anime producer Danny Choo.

The festival will also feature the Singapore premiere of Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn episode 4, which will be shown on the same day as the episode is released in Japan.

Sentai Filmworks Announces ICE Dub Cast

Sentai Filmworks announced on Monday its English dub cast for its upcoming DVD release of the original anime video project ICE. Sentai Filmworks will release ICE on DVD in November.

The dub cast is as follows:

Julia – Chris Patton
Hitomi Landsknecht – Emily Neves
Kisaragi – Melissa Davis
Yuki – Serena Varghese
Mint – Elizabeth Bunch
Murasaki – Shelley Calene-Black
Rinne – Luci Christian
Aoi – Maggie Flecknoe
Satsuki – Brittney Karbowski
Utsuha – Carlee Gabrisch
Hitomi Aida – Stephanie Wittels
Makoto – Andrew Love
Aika – Sally Willikins
In addition Sentai Filmworks noted that Steven Foster will direct the dub.

ICE is directed by Makoto Kobayashi, who is also known for his mechanical designs on such titles as Giant Robo, Last Exile, and the upcoming sequel Last Exile -Fam, The Silver Wing-. The story takes place in the near future when all male humans in the world have died off and only 20,000 females remain living in the Tokyo ward of Shinjuku. While some of the survivors decide to accept humanity's death sentence and live bacchanal lives, other fight over a mysterious substance called ICE that may be humanity's salvation. PPM animated the project.

Yuko Oshima, Erena Ono, Tomomi Kasai, and Natsuki Sato of the female idol group AKB48 voiced roles in this anime. After screening in film festivals in Tokyo, San Paulo, and Chicago, the ICE movie opened in Japan in 2008.

21 things about DW series 6 finale

1 First, a heads-up. We didn’t get an office preview of this one because, at Steven Moffat’s request, no previews were sent out. Instead, I had to go to the show’s London PR office for a private screening. But one thing’s for sure – if we had had a preview version in our office, I would have watched the whole thing over again straight away. Sadly, I was a little too embarrassed to ask the PR guys if I could do that there and then. Now I wish I’d gone, “Sod professionalism…”

2 The reason I’d want to watch it again straight away is not because it’s massively complicated and you need to rewatch it to make sense of it. In fact, it’s a surprisingly simple tale, though told in a clever way. No, I wanted to watch it again because a) it’s so rich with detail and b) it’s enormous fun.

3 There is technobabble, but that’s largely a red herring

4 The teaser looks like it was more expensive than the rest of the “back six” put together. It’s a visual and conceptual delight

5 It does answer a lot of questions, but some old ones (from Matt Smith’s first series) are still left open, and some new ones are posed

6 There are many, many glorious special effects sequences

7 The denouement is bound to cause some debate. If you like the episode, you’ll be able to rationalise it, but if you don’t you’ll be going, “But hang on, in that episode…?” But that’s Doctor Who fandom

8 You’ll discover a whole new meaning to the phrase “Live Chess” that has nothing to do with Harry Potter

9 The Doctor wonders if he could be the fifth member of something

10 Wi-fi comes in handy

11 There’s the return of an old look for the Doctor

12 There are some unexpected (truly unexpected) returning characters

13 There’s a moving tribute to an old friend

14 The Doctor offers and eye for an eye patch

15 A big revelation may remind you of Little Britain

16 There are some peculiar postmen

17 Somebody’s portrait looks nothing like them

18 The episode title may not be as much of a red herring as you might think. But then again…

19 Bow ties are not just cool, they’re useful on occasion

20 It’s a bit of a gamechanger

21 The eye patch is explained

DW series finale comments

The Daily Express is carrying a headline claiming Matt Smith "Reveals Secrets Of Final Doctor Who Episode".

This being The Daily Express, you won't be surprised to discover that no, he really doesn't. Even the biggest 'revelation' in the Express piece is not really a revelation at all, but does give some idea of how Smith is viewing the character as he goes along:
“If you look at the context of his life, all the choices he’s made where he’s lost people along the way, they have to have an impact on him at some point, and he’s lost countless people. Every week there’s a cleric who falls off the bandwagon! There’s a bigger picture to think about. So what then happens is that all this stuff happens to resonate in his head.”

On the climax to Series 6 in The Wedding Of River Song, he said: "I think the end is a good pay-off from where he started. In story terms, I went: ‘Whoah! That’s mental!'"

Smith added that showrunner Steven Moffat and the other writers this season are undoubtedly starting to write for The Eleventh Doctor now, rather than An Eleventh Doctor, and confirmed - as though by this point it needed confirming - that he'll be back in the Tardis next year:

“I’m back. I know I’m going to shoot 14 episodes with a Christmas special. I’m in Doctor Who and I’m kind of rolling with it. How they schedule it I don’t know. All I know is that we start in February. It was never in doubt that I would return next year. I love making Doctor Who and I’d also like to be part of the 50th anniversary next year. I’m quite interested in the 3D stuff. A 3D version of Doctor Who would be fun, wouldn’t it?”

DW series 6 finale RT

The new edition of the Radio Times (1st-7th October) is out today, and bids farewell to the current series of Doctor Who; it features interviews with series showrunner Steven Moffat, Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, and also includes who their hidden Who heroes might be - plus a look back at what it considers to be the Doctor's five greatest escapes ...

You can also read a preview for the episode on the Radio Times website.

Next week also sees the return of The Sarah Jane Adventures, and in the magazine Elisabeth Sladen’s daughter Sadie talks movingly of her mother’s legacy.

Meanwhile, the BBC have now released a host of photos featuring a number of new and familiar faces that will appear in the 45 minute finale this coming Saturday:

SJA Series 5 ep1 and 2 sky

Next week sees the return of The Sarah Jane Adventures, with the two episodes of the first story, Sky, being broadcast at 5:15pm on Monday 3rd and Tuesday 4th October respectively on the CBBC channel. (At the time of writing no details on broadcasts on BBC1 or BBCHD are available.)

Read the BBC Synopsis for Sky, Part One:
Alien investigator Sarah Jane Smith is back on CBBC with a fifth and final series of the award-winning The Sarah Jane Adventures, starring the late Elisabeth Sladen.

Created by Russell T Davies, the hugely successful Doctor Who spin-off returns for a brand-new, six-part series, featuring three stories, each told over two episodes. The first is the spectacular two-part story, Sky.

In today's episode, Sarah Jane finds a baby girl on her doorstep and tries to find out who abandoned her.

At a nearby nuclear power station, a beautiful woman appears out of thin air and uses alien powers to take control. She's looking for something – and realises that Sarah Jane may just have it...
Read the BBC Synopsis for Sky, Part Two:
Today, Sky has undergone an amazing transformation, but in doing so has triggered a countdown that no one can stop.

As Sarah Jane and Sky find themselves trapped between the alien war fought by Metalkind and Fleshkind, Clyde and Rani face a race against time to stop the biggest bang in history...

TW Miracle day finale ratings

The final episode of Torchwood: Miracle Day has a consolidated audience of 5.13 million viewers, making it the 14th most watched programme on BBC One for the week.

With figures now available for the whole series, the 10 episodes averaged 5.17 million viewers each week. Highest rated was episode one, with 6.59 million watching and the lowest rated was episode 7 with 4.48 million.

Each episode ranked amongst the highest programmes accessed on the BBC iPlayer with over half a million requests each. Episode one was by far the most popular episode on the iPlayer with over a million programme requests. Successive episodes scored lower on the iPlayer, but were available for a shorter time.

Series Three of Torchwood, Children of Earth averaged of 6.60 million when it was shown on BBC One in 2009. Series One had its preimere on on BBC3 on Sunday evenings, achieveing an average of 1.42 million with Series Two on BBC Two averaging 3.78 million.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Watch kaizoku sentai gokaiger episodes here

Crunchyroll Confirms Stream of Squid Girl Season 2

The media-distribution website Crunchyroll confirmed on Sunday that it will stream the first episode of Squid Girl Season 2 at the corrected time of Monday, September 26 at 1:30 p.m. EDT in the same countries as the first season. The site had listed a stream of the season's first episode early last week.

Based on Masahiro Anbe's manga, the anime follows the story of Squid Girl (Ika Musume), who comes out of the sea to make humanity pay for polluting the ocean. However, two pushy girls force her to work at a restaurant to produce squid ink. Squid Girl must overcome the bossy waitresses before she can complete her goal of conquering humankind.

The second season will also premiere in Japan on Monday. The voice actress group Sphere performs the opening theme song "High Powered," while an ending theme is sung by the voice of Squid Girl herself, Hisako Kanemoto.

The first season premiered last October, and Crunchyroll streamed that season into several countries as it aired in Japan last year. Media Blasters will ship the first season on DVD in North America on September 27.

2001 Nights Released Monday

Manga Entertainment is releasing Fumihiko Sori's CG science-fiction anime 2001 Nights, also known as To, on DVD (RRP £19.99) and Blu-ray (RRP £24.99) on Monday.

2001 Nights is adapted from two stories in Yukinobu Hoshino's 2001 Nights (2001 Ya Monotogari) manga. "Symbiotic Planet" and "Elliptical Orbit" are part of Hoshino's centuries-long storyline about mankind's voyages into space. The manga also inspired a 1987 video anime. Sori produced the first CG Appleseed film and directed Vexille - 2077 Isolation of Japan.

Manga also has two Bleach releases on Monday. The Complete Series 6 box-set (pictured) will carry episodes 110 to 131 of the series, RRP £39.99. Manga is also releasing Bleach Series 7 Part 1, RRP £24.99.

Additionally, Beez Entertainment has two releases. It is bringing out the first series of Gundam 00 as an "Anime Legends" box-set (RRP £29.99), and releasing the second disc of The Girl Who Leapt Through Space (RRP £29.99)

DW series 6 ep12 AI

Doctor Who: Closing Time had an Appreciation Index, or AI score of 86.

The AI is a measure of how much the audience enjoyed the episode. The score puts the programme in the excellent category. It was the second highest on the two main channels for Saturday night, just behind Casualty which scored 87.

Overnights are now available for the whole week, with Doctor Who currently in 28th place. Final consolidated figures should be released next week

DW series 6 ep11 final ratings

Last weeks episode of Doctor Who, The God Complex had an official consolidated rating of 6.77 million viewers.

Although the programme was beaten by All Star Family Fortunes in the overnight charts, the official figures, which are much more accurate than the initially reported overnight figures, and which include those who record the programme and watch it within a week, showed Doctor Who actually outrated the game show by over a million viewers, with ITV getting 5.39 million watching.

Doctor Who had 28.3% of the available TV audience.

The figures do not include those watching on iPlayer where over 800,000 have so far accessed the episode.

Full figures which will reveal the chart position should be available later this week.

People round - up

David Tennant is to star in a new 3D-CGI film version of children's television hero Postman Pat in Postman Pat: The Movie - You Know You're The One, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the show; the actor will lend his vocal talents to the film alongside Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbent, with the voice of Pat to be provided by Stephen Mangan. [Mirror, 16th Sep]

Meanwhile, a pair of pants signed by the actor and the rest of the West End cast of Much Ado About Nothing was able to raise £252 for the Make A Difference Foundation. [Daily Record, 25th Sep]

Arthur Darvill (Rory) will be performing as one of a multitude of cast for the Bush Theatre's production of Sixty Six Books: "Celebrating the 400th anniversary of the publication of the King James Bible, each book of this great English work is spoken to by a remarkable range of playwrights, poets, songwriters and novelists from all faiths and none, from over a dozen countries and across five continents." The performances run between 10th-29th October. [Bush Theatre]

Steven Moffat was nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Miniseries, Movie or a Dramatic Special at this year's Emmy Awards; however, the Sherlock writer lost out on the night to Downton Abbey's Julian Fellowes. [Academy of Television Arts and Sciences]

Alex Kingston (River Song) will be joining the cast of BBC drama Upstairs, Downstairs; her character, Blanche Mottershead, is described as "a free-thinking and outspoken archaeologist who smokes cheroots and who is fond of a 'little light nudism'". The actress said of the role: "I simply couldn't resist the opportunity to get inside the iconic 165 Eaton Place. I can say the character is very complex, very intriguing and very straight-talking. She has some very dark secrets of her own." [BBC News, Mail on Sunday, 25th Sep]

Arlene Tur (Vera in Torchwood: Miracle Day) talks about her new production: "I started my producing career recently. I've been producing a show called Homeless Improvement, which is a show where we come alongside homeless people who want to become a part of society and get reunited with their family, so we work with them to do that. We've filmed it and now we're shopping it around for distribution and there are some networks that are interested so we're excited about that. I have a real heart for philanthropy, I think we're made to give back – we're not meant to just take while we're here. I do a lot of mission work abroad so it was wonderful to take on a project where I'm helping people in the States, because I tend to go away usually." [Stuff, 25th Sep]

Bernard Cribbins (Wilf) will be talking about his experiences in the angling world at The Lands End pub in Landsend Lane, Twyford on 19th November. A keen angler himself, the actor has also produced films for the angling world. [Get Wokingham, 21st Sep]

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Kaizoku sentai Gokaiger ep31

DW series 6 ep12 review

One of the greatest things about the Doctor Who format is that it allows you to tell an enormous variety of stories. So far in Series Six, we’ve had creepy scarefests with forgettable monsters in sharp suits, don’t-judge-a-mermaid-by-her-song metaphors, explorations of long-standing relationships with weird sentient planetoids with smelly armpits, nature of humanity riffs with added gunge-people, allegories of state power against the individual, with the occasional lactating Sontaran, knockabout running paradoxes with Hitler in a cupboard, Matt Smith’s “Fear Her”-style housecall with peg dolls and alien babies, the true meaning of “killing with kindness” and the nature of disappointment, and dark parodies on the nature of faith, with a distant cousin of the Nimon.

Closing Time was this series’ razorblade soufflé, all froth and lightness on the surface, with glints of steel inside, moments of true, painful outrage, and a parable of paternity. Will it change our understanding of the Whoniverse forever? Hardly. Is it a high point of the series? Mmmaybe.

You could be forgiven for thinking that Gareth Roberts was recycling his Lodger script with the opening of Closing Time, but this is 21st century Who, so we’re required to be generous and think of it as A Thing. It’s Craig’s Thing with the Doctor that he opens the door to find the idiot-haired timelord standing there, beaming.

The parallel streams of Craig’s insecurity about his skills as a father and a piecemeal invasion by subterranean Cybermen were blended with a fair amount of fluff and plenty of Running About, as one expects of a Gareth Roberts script, but strand three – the Doctor’s approaching ‘death’ and its effect on him – pulsed heavily wherever it landed, Smith stretching his acting chops as he tried to simply walk away from missing people and teleport energy was particularly impressive, resonating with both Ninth and Tenth Doctors as they went along, feeling the weight of their own impact on those around them.

Other high points included the first sight of a Cybermat on screen since Revenge of the Cybermen, and in almost the same moment, the discovery that having them leap off the floor doesn’t look annnny more convincing in 2011 than it did back in the early 70s. And then of course there was the defeat of the Cybermen – people like Craig as the everyman he is, so it was a real punch-in-the-stomach moment to see him captured, strapped into a conversion alcove, to see the cyber-face close over his own, and the Cybermen announce that his phase one conversion was complete.

Cleverly of course, Roberts got two punches for the price of one, because any fan who wasn’t punching the air as Craig’s paternal instinct kicked in, fed back and the Doctor told the “metal morons” (greatest line by a Doctor to the Cybermen since Tom Baker’s “tin soldiers”, anyone?) that Daddy was home...might as well be a Cyberman themselves.

Of course, the oversimplification of the solution is a feature of Moffat-style Wibbly-Wobbly Who, so “defeating the Cybermen with Love” is doable these days, though older fans are probably at the point by now of wanting what Rose Tyler would undoubtedly have called “a bit more Spock” in the resolutions to stories, and perhaps a little less Harry Potter. Also, is anyone else finding the re-use of the Cybermen’s “emotional feedback leading to an exploding head” routine a little reminiscent of the Dalek’s old “self-destruct-when-my-vision-is-impaired” schtick?

As for Amy Pond becoming a model – meh. Not unbelievable, but – unless there turns out to be some overarching Deeply Clever And Important reason for Amy and Rory to be beggaring about in Colchester of an afternoon, it feels a bit manipulative to have them there, almost entirely to prod the Doctor’s conscience again. On the other hand, it was good to have Craig’s rebuttal of the Doctor’s growing self-loathing with his faith (which itself was much less loaded than Amy’s was, just an episode ago), to give some emotional light and shade to the increasingly dark story-arc. And the story-beat with the Doctor telling Stormageddon about the wonders of a normal human life had a decidedly Kapra feel too, adding to the feeling of a story in balance.

River being ‘revealed’ as the Impossible Astronaut at the end of the episode was strangely anti-climactic though, for all Alex Kingston’s yelling, and while in theory everything’s now all neatly ribboned-up for the finale, the fact that we’ve been trained to expect two-part climaxes in new Who leads to a feeling that, somehow, there isn’t the expectation, the anticipation that we’re used to leading into the final episode. But with the how-the-heck-do-they-get-out-of-thatness of the Impossible Astronaut’s “no, really, he’s dead” set-up, and the insane images in the preview, I’m betting there’s still enough bang in the Eleventh Doctor’s buck to take us on one phenomenal rollercoaster ride before Series 6 brings its curtain down.

DW Series 6 ep12

DW series 6 finale prequel

DW Series 6 ep12 overnights

5.3 million watched Doctor Who: Closing Time on Saturday, according to unofficial overnight figures.

The the programme had an audience share of 24.6%. It was the third highest rated show of the day and the highest rated programme on the BBC.

On overnights the episode lost out to All Star Family Fortunes on ITV1, which achieved an average of 5.6 million viewers. Doctor Who should regain the lead when final figures are released next week.

Doctor Who's lead in Celebrity MasterChef had an average of 2.4 million viewers and the winner on the night was once more The X Factor, which had 10.0 million watching. Fourth for the day was Match of the Day with 3.9 million watching.

With one day to come Doctor Who is the 24th most watched programme of the week.

DW ep 11 Australian ratings

The God Complex has debuted in Australia to respectable ratings. TV Tonight reports that, up against the football finals on the commercial stations, the episode averaged 591,000 viewers in the five major capital cities. It was the second highest rating drama and the eighth highest rating programme for the day overall. The corresponding Confidential Cutdown rated 408,000 viewers in the five major capitals. These overnight figures, however, do not include regional, rural and time-shifted viewers and hence significantly understate the actual national ratings.

Meanwhile in New Zealand, the latest episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood: Miracle Day (both on Prime) rated 119,850 viewers and 77,780 viewers respectively.

Fictious awards news

The nominations for the sixth annual Stonewall Awards have been announced, and include the following recognisable names amongst this year's shortlists:
Matt Smith features in the Entertainer of the Year category, nominated for his role as Christopher Isherwood in the recent BBC film Christopher and His Kind; other shortlisted include Jane Hazlegrove (Kathleen Dixon in Casualty), Harry Derbridge (The Only Way is Essex), Christopher Plummer (Hal in Beginners) and Jessie J (singer).
Torchwood features in the Broadcast of the Year category, alongside other shows like Lip Service (BBC3), The World’s Worst Place to be Gay (BBC3), The Night Watch (BBC2), and Jamie’s Dream School (Channel 4).

The awards take place on 3rd November at the V&A in London - see the Stonewall site for full details.

Saturday, 24 September 2011

DW series 6 finale trailer

DW ep12 observation

Sanderson & Granger.
Hello Craig, I'm back.
Last night my telly went off in "Top Model".
I'm coping on my own.
Somethings wrong.
We didn't call him the Doctor.
Not Mum.
The Alignment of Exador.
I am going away now.
"The Doctor, Here to Help"
Someones been using a "beam me up" star Trek Teleporter.
Your my Baby.
Those where the days.
Silver Rat Thing.
Talk to me about Ladieswear.
Aliens in Colchester.
Amy & Rory
"For the girl whos tired of Waiting"
A nagging sense of spiritual Emptiness.
I have an app for that.
My time is running out.
Come along, Bitey.
You are the Doctor.
Your designation is Cyber-controller.
Alfie, I'm home.
Its nice for baby to have two daddies who live each-other.
River and Kovorian and 2 silence.
Doctor River Song.

Be sure to tune in next week for the final part of season 6 :)

And these from Skaro;

Even Asda’s changing room is that bad!
Those legs must be on silence!
I want him to teach me how to do that too!
Daisy’s wild ride?
Stormageddon, Dark lord of all….not mum…peasants….
Is there aliens in my fridge? I hope not…
The alignment of extradore?
He just called Craig a simpleton!
He didn’t say shops are cool! L
Yappy the robot dog!
I always knew He was Gay!
You’re my baby!
Another gay reference…
Craig is getting a bit pervy.
They are simpletons too!
That’s such a sweet moment!
Why are they in Colchester?
His sonic screwdriver was blue for a moment…
Sonic Screwdrivers have apps?
A brilliant Craig moment, talking to his kid!
Yet another Gay reference!
He blew the neurons of the metal morons.
AH! Those blue envelopes, he took them from Craig!
That’s where he got his hat from too!
He said Doctor! That was so cute!
River! And Kovarian! I can see a silence behind her!
Don’t make her forget!
Silencio lake translates as Silence Lake! (Lake Silence)
Don’t you dare put her in that suit!
Tick tock..goes the clock…till river kill the doctor!
I saw it! A DALEK!

Shaman King to Return in New Short Manga in November

Volume 4 of Shueisha's Jump X [Kai] magazine is announcing on Monday that Hiroyuki Takei is returning to his Shaman King manga with a new 44-page story in the next volume on November 10. The manga short with color opening pages will depict a previously untold "zero story" about the main character Yō Asakura. Shaman King will also adorn the cover of the volume and a bundled "big" poster.

According to the magazine, the manga short is leading up to a "Big Project" next spring. The magazine also revealed that its standard release date will change from the 25th of each month to the 10th.

Viz Media publishes Takei's Shaman King and Ultimo manga in North America

TV Tokyo Gives Away Pikachu Digital TV Remote

Japanese television station TV Tokyo will be giving away 7,777 "Channel 7" Pikachu-themed TV remote controllers. The remote incorporates the Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! (Pokémon: Black and White) logo and will function with Japan's digital television broadcasting system.

The "7" button features prominently on the Pikachu remote. When the user pushes the "7" button, Pikachu's voice plays. TV Tokyo's digital channel number is 7, and Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! also airs on TV Tokyo every Thursday at 7 p.m.

People can enter for a chance to get one of the 7,777 remote controllers by accessing the TV Tokyo website from September 29 to October 20.

Power rangers vs super sentai adaptation

Here is a question that is asked a lot but I don't think it has been highly investigated. The question I am referring to is the fact that so far (as of 2011) Power Rangers has been adapted from every consecutive Super Sentai series since 1992. No series after Zyuranger (1992) has been skipped for footage. They may have skipped suits like Dairanger but they used the footage for zords, some arsenal, and monsters so I still consider it using a consecutive Sentai series, same goes for Season 3 and Kakuranger. They didn't skip a consecutive season because if they did, we wouldn't had Thunderzords or Ninja Zords. Adapting for me is using any amount and size of footage. In the credits for Season 2, they mention Dai Rangers and end of season 3 they mention Kakuranger, very little Zyuranger footage was ever really used by season 3. So the question is if Saban (and Disney when they owned the franchise) contractually obligated to do the Super Sentai series in order and not skip one? Linkara has brought this up in History of Power Rangers, he felt like Carranger could be skipped. Many people have wished many a Super Sentai series would be skipped, many even thought Shinkenger was 'unadaptable' and now we have Kanji at McDonalds. Linkara also brought up the topic of the possibility of using a Super Sentai series prior to Zyuranger. Many fans had brought up in the past that a past Sentai could be adapted. I agree that could have. I would had welcomed to skip a series as well.

So far it is an unspoken rule to not skip one. I think it goes higher than Saban or Disney, I think Bandai is also in the works. Many people think Toei doesn't play into a lot of Power Rangers but I think Toei is more in control. Because Toei recently approved that Power Rangers Mystic Force to be an online game for South Korea. Also Toei lets Sentai be labeled as Power Rangers in Korea and Thailand, so maybe Toei has more sway. Also at the end of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie, (which I've seen so many times lately because of my nephew) it says A Saban Entertainment/Toei Company production. Anyway, there is no official statement that we know of that a Sentai series can't be skipped for Power Rangers. But I, myself, with no confirmation believe that they can't skip a Sentai series. Maybe there is a contract and maybe not, but since no series has been skipped, makes me think there is a contract or an unspoken agreement. Also fiscally it is bad financial move, here are cons and pros. The reason there is more cons and than pros is that some cons are to adapt or not adapt.

Pros to adapting consecutively

Cons to adapting or not adapting consecutively
1. Before 2009 when there was just a one year gap, the props and costumes could be shipped easily and didn't have rely on making new stuff. And they didn't have create a lot of new stuff. They have made new stuff before but it took time.

1. Before 2009 when there was just a year gap, if they skipped the next Sentai, they would have to make their own series and would cost a lot more and maybe earn as much as when adapted and not bring in profit. [Not Adapting]

2. Before 2009: Toy-wise adapt the next series was easier as Bandai already knew what they were using from Bandai Japan.

2. Before 2009: If didn't adapt the next series, there was very little time between one season and another to design new stuff, even though Plex does it for Toei every year. [Not Adapting]
3. It is good business to adapt a consecutive series, why waste a new series of footage?

3. Con to adapting the consecutive season is not making sense or having a contrived season like Carranger/Turbo or any season fans have beef with. Carranger might have fared better if not connected to previous seasons.

4. Post 2011: It is good to have 2 years or 3 years gap to get ready for stuff and knowing the whole series before adapting. For example, Saban's crew knew what to expect with Shinkenger.

4. Stuck to a series that may not had been good. [Con to adapting]

5. In Gokaiger's sense, adapting it has problem with old sentai and also locating past PR alums. But con to not adapting is fans looking forward to old alums coming.

6. Adapting something they don't know the end of, like with Abaranger and not knowing AbareMax was not a sixth and just a powerup. [Con to adapting]

DW ep12 preview clips

DW ep 10 final ratings

Final figures show Doctor Who: The Girl Who Waited was the 13th most watched programme of the week.

Final Figures include those who record the programme and watch it within seven days, but do not include those watching on iPlayer where a million have so far accessed the episode. The included figures helped Doctor Who edge ahead of a episode of Coronation Street to take the 13th position.

Torchwood Episode Nine finished the week as number 36 in the chart.

Roath lock opens

The new BBC Drama Centre in Cardiff, the future home of Doctor Who, has opened for business.

The BBC's internal magazine Ariel reports that the purpose built studio complex at Roath Lock on Cardiff Bay is ready for business just fourteen months after construction started and nine months after the topping out ceremony, making it one of the quickest builds in the history of the BBC. The building is part of the BBC's desire to move 50% of its budget outside London with Cardiff being designated as a centre of excellence for drama, mostly because of the success of Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Casualty is the first programme to move in and began filming at the site today, Friday, after the programme transferred from its previous base in Bristol. It will be joined in the next few weeks by the Welsh soap opera Pobol y Cwm which will enjoy a 360 degree set with nine walk in sets. Upstairs Downstairs will also be filmed in the centre where 1930's London is currently being recreated in three studios ready for the six part series to start filming in a fortnight.

The studios will be officially opened in March when Doctor Who relocates to the centre from its current home at leased studios in Upper Boat, Pontypridd, ready for filming the 33rd series of the show. The studio complex is owned by the Welsh Goverment and leased to the BBC under a 20 year deal for around £1.35m per year. It features the biggest BBC Studio in the country and what is believed to be the largest green screen facility in Europe. In total there are nine studios and three external lots. Because of the coastal nature of the site Hawks are being employed to keep the lots free of Seagulls.

The building's exterior has been designed to represent the key shows which will be occupying it. First Aid crosses for Casualty, silhouettes of hills and floral cut-outs for Pobol y Cwm, and sci-fi gothic for Doctor Who.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Detective conan 632

Detective conan 631

Japan day for london students

hosted by
The Institute for the Liberal Arts, Doshisha University

Date : October 8th, 2011
Venue : Dragon Hall

17 Stukeley Street, London

Anime UK News recently received some exciting information from The Institute for the Liberal Arts at Doshisha University announcing the inaugural Japan Day and Student Fair in London on the 8th October 2011, from 3p.m. to 7p.m.

In a statement, organisers announced,

“The day includes various hands on activities such as manga drawing, sushi making and calligraphy as well as films and lectures followed by an evening of sake tasting and entertainment!”

A look at the event’s website reveals a lot of interesting and entertaining things that will take place on Japan day including an appearance from a Taiko drumming performance from Kaikyo, the London-based Taiko drumming group, origami creation, cosplay and a workshop with Chie Katsuwada, a manga creator and illustrator from Umisen-Yamasen.

This is a free event aimed at prospective students, teachers and careers advisers and offers information about degrees in politics, history/anthropology and economics as well as tuition rates and scholarships.

To book a place please register at: and let them know your name, occupation and how you heard about the event!

Experimental Anime at Zipangu Festival in November

The second Zipangu Fest, which showcases avant garde Japanese cinema, announced that this November's event will include four films by Japanese experimental animator Takashi Makino. Three will be shown at London's Institute of Contemporary Arts in a programme entitled "Enter the Cosmos." The fourth will be screened at Zipangu Fest's benefit night for the Japan disaster fund at Café Oto in Dalston on November 22nd.

On the web page for the benefit night, Makino's 18-minute film Still in Cosmos is described as follows:

What may at first appear like an abstract film of hypnotizing visual noise slowly deploys its singular captivating force as it reveals itself as a dense layering of light traces and images. Still in Cosmos depicts Makino's conception of what lies in the cosmos beyond our imagination. Multiple exposure and single frame images are compounded, rendering the myriad and infinite images that make up the chaos of the cosmos.
The Zipangu festival will run from November 18th to 24th, before moving to venues around the UK.

Scotland Toaru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku Screening Cancelled

Scotland Loves Animation has announced that the MADHOUSE film To Aru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku, otherwise known as The Princess and the Pilot or Recollection of a Certain Airship Pilot, has been removed from the festival line-up. The film is based on Koroku Inumura's light novel about a mercenary pilot who must protect a princess. The festival cited "circumstances outside TMS' or our control" for the cancellation. (TMS Entertainment produced the film.)

However, Scotland Loves Animation also said it had "another UK premiere already prepared" to replace To Aru Hikūshi e no Tsuioku.

Manga Entertainment To Release Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor

Manga UK has announced it will release Darker than Black: Gemini of the Meteor (Darker than Black: Ryūsei no Gemini) on a two-disc DVD/Blu-ray on December 26. The series is the sequel to Tensai Okamura and BONES' Darker than Black science-fiction adventure series from 2007, which was released by Manga in 2009. The sequel continues the story two years later and follows the main characters Hiei and Yin on the run as they encounter a Russian-Japanese girl named Suō Pavlichenko.

Original character designer Yuji Iwahara, anime character designer and chief animation director Takahiro Komori, and most of the main staff return, although Yasushi Ishii (Hellsing) replaces Yoko Kanno as composer.

Anime Art Director Shichiro Kobayashi Wins Gov't Film Award

The Agency for Cultural Affairs, a special body of the Japanese Ministry of Education, chose anime art director Shichiro Kobayashi as an award winner in its yearly awards for contributions to Japan's film industry. Kobayashi was selected to receive the award for his meritorious services toward the development of art in Japanese films from a group of six people nominated for the award.

Kobayashi started his career in anime art directing in 1966, and he founded the anime art studio Kobayashi Productions in 1968. Kobayashi's extensive anime series credit list includes art direction for Berserk, Nodame Cantabile, Blood+, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Legend of Basara, and Touch. He also worked on the anime films Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, Angel's Egg, and Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer.

Directors Hiroshi Sasagawa (Speed Racer, Yatterman, Time Bokan) and Gisaburô Sugii (Touch, Street Fighter II, Dororo) previously received this award. Kobayashi will receive his prize in Tokyo on October 22 with winners in other categories of the Agency of Cultural Affairs film awards.

Woman Arrested for Falsely Selling K-On!! Concert Tickets

The cyber crime unit of the Tokyo police arrested an unemployed 23-year-old female suspect named Hikaru Tamura for fraud, for allegedly taking money under the pretense of selling K-ON!! live concert tickets online. On February 17, the suspect reportedly posted on the 2channel forum site that she wanted to quickly sell tickets for "Come With Me!!" — the February 20 K-ON!! live concert with the cast from the anime.

According to the police, the suspect did not actually have the tickets, so she took an image of real tickets from another site. She allegedly sent the image via email to the victim along with instructions to send money to her bank account. She reportedly accepted 23,000 yen (about US$300) for two tickets from an 18-year-old male Tokyo college freshman into her account listed under her own name. (The tickets originally sold for 7,800 yen or US$100 each.) The police are questioning the suspect on other possible crimes.

The Fuji News Network posted a video report on the arrest.

DW Xmas special 2011 cast and crew news


Original Transmission Date: 25th December 2011

• Writer – Steven Moffat
• Director – Farren Blackburn
• Executive Producers - Piers Wenger and Caroline Skinner

• The Doctor – Matt Smith
• Madge Arwell – Claire Skinner
• Amy Pond - Karen Gillan
• Rory Williams - Arthur Darvill
• Lily Arwell – TBA
• Cyril Arwell – TBA
• TBA - Bill Bailey
• TBA - Arabella Weir
• TBA - Alexander Armstrong

DW series 6 open all hours

The BBC have released three video clips to introduce the next edition of Doctor Who Confidential, Open All Hours, which is due to be broadcast on Saturday 24th September on BBC3/BBCHD at 8:00pm, straight after Closing Time.

BBC Synopsis:
Confidential is on set with Matt Smith and his returning co-star James Corden. The two make their very own Doctor Who episode with a difference and talk about the highs and lows of shooting at night - in a department store, with babies!

Spend the night with Greg James and listen to his insightful, in-depth character profile of his new role.

This week, experience 'A Day in the Life' of a Doctor Who location manager, and in Script to Screen, the competition winners get to hang out with Matt Smith on set for the filming of Death is the Only Answer.

Featuring interviews with Matt Smith, James Corden, Greg James, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill.

SJA Series 5 ep 3 and 4 details

The BBC have released details for Week 41, which includes the synopses for the two episodes comprising the second story in the fifth series of The Sarah Jane Adventures, The Curse of Clyde Langer; the episodes are due to broadcast on CBBC on Monday 10th October and Tuesday 11th October respectively - no time has been confirmed though it is expected that it will be at 5:15pm, the time of broadcast for the preceeding week's story, Sky.

Read the BBC Synopsis for Part One:
Alien investigator Sarah Jane Smith is back and in today's episode some very unusual weather hits Bannerman Road.

It's raining fish from the skies, and Sarah Jane's investigations lead the gang to the Museum of Culture, where the ancient god Hetocumtek may offer answers.

But when Clyde acts the fool once too often, family and friends savagely turn against him, and he is thrown out of their lives!
Read the BBC Synopsis for Part Two:
In today's episode, Clyde is alone and abandoned on the streets of London, living rough, cold and hungry. One person reaches out to him, but as they become friends, he's warned about the legendary Night Dragon.

In Bannerman Road, Sky knows something's wrong – why do Sarah Jane and Rani suddenly hate Clyde?

DW series 6 final tx details

Doctor Who will go head to head with The X Factor, when the series finale is transmitted on Saturday 1st October.

The Wedding of River Song has been scheduled for 7.05pm on BBC One, directly following on from the first live Saturday show of this year's Strictly Come Dancing. The programme forms part of a double bill of fantasy on the channel with the story being followed by the season premier of Merlin.

Both are up against ITV1's biggest hitter in the form of The X Factor which starts at 7.30pm, half way through Doctor Who. The contest has reached the stage where celebrity guest stars will help whittle the number of contestants down from 32 to the final 16. The first half of Doctor Who will face All Star Family Fortunes, which just edged ahead of Doctor Who on overnight figures last week. This edition features Christopher Bisson of Emmerdale and McFly's Harry Judd.

Against the Doctor, BBC Two will be showing Frost on Nixon, not the film but an interview with TV presenter David Frost talking to broadcaster Joan Bakewell about his landmark interviews with former US president Richard Nixon. Channel 4 will be showing Channel 4 News followed by X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the 2009 spin-off prequel from the action fantasy X-Men series, starring Hugh Jackman. Channel Five will be showing the 1965 film Battle of the Bulge, starring Henry Fonda and Robert Shaw.
The Sarah Jane Adventures will return at 5.15pm on CBBC on Monday 3rd October, with episode two being shown at the same time on Tuesday.

DWM 439

The new Doctor Who Magazine (out 22nd September) previews the finale of the current series, The Wedding of River Song, and interviews star Alex Kingston about River Song's forthcoming nuptials...
Towards the end of this episode, we have one of the most exciting sequences we’ve ever done. While this battle is going on, there are scenes between the Doctor, River, Amy and Rory where the final jigsaw pieces are put in place. Um ... let’s put it this way: there’s a big revelation about River, and River gets a big revelation about the Doctor...

Also in this issue:
Business Unusual: DWM catches up with Gareth Roberts and finds out about his latest episode, Closing Time, his forthcoming novelisation of Douglas Adams’ Shada, and how to write for the most complex character on TV – the Doctor!
The Girl Who Waited - and the Boy Who Wrote It: DWM chats to Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, Amy and Rory Pond, about the heart-breaking episode The Girl Who Waited – and interviews the story’s writer Tom MacRae about his remarkable script, the immersive theatre production Crash of the Elysium and the secrets of creating great drama.
Parting is such sweet sorrow: Steven Moffat, Doctor Who’s showrunner, says fond farewells and recalls initial encounters with two of the most important people on the show in Production Notes.
Expect the Unexpected: What do Buddy Holly, Alan Turning and the dodo have in common? Discover the answer in the second part of the thrilling new comic strip adventure The Child Of Time, by Jonathan Morris with art by Martin Geraghty.
Past and Future Glories: DWM revisits Doctor Who’s tenth season – five fantastic stories, featuring Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor, that celebrated the past and lay seeds for the future – as Countdown to 50 continues.
Delete! Delete! 108 episodes of Doctor Who have been wiped from the archives and no longer exist. That’s terrible, right? Or is it? Jonny Candon and Toby Hadoke argue the surprising pros and cons in the latest Battle of Wits.
It'll be all Reich on the Night: River Song herself, Alex Kingston, takes DWM behind the scenes of Let's Kill Hitler and reveals her thoughts on River’s past – and future – in Doctor Who...
You Gotta Have Faith! A creepy clown, Weeping Angels and a marauding Minotaur – yes, it’s possibly the weirdest story this year, The God Complex! DWM chats on set to the cast and crew of this a-maze-ing tale, including stars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill, writer Toby Whithouse and the Minotaur itself – Spencer Wilding.
The Final Adventures: Phil Ford, head writer on The Sarah Jane Adventures, gives DWM readers an exclusive preview of what to expect in all three stories of the fifth and final series of the popular CBBC spin-off from Doctor Who.
Excuse David, he's a bit of a fan... David Walliams, star of The God Complex, talks about his memorable role as the cowardly alien, Gibbis, and confesses his long-term love of all things Doctor Who.
Boom! Boom! Emma, Chris, Michael and Will take a trip to sunny Wales and watch the Ninth Doctor, Rose, Captain Jack and Mickey take on Margaret Slitheen – what on Earth will The Time Team make of Boom Town?

PLUS! All the latest official news, TV and merchandise reviews, previews, competitions and a prize-winning crossword.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Square Enix Music Event to Be Streamed Live

Ustream will host a live streaming event featuring music from Square Enix's SQ Chips game music remix CD on September 29 from 8:00 - 11:00 p.m. (JST). The CD includes remixed songs from game series like Final Fantasy and Seiken Densetsu (Mana). Thirteen Japanese remixers created the tracks for the CD. Among them, artists DJ OMKT、SEXY-SYNTHESIZER feat.(S_S)、Deadball P, and others will attend and perform at “SQUARE ENIX MUSIC presents SQ Party LEVEL1”. Streaming worldwide, the event will take place at 2.5D in Tokyo.

The SQ Chips game music remix album shipped in Japan on September 7 for the retail price of 1,890 yen (about US$25). Most of the CD's eighteen tracks are remixed versions of songs from the Final Fantasy role-playing game series. Soul Eater manga artist Atsushi Ohkubo drew the jacket art for SQ Chips. Video game and publishing company Square Enix previously released several other game music remix albums in its SQ Music series.

Ustream hosted a similar live streaming event for the CD on August 3, before the album's release.

Scotland Loves Animation Adds Votoms Movie in Edinburgh, plus guests

Scotland Loves Animation announced that it will screen the cinema film Armored Trooper Votoms: Pailsen Files at the Edinburgh weekend only.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Ryousuke Takahashi, who was the original creator of the Votoms universe, and planning producer Shunsuke Oiji. Takahashi will also appear in a seperate morning session on Sunday October 16 to discuss anime in general. (Apart from Votoms, his anime credits include Gasaraki, Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto and FLAG.) The Edinburgh part of the event runs from October 14 to 16, and Scotland Loves Animation says that tickets will go on sale on Friday.

The hero of Armored Trooper Votoms: Pailsen Files is Chirico Cuvie, a VOTOMS robot pilot assigned to a new squad of elite soldiers. The new team is an experiment, sent on seemingly impossible missions. Compiled from a six-volume video series, the film is a prequel to Sunrise's classic 1983-1984 "real robot" anime, Armored Trooper Votoms.

More details of the festival screenings are available here (and here for its screening of Flashbacks to a Certain Aerial Pilot, and here for its screening of A Letter to Momo.)