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PR samurai ep 6

PR samurai review ep 6

The newest monster Negatron sees into a person and tells them their inner most flaws physically knocking them out. But he can't seem to get Emily. Emily confesses to Mike that the reason she seems to be invulnerable to this is that she trained herself to not cry. When Emily was little and was made fun of or didn't think she could handle school, she would cry and her older sister would cheer her up. But her sister got sick. When it was time for Emily to take over as a Ranger, her sister told her she regretted that she had to take her place. It also kind of seemed that Emily's older sister was dying but not confirmed. Anyway, Emily and Mike double-team him and destroy him with the Fire Smasher cannon with Beetle disk. They then do a trick attack with the ape zord when he is big and destroy him with the Megazord-Beetle combo. After the monster dies, Emily faints and Mike gets her in his arms. Later, we see Mike carrying Emily and they run to an Ice Cream truck.

The original episode of Shinkenger was just like this and it was an awesome episode. This one okay but a bit pale to it because of the acting. Both Kotoha and Emily play the flute. Even though Emily's sister only appears a little bit, I think the actress did a great job. Hector and Britney have good chemistry. I kind of winced at the line that Emily said "Stick and Stones may break my bones..." but I think it helped out when she said "Shut up." It gave it more of an edge. Good and bright episode.

Gokiager description - Brief description about the show

When it was first rumored in September that the 2011 Super Sentai was going to commemorate the 35th anniversary and have Rangers that transform into Rangers, fans instantly thought of Kamen Rider Decade, which celebrate 10 years (since the show was off the air for a while before 2000) and the hero transformed into past heroes. In Decade, the heroes traveled from dimension to dimension, each dimension covered one series that lasted one year (I'm writing this people who may not know). Then as soon as we got more info, that they were pirates and they traveled in a pirate ship, fans assumed they would go to different dimensions representing each Sentai or go to a 'Sentai sea' and go to each island and visit old members.

But it has now been established (in the first episode) that the Gokaiger are aliens from another planet and just arrived to Earth. And there was a Legendary War that including all the Sentai (teams), but did exclude some members that may not be that important (BullBlack, Signalman, Ninjaman, MagiMother to name a few). In one ad, it said the Gokaiger would transform into 200 heroes. But it now seems they are only transforming into Rangers that were in the war. Because if you count the sixth rangers Gokai Silver will turn into, that accounts all the heroes that were in the war. 172 Ranger Keys (of the teams of 3 to 5 including Gokaiger) plus the 16 Gokai Silver has makes 188 and we know 182 heroes were in the Legendary War. 182 past heroes plus 6 Goklaiger make 188. In the War, they all lost their powers.

From Hyper Hobby:
"The 5 Goseigers, with their powers, appears before the Gokaigers.
Black Cross (villains of Goranger) revives from hell in order to take revenge on the Super Sentai teams. 199 Heroes will appear in this Legend War. However, 182 Sentai Heroes + the 5 Gokaigers does not equate to 199. Who could the remaining heroes be!?"

In Episode 5, Doggie Krueger will come around. Maybe he still has his power of DekaMaster. So we might see 12 other heroes in the movie. And plus 1 is GokaiSilver to be 200. So now we know there will be 200.

Thanks to subtitles some sites have done, we know that the Gokaiger barely even knew who the past Super Sentai were. Aka Red gave Marvelous the chest with the Ranger Keys and the Mobirates and Sword. He rounded his team up and they know they can use other powers but thats all they know and seem not to care.

Kai (MagiRed) appeared in Episode 3. Past heroes will return, they have no powers but still fight and have some sort of power. Kai used Frajiel, his Sky Saint. It seems he was there to test them. Their parrot robot Navi will give them clues and it seems one or more past heroes will 'test' the Gokaiger or lead them to some sort of treasure. The Gokaiger didn't give Kai back his powers, maybe they will at the end of the series. It seems they will transform into the team the past hero guest represents and then show off their individual powers and gain some sort of knowledge or power.

Another thing is that they transformed into Magiranger in Episode 1 and then in Episode 3 but more significantly. In Episode 2, they became Dekaranger and we know in Episode 5 they will meet some Dekaranger and most likely transform into Dekaranger for a longer period to be highlighted. And it is rumored Jan of Gekiranger will appear in Episode 7 and we know from the Ep4 preview that they will transform into Gekiranger. In Decade, Decade would become a past rider in a new world after gaining their powers in the last world/episode. So here seems to be the opposite. They will briefly transform into a team and a few episodes later they meet a member. That seems to be a pattern for now.

Another rule is the Gokaiger can use any key they want and transform into any color they want, they don't have to go by their color or position. But when all 5 transform into one team, they do have to be assigned to their analog/counterpart. I like when they transform into past heroes of just one color, it confuses the enemy is sort of a 'Forever Red' of other colors.

And their auxiliary mecha seem to come when they learned a lesson or found a 'inner treasure.' Magi Dragon popped out of the 'treasure chest' compartments of the robo. The rumor that the robo would switch heads of old robos seem to not be true for now. Who knows, it might happen later. And villains becoming past villains seems untrue for now as well. Their villains seem to have no connection to past villains.

Gokaiger upcoming episodes

Episode 4:
Title- Nan no tame no nakama (Companions for what?)
Airs: 3/6/11
It is a Joe (Blue) centered episode, he uses four swords. The Action Commander Zodomasu is the Monster of the day.

Episode 5:
Title- Judgement. Pirates
Airs: 3/13/11
Sainei Ryuuji, Kinoshita Ayumi and Inada Tetsu will return to reprise their roles as Ban, Jasmine and Doggie Krueger respectively. The Action Commander Buramdo is the MotD. Rumor is they try to arrest Marvelous.

Episode 6:
Title- Ichiban Daijina mono (The most important thing)
Airs: 3/20/11
The Action Commander, Nanonanoda is the MotD. Judging by the title this might be a Ahim episode.

Episode 7:
Title- Niki Niki! Kenpou Shugyou (Niki Niki! Kenpou Training)
Airs: 3/27/11
Info- Suzuki Hiroki will return to reprise his role as Kandou Jan. The Action Commander, Pachacamac Jyusansei (the 13th), appears. Pachacamac the 12th was the villain in Gekiranger VS Boukenger. By default, this might be a Luka episode.

Kaizoku sentai Gokaiger ep3

New DW t-shirt

Europe's largest daily T-Shirt website Qwertee have launched a new Doctor Who inspired design, featuring the Doctor and Amy peering through the Crack. It was created by animator Billy Allison, who said: "an idea I thought of while watching Dr Who ... why don't they just have a look inside? I thought, maybe not a good idea but still :D"

This is a limited edition print which will only be available to purchase for three days (i.e. until 11:00pm Wednesday 1st March).

The t-shirt can be ordered from the Qwertee website.

When it comes to the world of online t-shirt stores is a little bit different in that we are the UK and indeed Europe’s first daily t shirt store. Qwertee is very simple: we sell one t shirt, for one day only, for one incredible price. Every day at 11pm we put a new tee on sale for 24 hours only (or less if it sells out) for the amazing price of £8/€10/about $13. Our shirts are about as limited edition as you could imagine: after 24 hours they are gone from Qwertee forever, never to return again. So if you see a tee you like you need to act fast before it is too late!

We work with some of the finest artists/designers both local and international to bring you an amazing new design every day of the year. But rather than deciding what to print ourselves, it is the Qwertee community members that decide what we print. Artists submit their designs, Qwertee users vote for what they like and the most popular designs are printed and put on sale for 24 hours. The artist then gets paid a €1 commission for every shirt that sells. We welcome all kinds of designs on Qwertee: from funny, pop culture and parody to more serious artwork. Qwertee want to offer something for everybody and with the shirt a day system, the next design is never far away, so you’ll always find something that suits you.

Though our shirts cost a mere £8/€10 (less if you use our discount codes) they are ethically produced, made of supersoft 100% ringspun cotton and are hand printed locally in the UK/Ireland. They also feature screen printed tags and are shipped in environmentally friendly 100% degradable bags. These are the kind of features you’d normally associate with much more expensive tees but it is just a small part of Qwertee’s commitment to providing you with a great quality product at a ridiculously low price. We ship to everywhere in the world and our shipping rates (from €1.35 with €3 worldwide delivery) are the best around.

As well as our commitment to amazing tees we also aim to provide the best service of anywhere you have ever shopped, online or otherwise. When it comes to customer service, we will do whatever it takes to make sure you are happy. We provide you with detailed sizing charts and comparisons with popular brands to make sure you get a great fitting shirt. We offer free returns and will reply to your emails within 24 hours or less, even at the weekends.

Finally we like to think of Qwertee as being one of the friendliest online communities so whether you want to check out today’s design, talk about tees or anything else in our forums, or just drop by to have a look around, you’ll be made very welcome at See you soon!

DW TX in France ratings news

Series Five of Doctor Who continued on France 4 on Saturday, featuring Le Seigneur des Rêves and La révolte des intra-terrestres (1+2). The shows achieved 295,000 viewers, a drop of 80,000 since the previous week. This was also reflected in the audience share, down to 1.3% of the total audience.

This week's audience figures for Saturday can be viewed at Premiere, which showed Doctor Who second-from-bottom in the ratings for the thirteen listed channels - Danse avec les stars on TF1 continued to dominate the evening, with some 5.385 million viewers (25.6%) of the audience.

Next week will see just two episodes broadcast:

Vincent et le Docteur
Le TARDIS remonte le temps. En Provence, seul un peintre solitaire semble se rendre compte du danger qui se cache dans les champs de blé et de tournesols. Doctor Who et Amy unissent leurs forces à celles de Van Gogh pour combattre un puissant extra-terrestre, mais parviendront-ils à le vaincre?

Le colocataire
Dans une maison sur Aickman Road, les visiteurs qui montent l’escalier pour se rendre à l’étage ne redescendent jamais… Afin de résoudre le mystère, Doctor Who doit se faire passer pour un être humain comme un autre et partager l’appartement de Craig Owens.

More Fictious awards news

The Broadcasting Press Guild have announced the nominations for their 37th Annual Award Ceremony.

This year, Steven Moffat has been nominated for the Writer's Award for both his work on Doctor Who and alongside Mark Gatiss and Steve Thompson for Sherlock. Other nominees for this award are Jo Brand, Vicki Pepperdine and Joanna Scanlan for Getting On, and Julian Fellowes for Downton Abbey.

The winners will be announced at the BPG Awards lunch on 25th March at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane.

Doctor Who was nominated for three awards last year, but was beaten in every category.

The Broadcasting Press Guild is an association of journalists who specialise in writing and broadcasting about television, radio and the media.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

PR Samurai ep5

Pokemon black and white ep4

Summer wars English dub

Here is the link for the movie.

learn Hiragana

Factious awards news

The Doctor Who story Vincent and the Doctor has been nominated for the The Ray Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation in the 2010 Nebula Awards, an annual event held by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America.

The episode, penned by writer Richard Curtis, is the only television episode in this category, and is up against the films Despicable Me, How To Train Your Dragon, Inception, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and Toy Story 3.

The winners are selected by members of the SWFA during March, with the results announced at the Nebula Awards Banquet, taking place at the Washington Hilton, Washington D.C. on 21st May.

Vincent and the Doctor had previously been nominated for a Mind Mental Health Media Award last year but lost out to Channel 4 drama Shameless.

Doctor Who has been nominated for a Nebula Award twice in the past: The Girl in the Fireplace lost out in the Best Script category to Howl's Moving Castle in the 2006 awards, and the following year saw Blink miss the award in favour of Pan's Labyrinth - both were penned by the current lead writer, Steven Moffat.

Hot on the heels of the Nebula nomination this week, the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films have announced the nominations for their annual Saturn Awards.

This year, the 37th ceremony sees just one nomination for the Doctor Who franchise: A Christmas Carol, broadcast by BBC America, is listed in the Best Television Presentation. The episode, penned by Steven Moffat, is up against his other success of 2010 co-created with Mark Gatiss, Sherlock, which was broadcast on PBS.

Other nominees include NBC's Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special, AMC's The Walking Dead, and two series from new Torchwood co-producer Starz, The Pillars of the Earth and Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

The Saturn Awards will take place this June in Burbank, California.

Last year, Torchwood: Children of Earth won the award for Best Presentation on Television, which beat fellow nominee Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead. Other nominations included David Tennant for Best Actor in Television, and Bernard Cribbins for Best Guest Starring Role in Television.

DW series 5 continues on France 4

France 4 have released a new trailer for this Saturday's episodes, Le Seigneur des Rêves and La révolte des intra-terrestres (1+2); they will be broadcast from 8:35pm (local time).

James Corden returns to DW

The BBC have officially confirmed today that the actor James Corden will be reprising his role as Craig Owens - the Doctor's landlord from last year's episode The Lodger.

Though unconfirmed, this is believed to be for a forthcoming episode to be filmed that has been written by Gareth Roberts, who also penned Craig's previous appearance in the series. Roberts was a guest at last weekend's Gallifrey One convention, and during a live commentary for The Lodger was reported as saying that his new episode would begin filming "in a week" (i.e. from next week).
Line from the episode:
"I work in a shop, now."

The news comes after a tweet was posted yesterday unofficially revealing that Corden would be coming back to Doctor Who: "They're filming Doctor Who with James Corden the whole 2nd week of March on my street. Just saying."

Friday, 25 February 2011

Detective conan 608

New DW Game

The BBC Press Office have announced a new, multi-player game is in development.

Entitled Doctor Who: Worlds in Time, the online game is being produced in partnership with games developer Three Rings, and is aimed to be "both highly engaging and fun, allowing players to socialize and foster genuine cooperation, building a global community where fans worldwide will now be able to experience first hand the exciting action and adventure synonymous with Doctor Who."

For the first time ever, players from around the world will be able to follow in the footsteps of the eccentric and brilliant Doctor by travelling through time and space, exploring new worlds and encountering many alien races, both friend and foe. The game allows players to enter the TARDIS and be set a challenge by the mysterious Time Lord to help him defend civilized culture against infamous Doctor Who enemies.

Robert Nashak, EVP Digital Entertainment at BBC Worldwide, said:
Doctor Who: Worlds in Time will be a free-to-play multiplayer online game that invites players to save the universe by using their wits to solve time-bending puzzles and pulse-pounding challenges. Three Rings is the ideal team for this groundbreaking creative partnership. Not only are they visionaries in the online gaming space, they are lifelong Doctor Who fans with a passion for delivering the level of quality that our players will expect and deserve.

Daniel James, CEO Three Rings, said:
Three Rings is delighted and honored to have the opportunity to create an online game based on Doctor Who. Our goal with 'Words in Time' is to capture the imaginative spirit and depth of the series, whilst being fun and easy to play for all ages.

The game is announced ahead of the San Francisco Game Developers Conference, and is expected to launch later in the year.

You can keep up-to-date with the latest news on Worlds in Time by following BBC Worldwide Games on Twitter.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

RIP Nicolas Courtney 1929-2011

Nicholas Courtney, known to and beloved by Doctor Who fans worldwide as Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart and one of the longest-serving co-stars of the series, has died, aged 81.

Born in Egypt, William Nicholas Stone Courtney spent his childhood and education in a variety of places - his father serving in the diplomatic service - before entering the Webber Douglas School of Singing and Dramatic Art after completing his National Service in 1950. He then entered rep in 1952 - his first job being actor/ASM in Cromer! - before a move to London brought him to the world of television.

His first appearance in this media was as a Warrant Officer in the 1957 series Escape, followed by playing King Charles II in Looking About and Mark Norman in an episode of No Hiding Place. He was then to appear throughout the 1960s in shows like Callan and Sword of Honour, as well as popular fantasy genre titles like The Saint, The Champions, The Avengers, and Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased) (alongside Master-to-be, Roger Delgado).

His first brush with Doctor Who was to be as Space Security Agent Bret Vyon in the First Doctor epic The Daleks' Master Plan. For Doctor Who fans, of course, he will always be remembered as UNIT stalwart Lethbridge-Stewart. Originally slated to play Captain Knight in the Second Doctor adventure The Web Of Fear, he was 'promoted' to the role of Colonel by director Douglas Camfield when original actor David Langton pulled out, and returned a year as a newly promoted Brigadier in The Invasion, a role he was to become associated with for over forty years! Appearing as one of the main characters throughout the Third Doctor's incarnation, he was then to appear with every other classic series Doctor, both during the television show's original run and through the Big Finish audio adventures. Mentioned a number of times in the revived series of Doctor Who, he was to appear once more in character in 2008 as Sir Alistair in spin-off series The Sarah Jane Adventures.

Work continued after his departure from Doctor Who, appearing in shows such as All Creatures Great And Small and Sink or Swim (both alongside Fifth Doctor Peter Davison), Shelley, Yes, Prime Minister and Only Fools and Horses; he also played Lt. Col. Robert Witherton in 1993's Then Churchill Said to Me. More recently, he appeared in popular shows like The Bill, Doctors, and Casualty. In 2008 he played the Archbishop of Canterbury in Incendiary.

In 1997, he became the Honorary President of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society, a position he was very proud to hold.

There have been two autobiographies on his life, Five Rounds Rapid! in 1998 and Still Getting Away With It in 2005; his memoirs were also released by Big Finish as A Soldier In Time in 2002.

He is survived by his wife Karen, his son Philip and daughter Bella.

William Nicholas Stone Courtney (16th December 1929 - 22nd February 2011)

Media coverage: Thu: Mirror, MTV, The West Australian, Adelaide Now; Wed: BBC News, BBC Doctor Who, BBC America, RadioTimes, The Guardian, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, Express, AOL News, CBS News, Tom Baker, Digital Journal, The Stage, Big Finish Productions, SFX, io9, The Register, Den of Geek, Digital Spy, The Sun, Metro, The List, Anglotopia, Zap2It, ATV Today,, MediaSpy, Kansas City Star, AlloCiné (French)
On a personal note, it was a shock to hear the news tonight about Nick; having got to know him personally from my DWAS days, I have many fond memories of driving him to various promotions and being regaled by his stories down the local. Off-duty, he was as much the gentleman as he appeared in public, and will be sadly missed by family, friends and fandom alike.

Update: Some twitter reflections

Twitter reflections:
"Very sad to hear about Nick Courtney – I was enormously proud to have interviewed him for DWM, and to have enjoyed his company many times." - Tom Spilsbury, DWM

"Sad news about Nick Courtney, though. Lovely, gentle man. Interviewed him several times. He'll be missed." - Ben Cook, DWM

"So very sad about Nick Courtney. A truly lovely man." - Clayton Hickman, writer

"has no words to decribe the loss of Nicholas Courtney, a true gentleman and much loved icon. RIP, with a heavy heart" - Toby Hadoke, Moths Ate My Doctor Who Scarf

"Very sad news about Nicholas Courtney. A true gentleman, a wonderful actor, a dear friend - splendid chap, all of him." - Barnaby Edwards, Dalek operator

"So sad to hear about Nicholas Courtney. A wonderful actor, a childhood hero, a treasured friend, and the kindest, funniest, gentlest of men." - Nicholas Pegg, Dalek operator

"Aw...Nick Courtney is trending worldwide. Feel the love. RIP" - Murray Gold, composer

"Nick Courtney really meant something to my generation of Who fans. His performance- funny, emotional, restrained, human - heart of the show." - Paul Cornell, series writer

"Desperately sad to hear that Nicholas Courtney has passed away. A childhood hero and the sweetest of gentlemen. Splendid chap. All of him. x" - Mark Gatiss, series writer/actor

"News reached Gary Russell and I of Nick Courtney's passing. A terribly sad end to our #Gally week. Best wishes to his family. A true gent." - Phil Ford, writer

"Very sad news about Nicholas Courtney. Lovely guy who knew how to live life. RIP." - Joe Lidster, writer

"Damn, just saw the Nicholas Courtney news. Such a shame." - James Moran, series writer

"I never properly met Nicholas Courtney when he came to Cardiff for SJA. What a shame I now never will." - Edward Russell, Senior Brand Executive for Doctor Who, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures

"Very sad news about Nicholas Courtney. A lovely bloke and fab actor who will be sorely missed." - Sam Watts, composer

"When I pitched the FORGOTTEN to IDW, the only tale I knew I wanted to tell at that point was one with the Brig. #NicholasCourtney" - Tony Lee, Graphic novelist

Obituray Video

TW Week six filming

After the excitement of the previous fortnight, last week was a relatively quiet week for the Torchwood cast and crew.

Eve Myles rejoined the team in Los Angeles, with John Barrowman, Mekhi Phifer, Dichen Lachman and Bill Pullman all involved with filming during the course of the week.

Filming was away in private throughout this week, with Monday kicking off at the Orlando International Airport. No other exterior locations were reported last week, with other work taking place back at the Warner Brothers Studios lot. As usual, followers were able to pick up little pieces of gossip from cast and crew via Twitter.

Times cited within the reports are in Los Angeles local time.


Monday saw the Torchwood team at another airport, this time the Ontario International Airport in Los Angeles (filming took place at Cardiff International Airport three weeks previously). Mekhi Phifer and Dichen Lachman were reported to be on location. Meanwhile, Jane Espenson clarified some differences between the UK and US film schedules.

07:25 AS Had to be at work at 4:12am in Ontario. I have my Valentine,
Dichen Lachman, with me tho so that makes things a little better.
11:52 BBC Big day at the Airport location today. We're Also beginning prep for
a 2nd Unit tomorrow = DOUBLE the #Torchwood fun. Happy Valentine's day
13:24 JE I think they shoot on Saturdays in the UK,
but have shorter working days. We def. have Sat/Sun off. Yay weekends!
19:00 ST Past the 2000 mark for followers. Welcome all - hope to keep u entertained
with stories of costume life on the set of torchwood :-) Peace
06:12 MP Could use a few more hours of sleep.
On the phone for 2hrs with moms last night...
If I just had half her strength!


Eve Myles returned to production in the US, which sounded to be another 'bloody' affair according to Mekhi Phifer. Scenes today were back on the Warner Bros lot. As previously reported, whilst exteriors may have been filmed in Wales, the respective interiors have been shot back in the States, something Jane Espenson reports as meeting the Welsh cast's approval!

10:55 ST Beautiful Eve back with us today. Even slimmer after all the action
and -10 weather. Glad to have her back on set.
13:20 BBC Going to have an exciting reunion with wonderfully effervescent Eve Myles
this afternoon. Lets see what she's up to...
15:54 MP Shooting Torchwood and I'm all bloodied up right now!
Rain machines, green screen, u name it, we got it!! Dope ass show!
16:25 JE The Welsh people haven't objected to the interiors,
so I think they must be good!
16:38 JE The current thiller / arc / connected-story feel of TW is working
really well and is best done in shorter runs.
18:24 BBC "I'm terrified of Twitter because computers hate me, but
(Cowgirl Voice) Howdy Partners I'm having a blast on set today" - Eve Myles


Kim Evey, via ImgMu
After a few days absence, a welcome return to "TW-Spy!" today as we get to see the inside of the costume truck (Captain Jack, Simpsons-style!), Russell T Davies with a (very!) large cheese, and a set visit by actress/producer Kim Evey.

Kai Owen also revealed that he'll be heading back to L.A. next week, which indicates that the return to the UK for filming wasn't to happen after all.

07:43 ST One of the walls in the costume truck :-)
that's our set crew!
11:50 KO Nate: Hey mate! What's happening?
Just having a glass of red and thinking of you!!
Nice to be home? I'm back with you next Wednesday.
Looking forward to have a burger with you!! Kai x
12:46 DL Mekhi Phifer has just been showing me his website
called 'thirdreel' on the torchwood set.
Check it out.
14:47 BBC Russell stands proud with the mystery cheese sent
to us from the UK. Who's the culprit???
15:42 KE Got to visit this set today thanks to Shawna
15:51 Sarann: Are you doing exciting costume
related things on the Torchwood set today?
ST Always :-)
20:25 DE Just back from the Torchwood set, where I forced
John Barrowman and Eve Myles to look at pictures
of my dogs.

Alana Stone reveals plane activity, a vague comment which mean a interior set reproduction of an interior or even a real plane at the airport! No other clues forthcoming, unfortunately!
09:31 ST Eve Myles told Kim Evey that she is the voice of one of the
characters on the DragonAge II game. Small world
11:01 ST Forgot to wear my hearing aid today Driving my crew crazy. Huh?
11:36 AS I'm on a plane!
16:49 NG Kai: can't wait to see ya. Give the baba a kiss fer me.
00:16 DL LOVE Torchwood peeps. Having so much fun.


BBC Torchwood, via ImgMu
Another day on set, and more mysterious items that may or may not be what they seem! With conventions and holidays on the way nobody wanted another late night Friday, though Bill Pullman continued to keep everybody entertained as production completed for another week.

13:42 BBC It seems the line between salad dressing and
chocolate custard is little hazy today.
You only live once!
22:47 ST The rain makes me tired well that, prepping 3 episodes
while shooting two, cleaning house, feeding the kids..
Time for a meeting & chocolate
17:30 AS Is it really Friday?
18:44 ST Alana: should not be a fraterday I hope :-)
22:19 BBC We're coming to set, Shawna, Alana,
its dark and lonely over here.
22:25 AS BBC_Torchwood: yay!!! Can't wait for your visit!
Bill is being awesome as usual.

Speaking of Bill Pullman, his fan site published a photo of him with John Barrowman in their Jack/Oswald mode!


Friday brought an end to filming for the week, and an extended weekend was due with a holiday on Monday for Presidents Day, not to mention Jane Espenson and Doris Egan attending the GallifreyOne convention over the weekend too!

However, it wasn't a complete halt to proceedings:

01:20 BBC We're location scouting in a couple of hours!
That's right we work Saturday's in the US too!
(But let's be honest not a full days work)

Director of Photography Nate Goodman also commented on Torchwood so far ...

19:26 NG One week back from Wales. Saw some of Ep 1 cut together. Epic.
Not your mother's Torchwood...

Key to initials: AS - Alexa Stone (fashion designer); BBC - BBC Torchwood (production office); DE - Doris Egan (writer); DL - Dichen Lachman; JE - Jane Espenson (writer); KE - Kim Evey (visitor); MP - Mekhi Phifer (Rex Matheson); NG - Nate Goodman (director of photography); ST - Shawna Trpcic (costume designer)

With a short break for Presidents Day, production resumes Tuesday, though with Kai Owen confirming that he is flying out to Los Angeles on Wednesday it seems that the anticipated return to the Welsh shores for filming is not to be this week, after all!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

People Round- up

Billie Piper returned in The Secret Diary of a Call Girl amidst a huge blaze of press coverage; speaking about her career plans and a possible Hollywood calling: "I keep thinking about it, but then I like England; to be out there with a baby and to do seven, eight auditions a day is just not massively appealing at the moment." On future Call-Girl: "I think we've pretty much been everywhere with the stories and as that's at the heart of every episode, you wouldn't want to exhaust it to the point of just complete ridiculousness and seediness. I really like this job but you always want the story to have legs and not be that you're scraping the bottom of the barrel. I think if we go any further then we might be guilty of that." And on the future: "I just want to do something radically different and I don't know what that is yet. I think I've just chosen things that have interested me and then kept trying new and different things. It has worked out well and I can thank Doctor Who for all of that really. It was wholly responsible for giving me a great opportunity." [various]

Torchwood star John Barrowman has recently been embroiled in media discussions over who might replace Bruce Forsyth when he eventually retires from presenting the BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, with reports that both he, gameshow presenter Vernon Kay, and The One Show house Alex Jones are vying for the position. However, the stories have been refuted by new BBC1 Controller Danny Cohen, who said that Bruce would carry on for as long as he wanted to. [Sun, Western Mail, Mirror]

Karen Gillan has been voted the 77th in men’s heath and fitness guru site Ask Men's Top 99 Women for 2011.

Fifth Doctor Peter Davison reminisces about a visit with his family to New Zealand, which tied in with the islands' Armageddon convention last Autumn. During their trip, they visited Wellington, the Weta workshops, Napier, Lake Taupo, Tepau and the Coromandel peninsula; speaking on Lake Taupo: "You can take a fishing boat out on the placid waters, see hot steam coming out of the ground at The Craters of the Moon – reminiscent of an early Doctor Who landscape – and watch the majestic Huka Falls." [Daily Mail]

Catherine Tate has expressed an interest in taking up directing; speaking at a platform event at the National Theatre in London, the actress said: "I directed for the first time at Christmas, a short film for TV. I would like to do more. I have got a project but I don’t know what’s happening with that." [Express]

Alex Kingston discussed her feelings towards her Doctor Who character River Song in the Readers Digest: "I'm not allowed to breathe a word about the new storylines... otherwise, they take away my sonic screwdriver. When I was first offered the part, I had no idea how successful the new Doctor Who was because I was in the US. But as soon as I read the script, I fell in love with River. She provides a very complex link to the Doctor's life and ever since I saw Alien, a little bit of me has wanted to run around a spaceship shooting intergalactic monsters." [Press Association]

Mark Strickson has been based in Qatar for the last couple of years, and recently talked about his filming projects at the Qatar Natural History Group, during which he regaled its members with tales of his adventures over the years, including his time in Doctor Who. [Gulf Times]

Welsh Opera singer and recent Doctor Who guest star Katherine Jenkins announced that she and long time partner Gethin Jones would be getting married. (Jones has also featured in Doctor Who under monster costumes during his tenure as a Blue Peter presenter). [BBC News]

Third Doctor Jon Pertwee's son Sean explains why he never expected to follow in his father's footsteps when David Tennant was announced as leaving: "No, I never said I wanted the part, but there is a financial tale behind how the rumour started. For a laugh I tried putting a £50 bet on me to play the next Doctor because I thought I was in with a chance, but all the boys I knew in Islington decided I must have some inside info so they piled in behind me. When the betting shop staff asked who I was, the boys told them my father had played Doctor Who so they called head office about it and then declared all bets off. The next thing I knew I was in the news as running for the part, but I think it stemmed from trying to put £50 on myself. I'd love to have a guest part, but when it comes to the main role my father was too big an act to follow." [Telegraph]

Former First Minister for Wales, Rhodri Morgan, pays tribute to outgoing BBC Wales Controller Menna Richards, during which he also reflected on how he almost ended up in Doctor Who back when the series first started filming in 2004: "I’m still kicking myself though. If you knew how my grandchildren rate having a First Minister in the family tree compared to playing a tree on Doctor Who in relative street cred in the playground, you’d understand why, too!" [Western Mail]

BAFTA winner and Oscar nominee Colin Firth was interviewed on Twitter by Vue Cinemas, during which he was asked about Doctor Who: "I’d never rule out a part in Doctor Who or Torchwood – especially Doctor Who. I’d also love to play a villain like Moriaty in Sherlock Holmes."

Finally, speaking of the Oscars, Tariq Anwar is also nominated for an Editing award for The King's Speech; the film editor worked back on Fourth Doctor stories The Face of Evil, The Sun Makers and Shada during the 1970s.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Fans behaving badly panel at galifrey 2011

K-ON film confirmed date

A Pony Canyon publicity representative who goes by the name "nojitetsu" confirmed on Twitter that director Naoko Yamada announced the release date for the previously revealed K-ON! film: December 3. Yamada made the announcement at Sunday's "Come with Me!!" live event.

PR Samurai ep 3 review (spoilers alert )

While everyone is training, Mike tells the gang that Jill told them to take the day off. Kevin says they just started training, Mike tells him he wouldn't disobey a direct order. The gang decide to go to an amusement park called Rainbow's End, without Jayden who is acting mysterious. Jayden has the orange Beetle disk. Not a surprise, Bulk and Spike are at the Rainbow's End, where Bulk eats a cotton candy super fast and Spike laughs like Skull. Meanwhile, Jayden practices using the Beetle disk on his Spin Sword but its too powerful. Jii says he's not ready yet. Jayden says "I am the Red Ranger Now." Jii says Jayden was once fun, and he must find balance in his life as a samurai. And now I notice Alex Heartman does have chest hair.

Dread Lock attacks and is too tough for the four, he even speaks with a southern accent. Jayden arrives and realizes he can't beat the monster. They try attacking together. Jayden is about to use the Beetle Disk on his Fire Smasher but the foe leaves because he is drying up. The Rangers are surprised at the sight of the new disk. They explain about it at HQ but Jayden doesn't tell the others he can't handle it. That night he trains and trains and almost burns himself. The next morning Jii finds him laying on the floor, all burnt up and exhausted.

They fight the monster again, form the Beetle Cannon and defeat him. They grow big and use the beetle on the Megazord (complete with new cockpit (beetle on the stick console) and new footage of Mega Mode Red outside of the megazord). Afterwards, they go to the amusement park and Emily and Jayden gives them cotton candy and they go on a rollercoaster.

Like the past episodes, this one is pretty much close to the source but a bit more entertaining for me, maybe others might not agree, but thanks to Bulk and Spike and Mike's quips. The blue screen of Mega Mode Red outside of the Megazord is not that bad. Pretty good.

DW TX in France Rating news

Series Five of Doctor Who continued on France 4 on Saturday, featuring Le labyrinthe des Anges (1+2) and Les Vampires de Venise. The shows achieved 375,000 viewers, 2% of the total viewing audience at that time (8:35pm onwards). Whilst this is a drop in the total viewers from last week (453,000), the audience share has remained the same.

The evening also saw a repeat of Torchwood: Les Enfants de la Terre on NRJ 12 in the same time slot - the five episodes achieved a rating of 219,000 viewers (1%).

Audience figures for Saturday can be viewed at Premiere, which shows that Danse avec les stars on TF1 was once again the highest show on French television that day.

The first three episodes of Series Five - Le Prisonnier Zéro, La bêtes des bas-fonds and La victoire des Daleks - are repeated on Tuesday evening, from 10:00pm (local time).

DW series 6 production update

Back at the beginning of the month, David Walliams revealed that he would be appearing in an episode of the next series of Doctor Who; more details have now been released regarding his role by the BBC and other media outlets:
It's been confirmed that David Walliams will appear in the new series. He'll feature in a spooky episode playing a character called Gibbis.

Walliams said, "I am a huge fan of Doctor Who and am so looking forward to working with Matt Smith and running up and down some corridors with him."

His episode has been written by Toby Whithouse, whose previous contributions include The Vampires of Venice and School Reunion.

Further casting details for episodes have been revealed through agencies over the course of February.

Spotlight lists a number of guest stars under the direction of Peter Hoar. Actress Frances Barber plays a character named Kovarian; recent roles include Elizabeth in the BBC Christmas Tale Nativity, and Janice in ITV's The Fattest Man in Britain. Christina Chong plays Lorna Bucket - she will feature as an Interpreter in the forthcoming film sequel, Johnny English Reborn. Meanwhile, Joshua Hayes takes on his first television role as a character named Lucas.

Actor Geoffrey Burton has been listed as "Nasa Man" - though no director has been listed, this credit would seem to tie in with the American-themed opening two-parter for the series written by Steven Moffat and directed by Toby Haynes. Burton is better known for stage roles, but has appeared in Law and Order and Family Affairs.

Michael Begley has been listed as appearing as Mulligan in the just finished episode three written by Steve Thompson and directed by Jeremy Webb (coverage below); the actor has recently featured as Mark the hospital chaplain in Being Human, and as Orson in the revived Minder.

Mark Jermin Management has also listed two child actors to appear in roles this series.

Edmond Moulton appeared in the two-part story written by Matthew Graham and directed by Julian Simpson, playing a character named Adam.

Oscar Lloyd's character has yet to be revealed; he appeared in the BBC's Lark Rise to Candleford as the original Sidney, and has since been prominent as Will Wylde in ITV's Emmerdale.

In Production

After the media-intensive, public-friendly filming for Doctor Who in Charlestown at the beginning of the month, February has since seen the production crew retreat from sight back into studio and other private locations to continue work on the Steve Thompson-penned episode three.

Though 'over the horizon', Hugh Bonneville continued to regale us with tweets on the 'high seas' during the course of his filming schedule:
07 19:07 Skulduggery on the high seas was knackering today.
Talk about poop-decked. Well done crew.
08 12:00 *gallops up hill on charger, grabs fluttering flag, brandishes it aloft*
BRING BACK #JustWilliam #BBC !
08 12:08 I get about *gallops off towards Tardis, horse gets wedged in Police Box door,
hat falls off*
08 17:58 Am having a fab time running around the Tardis at the mo.
Congrats on the wonderful body of work. Hx
08 22:47 me gunwales have been awash with them pirates. And none of them rinse.
08 22:53 My buckle has never felt so swashed. Having fabblass time thanks.
It's Dr Who - what's not to love?!
09 07:40 I'm here all weak, folks.
09 09:56 Today is a load of old bilge water. In a good way.
12 13:54 Thanks to Steven Moffat & the brilliant #DrWho crew for a fantastic fortnight
on the high seas. #BeardGone #ColdFace
12 14:51 Steven Moffat: What, you've shaved ALREADY?? What if we've forgotten a bit??
12 15:01 Hugh Bonneville: Too bad, land-lubber! Mwahahaha *sets sail for horizon*
12 15:03 Hugh Bonneville: Some pirates are extremely fast. I'm one of them.
I came top in my class at Pirate Academy.
12 15:35 Steven Moffat: That's not the horizon, shipmate.
12 15:38 Hugh Bonneville: yikes!
Work on the episode continued until Tuesday last week, as reported by Director of Photography Dale McCready:
13 22:46 last two days shooting on this show, it's been a nice short blast.
15 20:18 Wrapped tonight on a fun show with a lovely crew.
Start tomorrow planning and scheming for Merlin IV |

Next Time ...

Production on the next block is now under way, with a base being set up in Porthcawl this weekend in readiness for filming.

Friday, 18 February 2011

Detective conan 607

Magazine statics

The Audit Bureau of Circulations have now released statistics relating to the distribution figures of magazines for the second half of 2010, which includes details relating to both official publications, Doctor Who Magazine (Panini) and Doctor Who Adventures (BBC).

When compared to previous periods, the data reveals how the average circulation trends have fared:
Jul - Dec 2009 Jan - Jun 2010 Jul - Dec 2010
Doctor Who Magazine (unavailable) 35,374 33,554 (-5.4%)
Doctor Who Adventures 44,664 53,559 (+19.9%) 56,648 (+5.8%)

Figures: Audit Bureau of Circulations

The figures indicate that, whilst DWM has seen a drop in readership in recent months, DWA's has continued to increase. In the latter's case, there was a massive leap in readership of almost 20% in the first half of last year - tying in with Matt Smith's debut as the Eleventh Doctor!

Jaynie Bye, joint Managing director for BBC Children’s Magazine told the BBC Press Office:
"In this digital age it is really heartening to see that our top brands continue to have huge appeal with the pre-teen audience. In particular, I am delighted with the performance of Doctor Who Adventures magazine – up by an impressive 26.8% year on year – demonstrating the continuing strength of the title and the increased interested generated by Matt Smith in his role as the Doctor.

Publication certificates provide further breakdowns on circulation; for instance 14% of DWM's and 17% of DWA's sales are through subscription, whereas figures for general sci-fi magazine SFX over last year show a much higher subscription rate of 31% (total average circulation 31,360).

The figures for the next six months are expected on 18th August 2011.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

10 Questions for Manga UK

Manga Entertainment is celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year and they've unfurled a new updated logo and have been active on a lot of fronts lately, especially if you follow them on Twitter and Facebook. We had a chat with Jerome Mazandarani, the Acquisitions & Marketing Manager for Manga Entertainment to talk about a number of things, including kicking it right off by making it clear who the company is globally and what they do specifically.

1.) For American anime fans, there's a lot of confusion over the years with who and what Manga is at this point, if there's much of a US side anymore and so forth. With this being the 20th Anniversary of Manga Entertainment, just who is Manga in 2011?

Manga Entertainment LTD is a UK subsidiary of Anchor Bay Entertainment. We are part of the Starz Media group of companies, which in turn is owned by Liberty Media. The Starz Channel which produces Spartacus, Pillars of the Earth etc is a separate company, but which Anchor Bay distributes the home video rights for. Manga and Anchor Bay are essentially sister labels that operate with the same team and in the same office in London. As far as home video is concerned, Manga is very much a going concern for the UK, but in North America the focus is primarily on digital distribution, the SyFy channel “Ani-Monday” slot and a couple of big event anime releases for DVD and Blu-ray this year. They are First Squad and REDLINE. Manga will be distributing REDLINE in the UK, but we don’t get First Squad. The UK rights went elsewhere for that one. So, Manga in North America is mainly digital and in the UK its mainly finished packaged goods. We have no competitors in the UK anymore and enjoy the type of market dominance Madman enjoys in Australia and Funimation enjoys in the States.

2.) There's a lot of releases you have planned and in the works for 2011. What's in the pipeline that you can talk about and what are you most enthused about?

I’m really excited about finally releasing 5 Centimeters Per Second on DVD in the UK. It’s such a beautiful film. A work of art really. There was a lot of confusion between Manga and the Japanese licensor over Blu-ray rights. We initially thought we could release a Region B locked Blu-ray in the UK along with the DVD, but this turned out to be a mistake on my part. So, we only have the DVD for the UK, but buy it because it is stunning. I am also very excited about our continued relationship with Funimation. Thanks to Gen and his team we will be releasing some excellent movies and shows in the UK this year including Evangelion 2.22, Tetsuwan Birdy Decode (aka Birdy The Mighty), Shikabane Hime, and actually quite a lot more throughout the year. There is just so much to talk about. I can’t wait to release Takeshi Koike’s REDLINE. It’s awesome. We have Summer Wars out on 28th March and to celebrate we are packaging an exclusive Blu-ray and DVD double pack with Mamoru Hosada’s first film, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time. Even better, the only way to get TGWLTT on Blu-ray is by purchasing the Summer Wars Movie Double Pack. We have Eureka Seven The Movie out on BR and DVD on 18th April. The Blu-ray is stunning. We’ve got High School of the Dead in August on DVD and Blu-ray. So much cool stuff! It’s exhausting.

3.) What are some of the key differences between the US market and the UK market?

I feel that the US market matured and then crashed way too soon. I don’t know why that is exactly, but it just doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to me. It’s a combination of high prices, high costs, the recession and digital distribution overtaking physical distribution as the way many fans want to access content. Unfortunately, most of this new way of doing things has not been done legally or with legitimate monetization in mind. I have also noticed a trend for US distributors to have to charge higher prices for their products than we do in the UK. This is partly because it’s bloody expensive localizing anime it for the English speaking market and partly because there is hardly any TV broadcast income coming in these days to help cover the cost of dubbing. There is also a lot more pressure on the US distributors from Japan because it is the largest market after France I believe. I feel that the Japanese expect American labels and the American fans to pay the same premium prices for the DVD or Blu-ray as they do in Japan.
In summary, the UK anime market is maybe 15-20% the size of the US market. We don’t dub our shows ourselves, but rely on the US distributors to take care of it, so our costs are lower. Hence, we can be a bit more aggressive on the retail price. In the UK the retailer’s set the price and they receive much bigger discounts from the distributor, so I think the on-shelf price for anime in the first month or so of release is very competitive.

4.) You have a very active Twitter account for the company that comes across as one that talks about a wide range of topics rather than just about the company's products and plans. How do you approach this area of communication with your fans compared to how other companies deal with it?

We started the account last February as an experiment and to see what we can use Twitter for without really having a clear plan. We basically understand that the only way to grow our online community is engage them. Our grass roots marketing and events focus in association with the London MCM Expo has been very successful. We have a large booth at these events and have learnt so much from the fan community simply by being there and talking to our customers. We’ve simply adopted the one-on-one conversation we have on the convention floor and brought it online. We are constantly learning from our followers and other twitter users. It’s taken the brand in an entirely new direction and I am very excited about what we will be able to deliver to the fans via our official site, Twitter and Facebook over the coming months. As far as Twitter is concerned, we will continue to see what we can get away with. We like talking about anime and manga, but we are also passionate about movies, TV, comics, cosplay, games, hobbies, gossip and daily life. You cannot underestimate the effect of smart phones on our social media experience. If I walk past a kid on Oxford Street in a Laughing Man t-shirt there is a 99% probability I will tweet it. Even better, I will photograph him and upload it via Twitpic. When I visit Tokyo next month I’ll make sure I take plenty of video, but not just of the TAF booths and anime stores in Akihabara. I am sure a lot of our followers have always wondered what those fancy Japanese toilets are like. I intend to show them!

5.) There's been a lot of talk about the problems of selling Blu-ray releases of TV series in the UK with the needed sales levels. What kind of challenges do you have in selling in the UK market in general and what do you think is needed to get fans to look to Blu-ray releases more?

Authoring and manufacturing Blu-ray is expensive. We simply need to sell enough of the finished product to break even and unfortunately, when releasing a 26+ episode series on the format we are not experiencing a very positive level of sales to make it a worthwhile enterprise. We can charge the fans more for Blu-ray, but I don’t really want to do that, so we’ll have to be creative and try to figure out a new approach to authoring Blu-rays. However, anime fans in the UK can rest assured that 90% of all of our anime movie releases will be on Blu-ray as will our one-shot miniseries (11-14 episode anime) such as High School of the Dead.

6.) While it's easy to talk about the doom and gloom of the market, what have been some of the positives you've seen in the last year or two?

Good question. I can’t complain too much about the state of the UK anime market. Manga’s business has remained solid year on year. We haven’t really seen a drop in sales, but to be fair we released about 15% more titles in 2010 than in 2009, so it actually means we are selling slightly less on each release than we did a year ago. If you attended the London MCM Expo you can clearly see that’s phenomenal growth over the past 5 years has been driven primarily by anime, manga, cosplay and videogames. There is a huge subculture for Japanese pop-culture in the UK and it is a trend I can only see increasing. Uniqlo has a very successful t-shirt campaign every Spring and Summer that utilizes exclusive designs from some of Japan’s most popular anime series including DBZ, One Piece, Naruto and Evangelion. It’s little things like this that point to “Cool Japan’s” continued bleed into the mainstream.

7.) With Manga celebrating its twentieth anniversary, how do you think fandom has changed?

When Manga first launched in the UK in 1991 with the release of AKIRA on VHS, the audience was primarily males aged 18-25. Many of them were of Asian and Afro-Caribbean descent and based in outer London and the Midlands. I believe a lot of this early audience came into the scene via their love of Asian action films and martial arts. The whole scene kicked off at the same time as John Woo’s rise to prominence in the West as well as the rise of the “Video Nasty” and the home video horror boom spear headed by Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series. I think it’s all tied into the Cult Film scene of the late 80s. Then a little franchise called Pokemon happened and it brought with it a lot of new girls and boys into anime in the UK. The rising popularity of manga in the early noughties continues to grow the female fanbase and now I would say the audience for anime in the UK is younger and split 50/50 male/female. I’d say our demographic is now 15-25 year olds and it’s really mixed. British anime fans are a very mixed lot. It’s wonderful to see.

8.) And with the industry itself?

The industry has changed radically. There’s no more ADV. MVM has reduced its anime output and Beez is releasing a handful of titles a year. Manga accounts for over 93% of the anime market and 25% of the anime film market. It is only when you look at film that you see more competition between Optimum Releasing (They distribute all of the Studio Ghibli catalogue in the UK), Sony Pictures Home Ent (Final Fantasy Advent Children, Resident Evil Degeneration) and Warner Bros (Halo Legends sold over 30,000 copies last year!). But Manga is dominant in the UK market by default really.

9.) What's the dream license that you'd want to bring out and really promote like nobodies business?

Dragon Ball Z of course. It’s the only Big franchise we don’t currently distribute in the UK. And I would love a chance to take over the Ghibli catalogue. I’d like the chance to prove to the UK industry that anime has much greater commercial potential, but to do that we need to get it onto TV and that is almost a lost cause for the UK market.

10.) With the year ahead of you, what do you want to say to fans of Manga about what they need to keep an eye out for and to be the most excited about?

Please see my answers to question 2 and add Bleach Seasons 6 and 7, Naruto Shippuden episodes 53-104, the completion of the FMA Brotherhood saga, Fumihiko Sori’s 2001 Nights (aka “To”). Please just keep supporting your favourite anime by buying the DVD or Blu-ray, following @MangaUK on Twitter and Facebook and helping to ensure we can keep releasing as much quality anime as possible in what is a very trying time for everyone.

Some Anime Films to screen in UK cinemas in March

The line-up includes exclusive previews of some of the hottest new anime films to be released in the UK this year including Laputa Castle in the Sky, Redline, Summer Wars, The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, King of Thorn, Eureka Seven � Good Night, Sleep Tight, Young Lovers and more. We Love Anime will be visiting more than 7 venues across the British Isles and Ireland from March 26th to July 4th. This is thanks to the combined effort of Manga Entertainment, Kaz� and Optimum Releasing � who have come together in order to meet the huge demand for theatrical screenings across the UK and Ireland.

Coming to Dublin, Edinburgh, Dumfries, Newcastle, Birmingham, Leeds and London in association with a range of venues and festivals:

Edinburgh: Filmhouse (March 26th-27th)
Birmingham: Appearing at The Electric Cinema as part of Flatpack Film Festival (March 26th)
Leeds: Appearing at The Hyde Park Cinema as part of Leeds Young People�s Film Festival (April 2nd)
Bexley: Appearing as part of BAM 2011
Dublin: Appearing at Cineworld as a part of Cinemagic (May 13th-15th)
Dumfries: Robert Burns Centre Film Theatre (June)
Newcastle: Tyneside Cinema (Date TBC)
London: The Barbican (July)

Tickets will be on sale via the participating venue�s websites in due course and updates to the schedule will be posted directly on this site.

Thanks to our sponsors UNIQLO and Manga Entertainment, we�re also proud to announce goodie bags for early bird customers to people who buy tickets to all the films screening in your chosen cinema! But book early as this offer is limited and only while stocks last! These Uniqlo branded goodie bags will contain a plethora of awesomeness including a free Uniqlo Naruto t-shirt, a new anime DVD from one of our sponsors, limited edition art postcard and poster from one of the films!

DW TX in France ep 4,5 and 6 trailer

France 4 have released a new trailer for this Saturday's episodes, Le labyrinthe des Anges (1+2) and Les Vampires de Venise; they will be broadcast from 8:35pm (local time).

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Kaizoku sentai Goukaiger press conference video

2 new pokemon film released this yr

Two feature-length Pokémon anime films will open in Japan on July 16 instead of the usual one feature-length film with an anime short. According to the Nikkan Sports newspaper, this is the first time that two feature-length Japanese animated films from the same franchise have opened on the same day. In addition to the previously announced Gekijōban Pocket Monster Best Wishes! Victini to Kuroki Eiyū Zekrom, there will also be a second feature called Gekijōban Pocket Monster Best Wishes! Victini to Shiroki Eiyū Reshiram. The same theaters will show both films, one after another.

In the story of the two films, the protagonist Satoshi (Ash in English) and his Pokémon creature Pikachu take part in a battle held during the harvest festival in Aintoōku, and they encounter the mysterious Pokémon Victini. The two films will also feature two different legendary Pokémon — the black hero Zekrom appears before people who seek the pure "ideal," while the white hero Reshiram appears before people who seek the pure "truth." Not incidentally, these two are pivotal Pokémon in the latest games in the franchise, Pokémon Black and White. They also appeared as miniature floats at last year's 84th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

Pokémon anime feature films have often opened in theaters with an anime short, similar to how American Pixar films have often opened in theaters with an animated short. However, the two Pokémon films that will open in July are both feature-length. The last time that Japanese theaters opened two features from the same franchise on the same day was in 2009, when the live-action franchise Ju-on (The Grudge) marked its 10th anniversary with Ju-on: Shiroi Rōjo and Ju-on: Kuroi Shōjo.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Summer wars Art director interview

Summer Wars US DVD release- previews clips

kaizoku sentai Gokiager ep1 review

The Zangyack try to conquer the whole universe. On Earth, the Super Sentai stood up against the Zangyack at their first invasion. The fight known as the Legendary War. They held them back with their powers but lost their powers in the process. Now, the Gokaiger on their way to Earth in their GokaiGalleon. They are looking for a big treasure said to be on Earth. Pink is new to be a pirate, so she is still kind to people. But as they arrive near Earth, they get attacked by the Zangyack forces. Marvelous, their captain is up for fighting. They go inside the cockpit.

The aliens inside the ship are Gil and his troop. Gil is the son of the emperor leader of the Zangyack. They know that the Gokaiger are wanted, so they want their bounty. The Gokaiger form GokaiOh and fight them off in Space and then head off to Earth. On Earth, they use a blowhorn and ask citizens if they know about the treasure. They say they don't. They are disappointed and ask Marvelous what to do, so he says they are to eat. They remind him they don't have currency of Earth. So he wants to sell Luka's ring.

In the evil ship, Gil wants to conquer Earth. He thinks the red guy is being insinborating, but they are all actually on his side. Gil seems young and rash. The red guy doesn't want to underestimate the pirates. They sell Luka's ring and she has the cash. They eat curry at the curry shop from Sun Vulcan. The restaurant is attacked by the bad guys so the gang are to fight them. A teacher, another lady and students are attacked by the monster of the day. The Gokaiger see the innocent suffer and think if they should fight or not. The five think about their home planet that the Zangayck took over.

Red says he doesn't like it and says they will smash things as pirates do. They transform into Gokaiger and fight the grunts. They then do some changes from Goranger to Shinkenger to Magiranger. The children ask the teacher who they (Goranger) are and she says they are the first Super Sentai, the Goranger. After they destroy the monster, the innocents thank them for saving them. The Gokaiger say not to thank them, because they were fighting because their curry was ruined.

So fans were confused about how come the Gokaiger already have so many Ranger Keys of past teams, so what is the point of them transforming right? I was wondering the same, but fan Merlin's theory is that when they meet past members, maybe the Gokaiger have to give them the key back to get their powers back, or something significant. Because I know for sure the site will post up the pictures of the other keys, as the toys of the keys are being released, but they are yet to be posted, so I think it would have to be a significant episode that one set of keys are highlighted in order for that to happen. And the reason they are showing off 2 per episode now is probably to just show off what they can do.

As for the episode itself, I don't want to submit into fan-wanking or the band wagon, but I actually liked it. The episode established the characters (both good and bad), the plot, the powers and humor. Even though the good guys aren't established yet, the Gokaiger already establish which one is which and their personalities, like Red is the serious and mysterious leader, Green is the funny smart coward, Yellow cares about money, Blue is the serious one and Pink may just be princess-like and sweet. Yes, it doesn't tell us how they all met, but I am sure that will be answered eventually and does it really matter? No. Great episode!

Monday, 14 February 2011

PR Samurai ep4 review

Kevin is asking everyone if they are okay, that he is there for them. The reason is because he has been thinking of the dream he has given up. The newest Nighlok, DoubleTone can make a person loose their dreams, causing more tears for the Sanzu River. Ryan, a little boy who loves baseball makes a deal with DoubleTone to bring his dad back from 'the war,' they don't specify where he is stationed. Mia makes food for Kevin, who is staking out Ryan's house in case Double Tone comes back. But the food isn't good. Ryan throws away his equipment and when the garbage truck comes, the monster arrives and Mia and Kevin are waiting him. They fight, destroy his first life and defeat him with the Megazord.

It is an exact carbon copy of Episode 4 of Shinkenger, but a good episode at that. The puns are aplenty and still annoying, but the acting is a bit better. The writing is good but the dialogue could be improved. The added twist that Ryan's dad is an American solider in a war is a nice touch. But it could had been expanded on a bit more. Children shows have had discussed the Iraq War, like Hannah Montana. The boy's Australian accent doesn't bug me that much. In Shinkenger, Pink had a thing for lost causes, as Blue as acting. That story quirk is not present here, which I think is good.

It doesn't seem that Mia has dreams of being a bride, like in Shinkenger, but she is a bad cook as well, which I don't appreciate (that women that can't cook being funny). The Bulk and Spike parts were minimal and them being at the baseball game didn't seem to have a reason and they don't seem to be tied with the Ranger team. One thing I was surprised they kept it in was Red making a 'dream vision' come out--his dad. It looks a bit strange in this context. It makes sense and it's fine in Japan, as it is a cultural thing. When I first saw the title 'Deal with' I thought they had to deal with him, but I now realize they meant the boy made a deal with the Nighlok

PR Samurai ep4

DW Series 5 premeire in France ratings news

Matt Smith debuted as the Doctor in France last night, with the first three episodes of Series Five broadcast on France 4

Le Prisonnier Zéro, La bêtes des bas-fonds and La victoire des Daleks were shown together during the evening and achieved a rating of 453,000 viewers, representing 2% of the audience watching television in France (viewing figures for the evening as a whole may be seen via Ozap).

Series Five has started off well, gaining more viewers than David Tennant's swansong, La Prophétie de Noël, which achieved 416,000 viewers over Christmas Day (but was pipped to the post by La Conquête de Mars with 504,000 viewers in October).

French viewing for the rest of the month consists of Le labyrinthe des Anges (pts 1+2) and Les Vampires de Venise next weekend, and Le Seigneur des Rêves and La révolte des intra-terrestres (pts 1+2) on the 26th.

David Manet interview

The French Doctor Who fansite Beans on Toast have published an exclusive audio interview with David Manet, the former French voice of the Doctor.

Entitled "The End of an Era", the Belgian voice artist - who portrayed the Doctor's voice throughout his Ninth and Tenth incarnations - talks candidly about his interpretation of the role, and also of his career in dubbing.

In a translated extract below, Manet talks of his best memory of dubbing Doctor Who:

What I remember is the pleasure of working on Doctor Who, the surprises that came in the scripts and the quality of this show. I enjoyed working on the series with David [Macaluso, artistic director]. At times, it was exhausting - really - and sometimes it was frustrating because we couldn't quite match the original performance. Because Doctor Who is very British, in the way it is made, its spirit, language and energy. So, as a voice actor, you do get frustrated when you think "this is not quite as good as it could be". In a dub, there's bound to be a big part of betrayal of the original. But what I'll remember the most is what a pleasure it has been. I regret that I could not continue to dub Doctor Who, even if I think Marc [Weiss, voice of the Eleventh Doctor] is doing an excellent job, but I'd have continued - very gladly - for one more year of Doctor Who!

The full interview was recorded in Belgium on the 1st February, and is available to listen to in French from the Beans on Toast website, alongside photos of Manet receiving some special gifts to thank him for his work at the end of the interview.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Pokemon Black and white Ep1 and 2 (English dub)

TW week 4/5 filming

As work continued on the first block of filming in the UK, production resumed in Los Angeles, with prep-work on Monday 31st January taking place in readiness for director Bill Gierhart to oversee the second block from Tuesday 1st February.

The fortnight saw more of the cast assembled to play their parts, with scenes featuring Bill Pullman (Oswald Danes), Dichen Lachman, Lauren Ambrose (Jilly Kitzinger), Arlene Tur (Dr. Vera Juarez), Alexa Havins (Esther Drummond), Daryl Crittenden, and Rachel Leah Cohen (Laurie). Having finished their UK scenes, Mekhi Phifer returned to the States on Wednesday 2nd, with John Barrowman flying back on Thursday. By the following Thursday (10th), the BBC Production Office had reported: "EVERYONE IS BACK IN LA! The UK shoot was outstanding. What honor to collaborate with the original TW Crew."

Filming during the two weeks saw much activity on set at the Warner Bros Studios, though the production did venture out to a number of locations, with a return to Los Angeles City Hall, filming at the Title Insurance & Trust Company Building, the Golden Gopher bar, and an 'alleyway' Frank Court for location work. The crew also 'checked into' a 'seedy' motel for other scenes!

The US version of the on-location base signs has now been spotted at filming - a completely different design to the 'traditional' UK "BM" style!

Times cited within the reports are in Los Angeles local time.

Monday 31st January - Wednesday 2nd February

Monday saw prep-work get started for episode three of Miracle Day, with the crew re-assembling after a week or so off thanks to concentrated action in the UK. Not that everybody was happy with the thought of more early mornings!

11:09 ST Back home and back to Torchwood
Everyone well rested ready to rock n roll :-)
11:46 BBC Julie is back! The US crew is prepping.
15:19 AS Back to the grind at 4:42am
17:33 BG Torchwood fans....we start the US filming of the 2nd block tomorrow.
Starting off with an easy day then it'll get crazy!
19:27 BG 6am crew call on Torchwood tomorrow.
Which means 4:42am for hair, makeup, wardrobe and 2nd A.D. Yikes.
4am for catering.

Tuesday saw day one of filming begin, though you'd think the chairs were the stars judging by the crew!

07:11 JE We've got sweet chair backs at Torchwood!
08:24 JE names are on the other side
08:29 JE Here's one with a name...
08:41 JE mine just says "producer". So boring!
12:14 DL By @BillyGierhart Torchwood

Meanwhile, Bill Pullman was on set today, impressing everybody with his acting!

14:05 AS Dear Mr. Pullman, how do u act so creepy when u are actually a
nice NOT creepy guy? I know that it's 'acting' but where does it come from?
15:43 AS (What sort of costume is his character wearing...?)
he has had like 5 changes so far...
For the most part they r what u would expect/imagine.

Another early morning on Wednesday, with Shawna Trcpic finding herself around 6:00am back on the stage where she worked on Doctor Horrible and Angel, a set she termed "The evil league of evil :-)"

The day also saw costume fitting for both Lauren Ambrose and Rachel Leah Cohen, whilst Mekhi Phifer was on a flight back to L.A. alongside Russell T Davies (both of whom had been on location the previous evening). As the Production Office noted:

09:31 BBC RTD and Mekhi are on a plane back to LA! Not going to lie,
the US crew wants RTD back can you blame us? Safe travels gentlemen.
09:35 BBC Currently we are shooting EP 2/3 together. We've got a seriously great cast
and crew (UK/US) pulling this off, very well may we add.
09:38 BBC With the time change we just realized that Torchwood is shooting

Thursday 3rd February

"Doesn't this make u wanna take a nap?"
Photo: Alana Stone (via Twitpic)
The Torchwood production hits the streets once more, returning to Los Angeles City Hall, with a day shoot running from 7:00am to 10:00pm; documentation revealed they are filming under the name Bad Wolf Productions LLC! (See our previous article for more details).

The Production Team indicated that today was the first day that Lauren Ambrose (Jilly Kitzinger) would be on set with Arlene Tur (Dr. Vera Juarez).

Shawna Trpcic reported that she wouldn't be able to reveal details on costumes like Jack's new coat until after the press photos are released (they were taken in the UK the previous Friday), though she did clarify that the lining of the coat was rayon in order to accomodate the heat in California!

Made another trip to an on location filming of Torchwood. Again they were at City Hall in Downtown Los Angeles which is SUCH a great location; the building and the city are really beautiful. Today wasn't quite as eventful as my last trip out, but of course anything Torchwood has me excited!

So here's the rundown. Last week I got a message from a friend saying he heard they were filming this time and location. And the details of the filming were HILARIOUS. It said: "Bad Wolf filming in L.A. Thursday, Feb 3, 2011 Bad Wolf Productions" Ha, Bad Wolf, that's amazing. Of course he saw this and knew it was Torchwood, especially since it was at the same location as last time.

I was actually considering not going because I didn't have anyone to go with but this morning my friend Jenni said that she and her husband Jeff could come. I jumped at the chance and we were off! When we got there we saw the set up shown in the picture. And that was pretty much our view the rest of the night. The only recognizable cast member on set was Lauren Ambrose who is playing "PR guru" Jilly Kitzinger. Let me tell you guys, she is GORGEOUS in person, her hair, her wardrobe was adorable, I bet this is gonna turn into a cosplay look. Heck maybe I'll grab a wig and try it sometime. Good on her being so pretty and well done to costume, hair and makeup, just aces.

The scenes filmed outside were rather uneventful. Mostly just walking and talking with some woman, couldn't tell you more if I wanted to. That being said, we had fun it was great being on the set none-the-less. They also spent about 2 hours filming inside the building which we couldn't watch so it's POSSIBLE other cast members were there, but we didn't see if they were. Also, we got shushed at one point, from across the street! I think maybe we were having too much fun, but can you blame us? It's Torchwood!

Friday 4th February

Photo: Alana Stone (via Twitpic)

Photo: Daryl Crittenden
(via Twitpic)
Today's filming took place at a motel, somewhere in the Los Angeles county area, as Alana Stone teased, "So tell me... Where r we shooting today?"

The night shoot involved Lauren Ambrose and Bill Pullman, plus another character played by Daryl Crittenden (Heroes, Days of Our Lives). On-set gossip included:
16:03 DC on Torchwood today.... going to be a BLAST!
16:44 ST Just getting started on set after long day in the
office. Probably shoot till 7am Sat.
Just as long as I'm up for Superbowl :-) Go Steelers!
17:40 BBC We've got a wonderfully long night ahead of us here
in the US with Bill and Lauren.
Gotta love night shoots.
Coffee is your life partner!
20:44 DC Here we go...
02:53 DC Phone died while on set... :(
here's all I'm going to show you...
amazing night!

Monday 7th February - Wednesday 9th February

I've got straight hair!
Photo: Rachel Leah Cohen
(via Twitpic)

My Trailer
Photo: Rachel Leah Cohen
(via Twitpic)
After a weekend off(!), it was back to work on set at Warner Bros Studios for the production team. From Monday the cast were joined by Rachel Leah Cohen (Laurie), and also Alexa Havins (Esther Katusi) - the latter was reported to be accompanied by a special guest who's intimated to be Jurassic Park's Wayne Knight (see our earlier article for details).

10:20 AS back to school... and work...
12:20 BBC We've got Alexa Havins here with us today with a
special guest, here's a clue
"uh uh uh didn't say the magic word".
12:59 RLC I got straight hair! !!!
13:28 RLC with an hour to kill.....
just walking around the Warner brothers lot
15:30 RLC still waiting to shoot with a super fun guest star!
16:22 RLC just waiting to go to set
16:44 RLC great set. great people!
20:37 AS "Dodgson! Dodgson! We've got Dodgson here!
See? Nobody cares. Nice hat!"

Tuesday continued with more intrigue happenings on-set:

13:04 JE Oh my! Sexy happenings on the Torchwood set today
16:00 BBC Go team Torchwood !

22:54 RLC the hair a tad wind blown...but by my trailer.

And finally on Wednesday it seems a wrap for Rachel, at least for now, whilst the cast and crew hit the streets once more for the following day ...

20:45 RLC Had a blast. Great cast and crew!
22:43 JE Back on location for Torchwood tomorrow.
And it's a creeeepy scene. Can't wait!
Sleep now!

Thursday 10th February

The cast and crew were back into Los Angeles today, using the Title Insurance & Trust Company Building (former government offices) on South Spring Street, which has been closed for a while now and up for sale. Filming was scheduled to run between 7:00am and 10:00pm, so not quite such a late night for a change!

"TW-Spy!" saw writer Jane Espenson present us with some doughnuts! However, as she pointed out, "Don't eat them; they're working". She also confirmed that in general writers are usually on-set during filming for shows in the States, though her writing commitments had meant that she hadn't been on the Torchwood shoot as much.

Meanwhile, costume designer Shawna Trpcic reported that she'd had an interview on the re-design of Captain Jack's costume with AOL's television critic Maureen Ryan: "asked if I was nervous changing it but I have experience with great Captains coats". She also responded to a question about the series, saying that it is a "US continuation of BBC".

As one might expect, access to see filming wasn't likely with an internal shoot.

Torchwood - Face of Building

Get it? Face of Building? Like Face of Boe? I really struggled with a title on this entry. Filming tonight was in an office building so I thought about doing a play on the "Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang" office scene...I almost went with "don't want you getting over-excited" but it seemed a bit wordy. It would have been fitting though because honestly I have very little to report. My friend Jenni and I made the trek down to Downtown LA where we saw the outside of a building! Very exciting I know. The picture there is from across the street but really we didn't see anything. I assume they were filming indoors and there was security at the entrance. Tomorrow we're going to check out two locations as well, maybe we'll have more luck. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

00:47 BBC Our apologies for the suspense. EVERYONE IS BACK IN LA!
The UK shoot was outstanding.
What honor to collaborate with the original TW Crew.
00:54 BBC Gave RTD a grand welcome back hug on set today, we missed him.
Our call tomorrow is late at a night club, break out your dancing shoes!

Friday 11th February

Mystery man with me and John Barrowman
Shawna Trpcic
(via Twitpic)
Friday saw a long day's filming in not one but two locations in Los Angeles! Scheduling showed that the crew were filming in the Golden Gopher - a bar that holds a licence hailing back to 1905! - on West 8th Street between midday and 3:00am; later, filming took place in/around an alleyway called Frank Court behind South Spring Street between 3:00pm and 6:00am.

John Barrowman was back on set for today, flamboyant as ever, as caught by Shawna Trpcic during a break in filming.
11:45 AS Trying to prepare for another Fr-aturday...
18:07 JE On Torchwood, it's still three hours until lunch.
I'm staring at food truck anyway.
18:31 BG Gratzia!
20:09 ST Hey what Torchwood fans r watching our production meeting :)
20:49 JE (we call a food truck in Texas "the roach coach")
We call them that too, but this is actually the truck
of the on-set caterer. Delicious hi-qual food! Yummy!

The best thing I saw today was THIS cone, the cone right there, I cannot tell you the amount of joy I got out of the TorchCone. To be fair by the time me and my companion (ha) Jenni got to the TorchCone we had already walked a couple of miles, searching locations and generally getting lost. We were exhausted and I am inclined to believe the TorchCone was more amusing to us than it actually was.

Filming today was...uneventful for the observer. As far as we could tell all the filming was taking place indoors so we didn't get to see anyone, but I had a bit of fun in seeing the buildings and imagining Jack atop them.

We did actually have some exciting fan moments. We were in viewing distance for part of a production meeting. We couldn't hear anything but it was cool seeing certain faces like RTD and Jane Espenson. We saw a lot of emphatic gesturing but nothing to be given away certainly. it looked like a fun group and Jane was kind enough to come mingle with us mere mortals; she was very sweet. Oh and we got a twitter wave from Shawna Trpcic who does the costumes and earlier tonight tweeted a pic of her and John on set, which I'm sure has made rounds by now.

All in all we had a lovely time, which was, as always, enhanced getting to talk to the lovely folks on set. We met a particularly kind security guard who chatted with us, Danny I think his name was. He did a fine job, hopefully we helped make his shift a little more enjoyable. As for spoilers to share, afraid I don't really have any and you know from past reports how I am about that.

Meanwhile, back at the studios, Russell T Davies goes beyond the call of duty once more ...
11:41 BBC Russell went up to greet a fan who was fixing our
air conditioning here at Warner Bros. AWESOME!

The filming schedule for the next week or so is currently unknown, though - with Kai Owen and Tom Price having been cited as pulling out of next weekend's Gallifrey One convention due to the "UK filming schedule on the next series of Torchwood" - expectation is of more sightings of the cast and crew in action in South Wales soon!