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Kaizoku sentai Goukaiger opening (clean version)

TW: Miracle day Week 3 filming

This week saw Torchwood: Miracle Day return to its 'ancestral' home of South Wales!

The lead-up to the week saw the cast and crew out in Los Angeles make their way to the United Kingdom; of the principle cast, this meant a return home for John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Kai Owen and Tom Price, and joined (so far) by Mekhi Phifer and Dichen Lachman. Crew-wise, Director of Photography Nathaniel Goodman and Directors Bharat Nalluri (episode one) and Bill Gierhart (episode two) also travelled over.

Last and certainly not least the two series masterminds Russell T Davies and Julie Gardner were also back amongst the familiar faces from the UK, including Producer for the UK segments Brian Minchin, whose name forms the basis of the "BM" production signs for the shoot.

Filming this week saw the crew ranging between Cardiff International Airport, a village farm, Rhossili Bay and the streets of Swansea!

Unlike in the US, production in the UK has not been shrouded in heavy security, and with a (mostly) UK production team in attendance, the traditional approach to filming that fans here are used to have continued. This has, of course, meant that the public have been able to witness more of the proceedings than in the previous fortnight, so this week's roundup includes many of their observations as well as the cast and crew's usual tweets!

Times cited within the report are in GMT

A new week and an early start for production, and after California it was a bit of a weather reality check as Dichen Lachman observed:

05:33 It was Cardiff. So inspiring... Up at 3:30am ready for first day.
11:19 Have not been this cold in years!
12:00 So hard to speak when you can't feel your face!!!!
18:47 Only just got my lines out my face was so numb.
The cold place in question turned out to at Cardiff International Airport, with the airport itself confirming the location being used:

19:30 BBC's Torchwood has been on site filming today near
the British Airways Maintenance hangar.
The airport was doubling up for London's Heathrow, and scenes there featured John Barrowman, Mekhi Phifer and Tom Price - the latter playing a newly promoted Sergeant Andy Davidson! Price also provided us with the latest "TW-Spy" images of his car and fresh uniform! Being a private location fan photos of filming weren't very likely today, though a passer-by did manage to spot the crew at work.

However, this wasn't the only filming for the day, with a second unit in operation a few miles away at a farm near Llantrithyd

These scenes are believed to have involved Eve Myles, as reported by Nate Goodman:

16:39 Day 1 in Wales finished! UK crew awesome. Eve Miles rocked today..
Now if I only could overcome jetlag

The Torchwood Production Office summarised a successful, if cold first day in a new country!

19:10 Everyone made it safely. Despite jet lag, the cast and crew have hit
the ground running in Cardiff!
19:18 Mekhi is definitely feeling the UK cold, tomorrow's temperature doesn't
look any better. Don't fret we're sending 2tons of heat packs stat.
19:21 Julie and Russell are so happy to meet old friends from the crew of
the original Torchwood, Doctor Who and Sarah Jane.
19:25 Lets give a warm welcome to director Billy Gierhart who has completed
the first scene from Ep.2 and say hello to Bharat Nalluri for us!
19:29 We're having some serious RTD withdrawals over here, the office is just
too quiet and the time change, gross. Very jealous of the UK crew.

The first of a three day shoot saw the cast and crew assemble at the National Trust's Old Rectory Cottage at Rhossili Bay. Kai Owen and Eve Myles were filming, braving the cold, wet and windy Welsh weather as helicopters swept over them.

The filming was watched by Chris Williams, who was able to survive the weather conditions without the aid of catering!

Report from Chris Williams:

I heard a few rumours from normally reliable sources that Torchwood were heading off to Gower... and, coincidentally, to Rhossili Bay, popular with tourists, surfers and one of my favourite places in Wales. Getting close to the Bay, I was beginning to wonder if my 60 mile journey would be in vain.. but the reassuring 'BM' sign at the Scurlage turn off put my mind at rest.

Today was a grey day, and umbrellas and winter coats were evident. Clearly, the cast, crew and security guys were freezing, and the Gower Peninsula was not showing itself at its best. The Base, Rhossili's car park, was packed full of the usual trucks, including make up, FATTS, lighting & special effects, though the catering trucks almost caused me to trespass!

Two helicopters caught my eye - one brown and military looking, the other sleeker, and I think, there to film the other in action. They were constantly circling Rhossili Bay, and Rectory Cottage, a farmhouse on a very steep hill. I wasn't clear what was happening at first, but one of the air crew told me the 'action' was actually in the cottage, but the track to it was closed!

Still, I found myself an alternative path down, the one I normally curse when struggling down in the summer with my surfboard. There were loads of trucks, and red & white mini-buses ferrying crew and cast up and down from the hill to the base.

I was quite pleased to see external lighting rigs and shields, as this clearly meant we'd see some action outside. Soon after I spotted Kai Owen, wearing a ridiculous cardigan and a pair of 'farmer's' corduroy trousers. Kai was relaxing between takes.

A few minutes later, the helicopter was back, circling the cottage - and security staff telling me to get out of the way of the shot. The shot comprised Kai, as Rhys tending a fire in his yard, puahing twigs around with a shovel. He noticed the helicopter - and appeared worried when it appeared to 'buzz' the cottage. Was someone unwanted looking out for Gwen and Rhys?

I heard from a crew member who had read some of the scripts that the helicopters contained the 'bad guys', possibly from some government agency, and they were actively seeking Gwen. We'll see in July if that turns out to be the case!

Eve appeared to be lurking by a wall, either keeping out of shot, or just quietly freezing. I was disappointed not to be able to get a decent picture of her! Maybe the next couple of days will bring us better luck!

At this point, I spotted Russell T. Davies and Julie Gardner, now both based in Los Angeles. They called a set meeting, and after a huddle and a few words, Rhys again did his 'fire' scene, and the helicopter dutifully came back for a further spin. It also started to rain - heavily! It felt real good to see Russell and Julie back in Wales.. wish they were back here permanently!

I hear they're filming at Rhossili for two more days, and at some point, pyrotechnics are promised. I may return to see!

Second day at Rhossili Bay, and today saw John Barrowman join the team for filming. As Chris mentioned, pyrotechnics were indeed present, too, both on the beach (for testing) and around the back of the cottage. Ryan Farrell was on hand to see some of goings-on:

16:12 Just been stopped on my beach walk... Because they're setting dynamite off!
17:07 Lots of machine gun shots. Helicopter is back.
Seems to be hovering behind the house
17:15 Looks like they're getting rid of the Real SFX van, trucks etc
so they can get some shots of the house from the helicopter
18:42 The cast and crew have broken for tea. Looks like a night shoot

The day was summed up by John Barrowman's agent, Gavin Barker:

20:55 fun day freezing on a south wales beach with
Torchwood and lots of exciting helicopter action...

The last day on location at Rhossii Bay saw a move away from the house today onto the beach, where various scenes were shot involving vehicles ranging across the sand, and the establishment of a large tent structure by the cliffs. Eve Myles, Kai Owen and John Barrowman were all on location today, and the helicopters were pressed into service once again!

Summary of the day from the Production Office:

22:17 "Today's car chase on Rhossili beach is the most complicated
and thrilling action sequence we've ever attempted" - Russell, Julie

After three days on the Gower Peninsula, it's back into town ... Swansea beckoned, with the crew descending upon the Bishop Gore School in Sketty. This caused quite some excitement with its occupants, with Nia enthusing: "WOW. John Barrowman is filming 'Torchwood' in our school right now!".

However, the school was actually serving as the base for production and photo-call, with filming to take place a few streets away at Cambridge Street - with residents there being informed of activity on their street back in December! The public notice informed that two days filming were expected, though it could carry on for up to five days in total!

The shoot involved life at the Cooper household, involving Owen, Gwen and her parents Geraint and Mary (William Thomas and Sharon Morgan). John Barrowman and Mekhi Phifer also had scenes, plus as the evening progressed Tom Price arrived to brave the cold evening, alongside a swathe of ambulances, police cars and SWAT.

Russell T Davies was also spotted, watching his creation take fruit (scenes are believed to be for episode one, as Bharat Nalluri was overseeing the activity).

Daytime report from Chris Williams:
The Base seemed smaller than usual - I'd not be surprised if we later hear of a second unit, working somewhere else in the area. It was fantastic meeting up with the main man, Russell T. Davies at the Base. We've met a few times before, previously in & around Cardiff, and we always manage a chat. I'd not caught up with him since his move to LA, so this was a welcome re-acquaintance.

I asked Russell how he was finding life in LA. He said that it was beautiful and he loved it, but it was clear he was more than pleased being back in Swansea, his beloved home town. When I asked if LA was a permanent home for him, he quickly replied that he was out there for 'a few years', but his firm intention was to return to Wales.

The topic of Ianto Jones and the campaign to resurrect him briefly came up. It was pretty clear that Russell hadn't really picked up that there was a campaign, or that it had somehow not really registered on him. He was very excited about 'Miracle Day', and secretive too. The vague few details he did allude to, I'm not going to print.

Russell confirmed that filming in Wales was scheduled for two weeks, but didn't seem to feel that this was fixed in stone. I'd not be surprised to see it extended. Did Russell expect to see future series of Torchwood? Yes he did, he certainly hoped so, and 'couldn't see why not'.

When I said that I was a little worried that Wales would possibly become less & less a part of any ongoing future Torchwood series - Russell said that he felt Wales would always feature in the show. He said that in a warm & sincere way.

As for today's filming, Russell suggested it might not be that exciting... perhaps a couple of people rushing into, and out of a house.

Russell then finished his coffee, posed for a couple of pix, and disappeared to record an episode of 'Confidential'. Whether he meant 'Confidential' - or 'De-Classified', I'm not sure.

Off to the location. A lovely & very typical row of Swansea terraced houses in the Town Hill part of the town. This clearly was going to be a lengthy shoot. I'm told the shoot was at 'Geraint's house' - he's Gwen's dad, played by Will Thomas. Perhaps some 'family time' was about to occur! The road was closed to all traffic from 0800 thru midnight, and heavy duty lighting rigs were all over the place.

I briefly chatted to producer, Brian Minchin, he of the 'BM' fame. He confirmed things were going well, and that the shoot was expected to take two weeks. Again, Brian hoped that Torchwood would continue beyond Miracle Day.

A larger number of security staff perhaps reflected the urban environment, and for the first time ever - photography was 'strictly banned'. I was told, oddly, that the director (a long haired, bearded, hippy-like character who's name I couldn't pronounce) was 'jumpy' when it came to cameras!

At this point, with powerful lights were trained on the target property, and runners were running, majorly, it was time to head home. A quick spin around the area, a trip to Mumbles and one of Joe's famous ice-creams - the best Wales has to offer!

Evening report from Ryan Farrell:
Eve Myles, John Barrowman and Tom Price were present, as was RTD. There was an ambulance, and a Police car. As well as Andy there was also a SWAT team of officers with large guns.

Cambridge Road itself is only short, and you can see from one end to the other, so getting photos wasn't too hard.
Also worth noting, the Police/ambulance had Welsh on them, so this is specfically Wales rather than the UK (sort of a given really).

Filming is to continue tomorrow according to locals.

Some final updates from the Production Office:

18:16 We've just got word that today's unit base is located
at the school where Russell's mother used to teach. Quite nostalgic.
19:23 Mekhi's just finished his photo shoot dressed in a blood soaked shirt.
All we can say is YES!
03:32 Temperatures are falling to -2 on tonight's shoot.
The wet down of the location is cancelled in case of freezing

The second day of filming on Cambridge Street. Eve Myles was again present, as were Danny Szam ("surveillance") and Ian Hughes (Ralph Finch). Activity during the day seemed to involve more various comings and goings at the Cooper household, both furtively and in a more official capacity.

Report from Alun Vega:
It was the first time I'd visited a Torchwood location since they filmed the "Newport riots" for Children of Earth in October 2008. Security was much tighter yesterday. I doubt they'd've blocked the road off with barriers in the past. That said, the security guards didn't seem bothered by my taking a few pics. Perhaps that was because filming was too far away to get more than a few pixels even with my 24x zoom!

Still, it was worth the trip to see Torchwood back on a typical South Walian street. The highlight of that last day in 2008 was Eve Myles turning up in a pair of green wellies, so it was nice that yesterday's scene was also all about Eve. It was hard to tell what was going on, but it seemed to involve some official-looking chaps paying a visit to Gwen at Number 27.

Finally, a view more shots courtesy of the locals of Cambridge Street who have lived with the cast and crew taking over their street for the last couple of days
Filming is expected to continue in Sketty for another couple of days, with reports of activity at a recently closed butcher's shop.
As a local resident noted::
Around the corner. They are going to drive a car into the front of my butcher's shop. Luckily he stopped trading last month. I do hope they put it back nice. Beautiful curved corner of old-fashioned shop fronts.

Another possible location is in the Magor area for Monday 31st January, though currently unconfirmed - as there are two episodes with two directors currently active it is possible that two units are operational in different parts of South Wales!

Tuesday 1st February sees the team filming at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay - just a mere stone's throw away from the original home of Torchwood at Roald Dahl Plass!

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New PR samurai teaser

DW Series 6 filming news round up

Casting directory Spotlight have listed Annabel Cleare as appearing in episode seven of the currently filming series of Doctor Who. Primarily in theatre, she has also appeared on television, mainly in documentary style programmes such as JFK Revealed for Channel 4 and The Real Atlantis for BBC2, and also a Home Fries Chips commercial!

The actress confirmed the role on Twitter, which also indicated that her young son Henry would also be appearing in the episode, though she described their roles as 'small'! Henry himself has appeared in a number of commercials and short films.

Child actress Lydia Fewell has also been listed, though for a currently unspecified episode in the series; she will be playing a "Child Alien". Her previous credits include the 2009 BBC4 radio play Chronicles Of Ait, and Wycombe Swan Theatre productions of Annie and Snow White.

Another tweet from Tuesday this week revealed a further piece of casting news: "My friend says her twins did their filming for Doctor Who today and were held by Matt. Bless. She said they'll feature strongly"

The Sun reported this morning that actor Hugh Bonneville would be appearing in the series, appearing as a "Pirate Captain". The Downton Abbey actor subsequently confirmed this himself later when he tweeted:

09:02 No idea what the weather's like on earth this day in 2011
because I am elsewhere, IN THE ACTUAL TARDIS ACTUALLY
Though he joked about with Downton Abbey co-star Dan Stevens, he also confirmed the usual policy that guest stars follow when working on Doctor Who!

12:05 *pokes head out of Tardis* What's going on here?
Dan you HAVE to do this one not that one. *shuts door*
13:09 *serious face* won't be posting pics from set or revealing
story so pls don't ask. Am guesting as pirate Cpt
14:38 Secrecy is so tight on this show that the crew wear
black balaclavas and only answer to the name Colin.

Update: Hugh Bonneville's character has been named as 'Avery' on his Gordon and French CV, and this also reports the director for this episode (three) as Jeremy Webb (a regular director on Merlin).

The Spotlight entry for Dan Starkey has been updated to reflect him playing a character named Strax in the Peter Hoar-directed episode (seven); as reported previously a Sontaran was spotted during filming a fortnight ago, so it seems likely that Starkey has once again donned the blue armour!

Meanwhile, a familiar face was spotted at the Millennium Stadium last week, with actor Simon Fisher-Becker - who previously appeared as Dorium in The Pandorica Opens - seen once again in blue, and believed to be reprising his role.

Meanwhile filming for the series has continued for episodes seven and three, with the cast and crew being spotted at the Millennium Stadium and Laguna Health and Spa in Cardiff centre on Wednesday 20th January, and during the course of this week at the Fillcare Ltd plant (formerly L'Oreal) at Talbot Green, Mid Glamorgan.

Details on filming:
Filming haThe day also saw filming take place at the nearby Laguna Health and Spa on Greyfriars Road:
At Laguna last night, the blue chap was there, along with some soldiers, but they were dressed all in black (including hat), so not UNIT.

Filming at the former L'Oreal plant this week was low-key, until Wednesday saw a note to staff informing them "to expect up to 70 cast and crew tomorrow for DW filming." Subsequent tweets on Thursday indicated that old enemy the Cybermen were on the move!
15:47 Hayley: A cyberman with dreadlocks! Ahhhh... :D Papa... Thank'you! :D
18:33 Anthony: Great day today. They've been filming for Dr Who at work
so lots of cybermen around and also got to meet Karen Gillan who plays
the Dr's assistant Amy Pond. What a lovely person, signed autographs and
chatted. Didn't get to meet Arthur Darvill who plays her on screen partner
Rory Williams as he was busy with the cybermen.
18:38 Hayley: My dad came home and said 'God. A group of cybermen are
so intimidating!' ;) haha!!

Filming continued today:
Cybermen in Pontyclun! Went for a nose and got there just as they were packing up. The only Cybery thing I saw was the suits being packed away. Sadly (?) they looked like the regular Cybus ones. But, Toby Haynes did say on the Confidential for The Pandorica Opens that they were originally going to have new Cybermen in the episode, but only new heads. Makes sense, really. There's only so much you can do the redesign a suit, and with a new head, spray of silver, and covering up of the Cybus logo, they'd look new.

Also saw Paul Kasey. No sign of main cast. And lots of the greenscreen. No photos unfort.

Next week, it has been reported that the cast and crew travel out of Wales to Cornwall, descending on the coastal town of St. Austell and filming in the Charlestown area of the town.

Possible spoilers on how the location might be utilised:
The Cornwall Guide describes it as:
Charlestown is an amazingly pristine, unspoilt example of a late Georgian working port. It was constructed between 1791 and 1801 by Charles Rashleigh, a member of the local landowning family, in reponse to the growth of the growth of the local mining industry. Originally built to export copper and import coal, it was soon being used for the export of China Clay

Bearing in mind the character played by Hugh Bonneville has been called both the Pirate Captain and Avery, a Georgian port might indicate a historical setting for episode three involving real-life pirate Henry Every (aka John Avery)!s continued on episode seven of the series; though the production team have kept a low profile in recent weeks, a couple of photos have surfaced from filming at Uskmouth Power Station (previously seen representing Battersea Power Station in Age of Steel) on the 13th January, showing some of the signs seen on location. One design of note is the 'octagonal' one that was previously seen in The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone last year, symbol of the Clerics that held River Song prisoner.

Another location related to River also popped up on the 20th January, when production re-surfaced in Cardiff with the base located at the Millennium Stadium; having been used for her prison during The Pandorica Opens, and knowing that Alex Kingston features in the currently filming episode, it seemed possible that the site was being utilised as the Stormcage Containment Facility once again.

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Megumi Yokta Anime (english dub)

Recently watched this so thought that it needs to be seen. In no way promoting this, just rsing awareness that needs attention to. Warning the film contains scenes that is disturbing and emotional distressing:

Stitch Zutto Saikō no Tomodachi Ep 23 - Lilo and The Reunion Day

Detective Conan 604

Summer Wars Preview clip (spoilers)

Sony's NGP

Gainax and Subaru team up to showcase new anime

Anime studio Gainax and car maker Subaru have teamed up to create a new magical girl anime named Hokago no Pleiades (Afterschool Pleiades), which will be streamed over the internet exclusively by YouTube.

The anime looks like a magical girl take on Subaru's name which, according to Subaru’s global website, is based upon a star cluster in the Taurus constellation known as Pleiades in English and Subaru in Japanese. “Six of its stars are visible to the naked eye…” hence the name and badge and the number of characters in the trailer.

Gainax have a lot of studio talent behind it including director Shouji Saeki who has worked on Mahoromatic: Tadaima Okaeri and Strike Witches 2. They have posted a 46-second video trailer for Hokago no Pleiades which can be viewed in high-definition on YouTube when the anime premieres on the 1st of February.

TW: News round up

Casting directory Spotlight have listed a few more actors cast for the currently filming Torchwood: Miracle Day.

First up, actor William Thomas is returning to the show playing Gwen's father Geraint Cooper - he previously appeared in series two's Something Borrowed at Gwen's wedding alongside Sharon Morgan as Gwen's mother Mary (at the time of writing she is not currently credited for filming). Interestingly his entry says that he is a "Series Regular".

Since his previous appearance in Torchwood, Thomas continued his role as Will James in Belonging, and in other Welsh series including Gari Tryfan, Ar Y Tracs and Alys.

Lena Kaur is credited as Dr. Alicia Patel; the actress is best known as regular character Leila in Hollyoaks, and most recently appeared in the television show Speechless and film The Endz.

Actor Danny Szam is listed as a character named Surveillance; he has appeared in Channel 4's Skins, and had a flurry of medical-related appearances in Doctors, The Royal and Casualty!

Finally, actor Daniel Adegboyega is listed as playing a guard in the series; his CV includes appearances in Spooks and The Bill.

Writer Jane Espenson confirmed that the ten episodes of the series will have individual episode titles (like series one and two). She is penning episodes three, five, seven and eight (the latter co-written with Ryan Scott), with Russell T Davies responsible for the series opener and finale, Doris Egan handling episode two, and John Shiban for episode six. This just leaves episodes four and nine to be revealed.

Episode one is being directed by Bharat Nalluri, and episode two by Bill Gierhart; both are working with The Sarah Jane Adventures producer Brian Minchin for filming in the United Kingdom, which itself sees expanded filming taking place over the next few weeks (with filming believed to cover several episodes for the series).

This week has seen varied locations being used, including Cardiff International Airport and Rhossili Bay. The South Wales Evening Post caught up with Russell T Davies at the latter location, where he spoke about bringing the show back into the UK:

There are so many good locations in Wales, and I love coming back to Swansea. I'm immensely proud of where I'm from and quite like the opportunity to show places like Rhossili to the world.

It's a sort of national trait of Wales that we tend to be very proud of where we are from, yet don't sing our praises enough.

I'm quite excited that Torchwood will hopefully introduce Wales to people who have never seen it before.

There have been a number of episodes of Doctor Who and Torchwood which have been filmed in Swansea, and I plan to keep that up. I don't think I'll ever run out of places to film here because there are so many great ones.

One thing I've quite enjoyed is the little jokes in the show about Brits feeling lost in America, and Americans not knowing where Wales is.

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Random word

euphonious flavoured crisps, with real euphonious pieces

NTA DW Cutawat -Mini Scene

Australia TX date for DW series 6

ABC in Australia have confirmed they plan to screen the 2011 series of Doctor Who shortly after the series is screened in the UK.

The plan was confirmed by Brendan Dahill, Network Programmer for ABC1, in an interview with TV Tonight.

I can’t tell you the date yet because the BBC haven’t told me what date they’re transmitting yet but we’re going close to UK TX again. Australians are great downloaders and they don’t want to wait until Easter to see a Christmas episode, so if we can get it out straight away we will.

The Christmas Special was shown in Australia on Boxing Day evening, less than 24 hours after it made its début on BBC One in the UK.

BBC America has also indicated it will screen the 2011 series within hours of its UK broadcast.

No Award for DW at the NTA's

Doctor Who lost out in the 2011 National Television Awards on Wednesday evening, failing to win an award for the first time since the return of the series in 2005.

The series was beaten in the Best Drama Category by the BBC series Waterloo Road, the contemporary drama series set in a challenging comprehensive school. Matt Smith was nominated for Best Drama Performance, but the award went to veteran actor David Jason.

It was a disappointing night for Doctor Who's showrunner, Steven Moffat, whose other show Sherlock was nominated but failed to win an award.

Doctor Who did play a part in the proceedings when the show opened with a specially shot 3 minute sequence, staring Matt Smith as the Doctor, trying to get host Dermot O'Leary to the show on time.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

DW Sketch on NTA

Tonight sees the announcement of the winners at the 2011 National Television Awards, where Doctor Who features in two categories:

Best Drama - Doctor Who

Best Drama Performance - Matt Smith, Karen Gillan

Regardless of the outcome, however, Doctor Who fans will be treated to a short Doctor Who themed sketch, in which Matt Smith and Dermot O'Leary travel in the TARDIS to the EastEnders and Coronation Street sets.

Super Sentai special full movie

Pokemon Black and white North America english premier

The Pokémon Company confirmed on Monday that the new Pokémon: Black & White television anime series will premiere on the Cartoon Network in the United States on February 12, while Canada's Teletoon network lists the February 13 premiere of the fourth Bakugan television series, Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge.

Before the American premiere of the Pokémon: Black & White anime, the Cartoon Network will run the North American premiere of the Pokémon Zoroark: Master of Illusions (Pocket Monster Diamond & Pearl: Genei no Hasha Zoroark) film on February 5 at 7:00 p.m. Pokémon: Black and White (titled Pocket Monsters: Best Wishes! in Japan) will then premiere with two episodes on February 12 at 9:00 a.m. The next generation of Pokémon videogames, titled Pokémon: Black and Pokémon: White, will ship on March 6 in North America. A new trading card game is also planned.

The official website for Canada's Teletoon network revealed that Bakugan: Mechtanium Surge, a follow-up to Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia, and Bakugan Gundalian Invaders, will premiere on February 13. The first episode will air at 1:30 p.m. Eastern/Pacific Standard Time.

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Stitch Anime- ep 23- preview

Super sentai 35th Anniversary special: Tensou Sentai Goesinger vs Samurai sentai Shinkinger

Detective Conan 603

Power Rangers Samurai trailer

TW Miracle day week 2 filming

Filming for Torchwood: Miracle Day continued this week in Los Angeles, California.

The week saw the main cast joined by Bill Pullman (Oswald Danes), Arlene Tur (Doctor Vera Jaurez), and original cast member Tom Price (Andy Davidson), with scenes filmed within an old prison, a "haunted" hospital, and Los Angeles City Hall!

As with last week, filming details are compiled from the tantalising tidbits revealed by the cast and crew on Twitter, plus the official production office feed, BBC Torchwood.

A more detailed breakdown of developments during the week follows below; times have been quoted for the local Californian timezone.

Filming: Week Two:

A new week, but no rest for the 'wicked'!
10:40 AS A 30 hour weekend was not enough to prepare me for the week.
Womens prisons, haunted hospitals... And btw those rn't storylines.
14:32 BBC After a long great week of work we're at it again.
Eve, Mekhi, & Kai all day today.
They say hello and tell everyone you know to follow us!
The shoot was summed up by Kai Owen:
21:06 KO Cracking day. Cracking Day. Eve gorgeous, Mekhi awesome.
No confirmation on where filming took place, but apparently popular vampire series True Blood was shooting next to the Torchwood production; as BBC_Torchwood put it: "Stealth mission #1: sneak Russell onto the set. Oops Ryan K, how did we get into your trailer?"


A busy day, with a production meeting for episodes two and three in the morning:
07:47 JE Meeting John Barrowman RIGHT NOW. He's RIGHT THERE.
08:52 BBC They're having a table read for EP#2 upstairs.
Bill Pullman is on location today. Great stuff.
11:43 TP Just done read of eps 2&3. Woooo. It's really good.
I played several roles, including Man#2 which I think
has awoken LA to my arrival well.
13:01 BBC Family style lunch with everyone.
We're all going to have Welsh accents by the end of this show.
It'll be wonderful.
13:58 KO The read through was epic! Amazing scripts. Great cast. Brilliant.

First "TW-Spy" for this week comes from Tom Price:

Actual filming for the day was at the Sybil Brand Institute, a former women's prison which closed in 1997 and has since been used for a variety of films and television, including Gangland, 24 and The X Files. No time off for the crew though, with another early morning start:
00:22 AS is going to prison at 6:42am.
I'll check in via FB and twitter once I'm situated haha
07:01 ST Big scenes today dressing 86 background head to toe.
15:11 AS Laying on a cold hard floor...

23:56 GB a very long day with an 8am script read for episodes 2+3,
then long location shoot at an old prison -
we love Arlene Tur a lot....


Another day, another location, this time the Linda Vista Hospital which since closure in 1991 has been the focus of a number of paranormal investigations as it is allegedly haunted! Unsurprisingly, it is another popular site for productions, playing host to Outbreak, Pearl Harbour, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and the original hospital for the pilot for E.R.! Today, however, it's the turn of Torchwood and first day in front of the camera for both Bill Pullman and Tom Price

(This was of course assuming that Tom and Kai had recovered from a previous day's excitement at Universal City! As Tom surmised: "Off to do some work soon. Not sure I'm ready. Can't I just keep going on roller coasters?")
10:36 KO Off in to work. It's gonna be emotional, and very HOT!!!
12:26 AS Oh my gosh. Bill Pullman = brilliant!
So frighteningly good it's hard to watch.

"TW-Spy" continues as Alana, Kai and Tom go on a ghost hunt in-between filming:


A night shoot, with Los Angeles City Hall being the focus of attention.
09:30 AS Oh boy... couldn't sleep in this morning but I have to work all night,
outside, in the cold... this might not be good.
14:20 BBC The action never stops, tonight is a big night for John and Alexa
on location in LA. We working hard on trying to release teasers :-)
14:24 BBC Tomorrow is a super big travel day for cast and crew.
Goodbye LA, hello Wales. :-)
Don't worry, we'll be tweeting from both locations.
14:31 BBC We will miss everyone here until you return, wishing you safe travel.
Now its time for the highly anticipated day 9 explosion. FUN.
18:53 BBC EP 2 and 3 production meeting then off to set to visit John and Alexa -
we hear its really exciting over there.

A number of fans were able to watch some of the filming outside the Hall during the evening:
Report from Dana Shukartsi:

Last word goes to Director of Photography Nathaniel Goodman for this week: "US shooting finished on high note Ep 1 Torchwood. Cool stunt - Capt. Jack and newby Esther great. Pullman kills as usual. Off to Wales!"

Key to initials: AS - Alexa Stone (fashion designer); BBC - BBC Torchwood (production office); GB - Gavin Barker (John Barrowman's agent); JE - Jane Espenson (writer); KO - Kai Owen (Rhys); ST - Shawna Trpcic (costume designer); TP - Tom Price (Andy)

Next week sees the shoot move across the Atlantic back to Torchwood's homeland, South Wales; costume designer Shawna Trpcic reported on Tuesday that costumes had been sent over (and that Gwen's new costume had been well received!), and confirmed on Thursday that UK-series veteran Lindsay Bonaccorsi would be handling the UK-side.

It also appears to be an extended shoot to the originally expected fortnight mentioned by Eve Myles last year. The Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles takes place on 18-20th February, and organiser Shaun Lyon has reported:

It's with great sadness that we must announce that Kai Owen and Tom Price will not be able to be with us at Gallifrey 2011. Tenth Planet Events (who was sponsoring them) just informed us that their UK filming schedule on the next series of Torchwood, which starts next week, has been extended, and regrettably, what they both expected would be a quick trip back to LA for the convention has to be cancelled.

The only known location for the UK shoot at the time of writing is at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff Bay on the 1st February, the interior of which last appeared in the series representing the offices of Permanent Secretary to the Home Office and Torchwood liaison John Frobisher in Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Local notice given for filming:
Torchwood filming at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff all day 1st February. Locals have been asked not to park in the car park area just outside as building is to be used as "a Victorian hospital" apparently.

Friday, 21 January 2011

Super sentai film 2011 details

The Japanese film distributor Toei announced during its 2011 lineup press conference on Wednesday that it will release a film tentatively titled Super Sentai 35-Saku Kinen Sakuhin on May 21. The film will assemble 199 heroes from every team in the live-action special-effects Super Sentai franchise — from the original 1975-1977 Himitsu Sentai Goranger to this year's Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. (Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger will launch next month in Japan as the 35th entry in the longrunning franchise.) In addition to the 199 heroes, the May 21 film will feature all of the giant robots in the franchise.

A separate film, Tensō Sentai Goseiger vs. Shinkenger Epic on Ginmaku, is opening in Japan this Saturday with the heroes from the 33rd and 34th Super Sentai entries. Anime and manga pioneer Shotaro Ishinomori launched the costumed hero franchise with Himitsu Sentai Goranger. Power Rangers Samurai, an American remake of the 33rd Japanese Super Sentai series Samurai Sentai Shinkenger, will premiere on the Nickelodeon channel on February 7.

Toei will also mark the 40th anniversary of Ishinomori's live-action Kamen Rider franchise with two films this year. OOO - Den-O - All Riders Let's Go Kamen Rider will assemble the Kamen Rider characters from all the entries in the franchise on April 1. On August 6, the newest Super Sentai and Kamen Rider series will cross over in the Gekijō-ban Kamen Rider OOO/Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger film.

Gundam Game for 3DS

Bandai Namco Games Inc. is currently streaming a promotional video for Gundam: The 3D Battle, an upcoming videogame for the Nintendo 3DS portable game console. The game is a single-player "Gundam action" game set for a March 24 release date in Japan. It will cost 6,090 yen (about US$73.00).

The Nintendo 3DS, which features 3D graphics without the need for special glasses along with the original Nintendo DS's dual-screen arrangement, will launch on March 27 in North America with a US$250 price tag. However, Nintendo says that the system will have region coding on games. Nintendo will release the system on February 26 in Japan for 25,000 yen (about US$300.00).

The video is not embeddable, but can be watched by visiting the game's official website and clicking on the console in the lower-right corner of the page.

Anime app for iphone/ipad

Golden Kids, the newest soccer anime from manga creator Youichi Takahashi (Captain Tsubasa), is launching worldwide through an exclusive app for iPhone and other iOS devices on Friday. (The app's menus are in Japanese, but the episodes are dubbed in Japanese, English, Portuguese, and Spanish.) The production committee describes the story as follows:

The Koganedai Downtown FC Golden Kids haven't won a single game since they formed. The captain and goal keeper, Goal Kitagawa is determined to win a game with the current members before he moves away next month. However, even after all the determination to win the next game they lose terribly, extending their losing streak to 22 games. Even the adults in the community who support the team begin to get fed up with all the losses.
At school, the constantly losing Golden Kids members start to get picked on and bullied, and the adults worry that the bullying will only get worse.

When the team members become depressed and lose their will to play, they see Goal practicing outside, silently and as hard as he can. Once again, the Golden Kids start to practice intensely to get that one win. The next game for the Golden Kids will be against the second best team in the Jonan League, the Wild Tigers.

Will the Golden Kids finally get their first win ever? What will the adults decide to do with the team?

The production committee began streaming a 89-second trailer on Thursday.

PW Samurai green ranger promo

Gaiman to appear on simpsons

Neil Gaiman, writer of the highly-anticipated episode four of Series 6, will guest star on popular cartoon The Simpsons. Via his Twitter, Gaiman noted:
Went to the Marge Simpson Studios. Recorded my part as 'Neil Gaiman', a British author.
Neil will make his appearance in "The Book Job", which will air in the US later this Spring. He also spoke about the event on his blog.

BBC One HD Promo

Writers for TW Miracle day

Russell T Davies is writing episode one, the opening to Miracle Day. We also know that John Shiban and Jane Espenson are writing at least one episode. But now, thanks to the magic of Twitter (if you're not signed up for it, you really should be!), exactly which episodes they're writing have been disclosed.

Jane Espenson announced her part on Episode 7:
I'm actually at home now, writing episode seven.
While John Shiban revealed that he is writing the preceding episode, along with at least one other script:

I got notes on TNW hour six! And Yes! Love notes that make it better!!
Working on another Torchwood script.
Take note of Shiban's wording; "hour six". Will the whole series take place in the space of ten hours, just like how Children of Earth's happenings occurred over five days

Thursday, 20 January 2011

BBC Drama Village update

A "topping out" ceremony will be taking place today at the Porth Teigr site at Cardiff Bay; the final section of concrete floor will be laid marking the completion of Phase One of the new BBC Media Village development.

The event will be attended by outgoing BBC Wales director Menna Richards, one of the driving forces behind the new development. Other guests include Welsh heritage minister Alun Ffred Jones, Cardiff Council leader Rodney Berman, and Mark Hallett of site developers Igloo Regeneration.

The first shows at the 170,000 sq ft site (Casualty and Pobol y Cwm) are due to commence production in Autumn once the buildings are fitted out. Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures will re-locate from the Upper Boat Studios in Tonteg during 2012 - a move meaning that Doctor Who's 50th Anniversary will be marked at the brand new facilities!

Radio Times Cover Party

The annual Radio Times Covers Party took place at Claridges in London on Tuesday evening, which as usual saw a multitude of stars gather together to celebrate another year's worth of Radio Times covers.

The event was hosted by former Doctor David Tennant, who was also presented with his cover for Single Father (9-15 October); Karen Gillan was there to receive the Doctor Who cover for The Pandorica Opens (19-25 June).

Other guests at the party included Steven Moffat, Rob Brydon, Terry Wogan, Aidan Grimshaw, Jean Marsh, Keeley Hawes, Hugh Bonneville and David Morrissey.

You can find a range of photos from the evening on the Radio Times website, featuring David Tennant, Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat amongst the other guests; evening developments were also revealed live and can be read via Twitter, including further behind-the-scenes photos.

The Radio Times have also provided a short video of the evening, featuring sound-bites from various celebrities, including host David Tennant and the current series representatives Karen Gillan and Steven Moffat (1m20s in).

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Manga creation program video

The above video is the eighth episode of Otaku-Verse Zero, a web video series created by Otaku USA Editor-in-Chief Patrick Macias and voice actress Yuu Asakawa (Love Hina's Motoko Aoyama, Fate/stay night's Rider).

At about four minutes into the episode, Macias and Asakawa demonstrate ComiPo!, Web Technology Com Corporation's Windows software which allows users to create manga without any drawing skills. Web Technology Com announced the software last October, and in December, the company also announced that the program will be released in English.

Manga UK adds new titles for 2011

Manga Entertainment's British branch has announced via Twitter that it will release Fairy Tail and Shikabane Hime (Corpse Princess) this year. The company then clarified that the Shikabane Hime license only covers the first season, Shikabane Hime: Aka.

Fairy Tail is an ongoing television anime based on Hiro Mashima's manga of the same name. Crunchyroll is simulcasting the series, but there has been no announcement of a DVD or Blu-ray Disc release in North America at this time. Del Rey Manga published the North American Fairy Tail manga until Kodansha Comics took over its licenses from Del Rey.

Asked whether the Fairy Tail license would be for DVD or streams, Manga confirmed that it "should be DVD" but that the company is still awaiting details from the licensor. The company hopes to "get a volume out in 2011."

In 2008 and 2009, studio Gainax adapted Yoshiichi Akahito's manga Shikabane Hime into two anime titles: Shikabane Hime: Aka and Shikabane Hime: Kuro. The series was licensed in North America by Funimation in 2008.

Manga UK also announced that it will release the DVDs and Blu-ray Discs of Eden of The East the Movie I: The King of Eden film in June and Eden of The East the Movie II: Paradise Lost in November

DW Casting news

two cast members have now been confirmed for this episode, forming what seems like another duo in the series.

The episode itself is currently unknown in the running order for the series.


According to Vic Murray Talent, Dan Johnston will feature as a character named Thin Man; the actor has previously appeared as regular Jonty in Sold, a journalist in Hotel Babylon, and featured in two pilots for Thames Television, Team UK and Navelgazing: 4Tissimo.

Debi Allen Associates lists stand-up comedian Charlie Baker as Fat Man. Baker's television credits include being a panellist on Channel 4's Beer and Pizza Club and BBC2's Never Mind the Buzzcocks, and appearing in The IT Crowd; he also featured as a band singer in the film The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.


Two artists have been credited for another unknown story; Spotlight lists child actresses Fern Duncan and Frances Encell as providing voice overs for Doctor Who (filmed in 2010).

Fern has had roles on television in Poirot and in the film Gulliver's Travels, and has appeared on stage in The King and I and Annie Get Your Gun. Meanwhile, Frances has appeared on television in Emmerdale and The Royal, and on stage in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and The Sound of Music.

Both actresses are enrolled at the Sylvia Young Agency and Theatre School.

Tardis on set of Eastenders

Regular watchers of live webcam updates from the film set of the BBC's soap Eastenders were surprised to see the TARDIS "materialise" in Walford this morning!

Messages on the show's webcam discussion board included:
186. At 11:21am on 18 Jan 2011, darrenh2011 wrote:
doctor who tardis on set near R&R
187. At 1:01pm on 18 Jan 2011, Mick - Finglas wrote:
And now its moved to Bridge St beside the Cafe...!!!
Wonder whats going on...???

The police box prop was actually pressed into service in relation to a link being prepared by presenter Dermot O'Leary for the National Television Awards, taking place next week. Eastenders is vying against Coronation Street, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks for the award for Serial Drama, so the TARDIS might well pop up in other well-known locations!

iPlayer Stats

Figures released by the BBC Press Office show that the Doctor Who Christmas Special: A Christmas Carol, was accessed over 700,000 times on the BBC iPlayer in the week after transmission.

The episode was the 8th most accessed programme in December, dispite only being available for the last week of the month. Overall December was a record month for the iPlayer with 89.7 million requests for TV Programmes.

Jana Bennett, BBC Director of Vision, said
Large numbers of viewers watched the BBC's channels this Christmas but at the same time a record number were also using BBC iPlayer. This shows how complementary and essential BBC iPlayer is as part of today's viewing.

Matt Smith's first full story as The Doctor, The Eleventh Hour, still holds the record for the most accessed programme ever on iPlayer, with 2.24 million requests, way ahead of the second placed Top Gear. Every single episode of Smith's first series was in the top thirty accessed programmes of the year, with Doctor Who taking seven of the top ten places. David Tennant's Swan-song, The End of Time: Part Two came in at number 33, with just over a million requests. A Christmas Carol was the 73rd most requested programme in 2010, but was also available for the first week of 2011.

In terms of overall programme totals, Doctor Who Series Five had 19.5 million requests. The most requested programme was EastEnders, with over 100 million requests, although spread over a much larger number of episodes.

Other series of Doctor Who faired well with repeats of Series 4 being requested over 2 million times. The most requested Doctor Who item on BBC Radio was the Radio Seven transmission of the reading of Doctor Who and The Giant Robot, which was requested over 200,000 times. In total there were over 32 million requests for Doctor Who connected programmes.

Monday, 17 January 2011

TW Week one filming

Filming for Torchwood: Miracle Day commenced this week, filming in Los Angeles, California.

The week saw the main cast assembling together for filming, with "US lead" CIA agent Mekhi Phifer kicking off proceedings, joined on Wednesday by John Barrowman, and from Thursday Eve Myles (Gwen) and Kai Owen (Rhys). Alexa Havins (Esther Katusi) was also present.

Though fan access to shooting is very restrictive (certainly in comparison to UK filming!), tantalising filming details have slowly trickled through via various members of cast and crew on Twitter, including Director of Photography Nathaniel Goodman, Fashion Designer Alana Stone and Costume Designer Shawna Trpcic - plus a commentary of tidbits from the official production office feed, BBC Torchwood!

A more detailed breakdown of developments during the week follows below; times have been quoted for the local Californian timezone.

The first week of filming:
Filming kicks off without a hitch, though for some it is an early start to the shoot!

21:14 Alana Stone: Day one of Torchwood filming starts at 4:42am Monday morning...
Here we go.
21:57 Jane Espenson: I have to be up early for Torchwood shenanigans in the morning.
So g'night, Twitter!
07:34 Jane Espenson: we start shooting new episodes today!
09:57 BBC Torchwood: Day 1. First shot 8:01am. Coffee pots are bottomless today.
12:32 Alana Stone: Wow day 1= crazy good team work but crazy none the less!
17:24 Nate Goodman: Great first day of shooting Torchwood done!
But the really fun stuff yet to come..
09:18 BBC Torchwood: Day 1, smooth sailing, we're so lucky to have such a great crew.

Meanwhile, Kai Owen (Rhys) confirmed he'd start shooting from Thursday, alongside on-screen wife Eve Myles (Gwen):

Well my bags are packed! I fly to LA tomorrow and am on set with Eve on Thursday!!
Torchwood - Miracle Day is coming. I'm buzzing.

via TwitpicTuesday saw a report that Mekhi Phifer (CIA agent Rex Matheson) was filming scenes in a hospital.

Meanwhile, Captain Jack himself John Barrowman arrived for his costume-fitting, something that BBC Torchwood described as "a sweet new wardrobe", with the fitting being "revealing". As one might expect, the coat is back, "a beautiful new design that we all want to own. It's stylish and absolutely brilliant."

Alana Stone also provided us with the first of what might well be the US production team's version of "WhoSpy", showing one of the chairs that are in use for the cast/crew during the shoot.

John Barrowman returns as Captain Jack Harkness, kicking off in style for a Los Angeles night shoot. As BBC Torchwood put it:

17:07 Night shoots all action packed and it's John's first day of work.
Really exciting night.
It's Eve Myles and Kai Owen's turn to be welcomed to the new production, another night shoot that this time takes place in CIA Headquarters.

07:10 Kai Owen: Good morning from LA!
I start work on Torchwood - Miracle Day. Tonight!!!
20:01 BBC Torchwood: She's here tonight everyone, the Eve Myles.
Tonight we've got almost a full cast.
John, Alexa, Kai. Bill and Russell are meeting as well.
23:58 Alana Stone: Day four... All night in CIA headquarters.

"TW-Spy" continues with a couple of shots of office boards and cast trailers from Shawna Trpcic and Alana Stone; the trailers seem to have an iconic image for each character:

Meanwhile, Tom Price, the erstwhile former police colleague of Gwen, Andy Davidson, reported that he too would be joining the Torchwood crew:

Off to LA next week! That's about it really!
Filming for another night shoot took place at No 650 South Spring Street, an old bank building that has seen use in a number of film productions over the years, including Spider Man 2, Ghost, and The Mask.

20:12 BBC Torchwood: John and Alexa have an exciting scene to shoot tonight.
We're all taking turns to visit location.
We love our Torchwood Crew!
22:08 Alana Stone: Day/night 5... No rest for the wicked.
Poor Alexa is running in 5 inch heels. Girl is a trooper!
01:26 Shawna Trpcic: Crew will shoot til 6 or 7 am time for me to sign off. Blessings.

The production vehicles were spotted by fan Timothy Cerjan:

Capt. Jack Harkness is shooting new Torchwood by my office.
The 21st Century is when it all changes. [pic]:

Next week sees the shoot continue in Los Angeles for another four days or so, with filming on Thursday to take place at City Hall. Directory of Photography Nate Goodman then reported that they fly out to the United Kingdom, where filming will continue in Wales the following fortnight (as reported in an interview with Eve Myles last year).

DW Sereis 6 filming reports

2011 has seen filming continue on Doctor Who, with work being completed on Matthew Graham's two-parter during the first week of January. Filming took place at Atlantic College in Welsh St. Donats, picking up from filming that needed to be completed from an earlier visit during December. This was followed in the middle of the week by pick-ups back at Cardiff Castle, and then finally at the end of the week at the Senedd at Cardiff Bay.

Graham commented on the 4th about the impending completion of his episodes, via Twitter:

16:20 So wished I could've spent more time on set. Lovely team.
Very friendly and very Up. Oh and very, very cold.
20:34 My DW 2-parter finishes shooting end of this week.
They will be glad to come in out of the perishing cold. Poor dears.

Reports from the first week of filming:

Ryan Farrell, 3rd January: Followed the signs to St Donats, where they've resumed today. Went round the back of the castle to the beach, then walked back towards the castle and heard a familiar Highlands accent before seeing Karen being escorted into the castle. Nothing to add to that, other than trailer 3, which I think is Arthur (he says which number trailer he uses on his video diary).

Ryan Farrell, 5th January: Filming was back at Cardiff Castle today. Saw an actress with Cleo-style black hair with a straight fringe, 100% Sarah Smart. There was also a "Mark" and I googled Mark Bonnar who's down to be in this story and that's also 100% him. Finally, there was a "Leon" and that was Leon Vickers. The only new bit of info is that I think Leon or Mark (who we don't have names for yet) is called Timmy/Jimmy/something similar.

Alun Vega, 8th January: Seems it was a night shoot at the Senedd. Spotted Karen and several smart-suited supporting artists leaving. Base packing up.

Last week saw production begin on Block 4, concentrating on the spring series climax episode seven and the new episode three from Steve Thompson. Steven Moffat commented on the 13th:

13:59 Okay. Episode 7 of the new series, is the 777th episode of Doctor Who.
14:01 Oh, and we just started shooting it.
Filming took place at Lafarge Aberthaw Cement Works on the 11th January, during which an old adversary of the Doctor's was spotted! With Moffat's comments above, it isn't clear whether this filming is for the new Block 4, or the final batch of filming for Block 3. However, the 13th certainly did see episode seven filming taking place at a (currently unknown) power station.

Reports from filming last week:
There was a day's set-up on the 10th at the works, before filming itself took place on the 11th. The interior of one of the buildings was dressed to represent what looks like a makeshift military medical centre, in somewhat disarray. Alien writing could be seen on trolleys, and throughout the set were a stylised cross that looked a little like those of the Knights Templar!

Outside, the TARDIS was set up, which appeared to be menaced by a Sontaran trooper!
Power station filming on the 13th, reported by Paul Hebbard the following day on Twitter:

08:34 Doctor Who filmed at power station overnight.
Loads of trucks and weird looking monks
20:53 Re doctor Who, all I can say is monk aliens and teleporters.
16 hours set up and 9 hours filming, all done and gone Thursday

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Power rangers samurai promo- Blue and yellow rangers

Power rangers samurai theme song

People round up

David Tennant is to become a father according to a report in the British tabloid, The Daily Mail. Tennant is expected to marry his long term girlfriend Georgia Moffett early next year. The paper claims that the couple's first child is expected this spring.

Sean Pertwee the son of Third Doctor Jon Pertwee, has made a sci-fi foray of his own with Ultramarines: A Warhammer 40,000 Movie, based on the tabletop game. A DVD of the film has just been released, with Pertwee voicing the character of Brother Proteus. In an interview with the Sunday Mercury he talks about the film and of growing up with his dad as Doctor Who.

James Corden, who played Craig Owens in The Lodger, will present the 2011 Brit awards on 15 February. He last presented the awards with Kylie Minogue in 2009. Peter Kay who played Victor Kennedy in Love & Monsters presented the awards in 2010.

Friday, 14 January 2011

Detective Conan t-shirts go-on sale

At the end of the month, the cosplay outfit store chain Cospa will begin selling three new Detective Conan (Case Closed) T-shirts, including a Black Organization (Kuro-Zukume no Soshiki) one that doubles as a face mask of the manga's antagonists. The Black Organization T-shirt simply has the name of the international criminal organization from Gosho Aoyama's manga and anime printed in Japanese on the front. However, if the wearer pulls the shirt over his or her head, the inside of the shirt reveals the silhouette of one of the manga's mysterious foes as a disguise.

The other two shirts have "Mitame wa Kodomo! Zunō wa Otona!" ("The looks of a child! The brains of an adult!") or "Baarō" (Conan's catchphrase shortening of "baka yarō" or "idiot") printed on them. Although the shirts officially go on sale at the end of the month, people can buy them early at the Jisedai World Hobby Fair '11 Winter event, which runs in multiple Japanese cities from January 16 to February 6.

Lilo to appear in Stitch anime

The alien creature Stitch will reunite with his first human friend Lilo in the January 25 episode of Stitch! ~Zutto Saikō no Tomodachi~, the third television anime series based on Disney's Lilo & Stitch franchise. Lilo appeared in the franchise's 2002 debut feature film three direct-to-video sequels, and the television series that Disney produced in the United States.

However, the Hawaiian island girl has not appeared directly onscreen in five years; instead, the three recent Stitch! anime series that the studios MADHOUSE and Shinei Animation have produced in Japan feature Yūna, Stitch's new human friend from the southern islands of Japan.

In the January 25 episode of Stitch! ~Zutto Saikō no Tomodachi~, Lilo will come to the Japanese island of Okinawa and meet Stitch again. According to the producers, the episode will explain for the first time why the two friends have been separated so long.

Barrowman new costume

The official Torchwood Twitter stream has informed followers that John Barrowman started filming on Miracle Day yesterday.

Night shoots all action packed and it's John's first day of work. Really exciting night.
The Twitter page also revealed that Captain Jack has a new costume:

STUNTS! STUNTS! So many STUNTS! Did we forget to mention Captain Jack has a sweet new wardrobe, yesterday's fitting was... revealing.

Captain Jack will certainly have his coat, a beautiful new design that we all want to own. It's stylish and absolutely brilliant.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Funimation to Simulcast Fractale Starting Tomorrow

The North American anime distributor Funimation has announced on its blog that it will begin simulcasting the television anime Fractale on Thursday, January 13 at 11:45 a.m. EST.

Fractale's story is set on an island at the far reaches of a continent where the "Fractale System" is on the brink of collapse. A boy named Clain embarks on a journey to search for Phyrne — a girl who disappeared, leaving behind only a pendant. Clain will eventually learn the secrets of the "System."

Kannagi and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya's Yutaka Yamamoto (a.k.a. "Yamakan") is directing the television anime series at his studio Ordet. Also involved are otaku scholar Hiroki Azuma (as story developer) and series script supervisor Mari Okada (Kuroshitsuji, Toradora!). The illustrator Hidari (Uso-tsuki Mii-kun to Kowareta Maa-chan light novel) is creating the original character designs.

The 11-episode series is part of the Noitamina television block on Japan's Fuji TV, with whom Funimation has signed an agreement to simulcast the block. According to Funimation's announcement, the series will be exclusively simulcast by Funimation "in addition to third-party streaming partners." Crunchyroll has also announced that it will simulcast a Noitamina title: Wandering Son (Hourou Musuko), which will begin on Thursday at 1:00 p.m EST.

Power Rangers Samurai Press release

The Samurai Power Rangers are: Jayden (Alex Heartman), the Red Ranger and the team's leader; Mia (Erika Fong), the Pink Ranger who is the confident and caring "big sister" of the Rangers; Kevin (Najee De-Tiege), the Blue Ranger, is a great swordsman who lives by the code of the Rangers; Emily (Brittany Pirtle), the Yellow Ranger, is the youngest but most optimistic of the group; and Mike (Hector David), the Green Ranger, who is a bit of a rebel and would rather be destroying video monsters than real ones.

In the action-packed premiere episode, "The Team Unites," after Mike can't anticipate an attack like Kevin and Jayden, he grows frustrated and takes a break from training to meet up with old friends. But when a long-armed monster named Rofer attacks, Mike unsuccessfully attempts to fight him alone, and his friends are injured. Jayden and Mentor explain the hard truth that Samurai Rangers must stay away from family and friends in order to protect them from the dangers that are involved with being a Ranger. Inspired, Mike begins to take his role and training as a Samurai Ranger more seriously. With Jayden's help, Mike uses his training and creativity to anticipate Rofer's moves and defeats him.

The premiere of Power Rangers Samurai will simulcast in full on Nick Mobile, and post-premiere, a dedicated show category will be available through Nickelodeon's video-on-demand partners. In support of the show launch, will feature a new Power Rangers Samurai-themed Game of the Week beginning Thursday, Feb. 3, where players battle villains as his or her favorite Power Ranger. The site will also include a dedicated show page featuring videos, photo galleries, a quiz, a villain flipbook, message boards, as well as cast and character bios.

DW Series 6 episode changes

Steven Moffat has announced changes to the episode order for the 2011 series of Doctor Who.

Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, the executive producer revealed he has shuffled the running order of the series with the Mark Gatiss penned story moving into the second half of the season, due in the Autumn.

The story was originally scheduled to run in the first part of the series due in the spring. The empty slot will now be filled by an episode written by Steve Thompson. Although new to Doctor Who, Thompson is an established writer who is best known for his work with Moffat as the author of the second Sherlock episode, The Blind Banker. He won the Arts Council's Meyer-Whitworth Award for new writing for his first play, Damages, in 2004.

Thompson's script will run as the third episode in the series, with the long awaited Neil Gaiman script moving into position four.

Moffat told the magazine the changes are purely to balance out the look of the series and to combat worries in the production team that there was "not enough outside" in the first half of the series.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Akihabara iPhone app

Prime Style Corporation has released an application for the iPhone and other iOS devices called Akihabara Guide. The app features original anime-inspired characters who provide information on shops and restaurants around Akihabara (Akiba), Tokyo's shopping district which is well-known for catering to the tastes of anime, manga, and game fans.

The application is available in six languages: English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese. The app costs US$1.99 on the North American iTunes store and 230 yen on the Japanese store.

TW Twitter news

The production office responsible for the new series of Torchwood, Miracle Day, have started up an official Twitter feed, @BBC_Torchwood; the feed will be used to promote the production of the new series, kicking off yesterday with:

17:57 First shot 8:01am. Coffee pots are bottomless today.
20:11 Russell and Julie are here today to oversee filming and
attend concept meetings for EP 2 & 3. We LOVE them!

The feed has been officially confirmed by BBC Marketing, and has been created in response to a fake Facebook/Twitter publisher being uncovered last week.

DWM 430 details

he latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine (out in the shops on Thursday 13th January) features a new look, with 84 pages dedicated to the world of Doctor Who! The new issue looks ahead to the second series to feature Matt Smith as the Doctor, with both him and co-star Karen Gillan discussing what they think of each other and what's in store for their characters this coming year.

Matt comments on forthcoming monsters in the series:
There are some great monsters coming up in Series Two; Steven Moffat has created the greatest monsters since the Weeping Angels. It might even eclipse the Angels for me...
Karen adds:
I think it’s the scariest one yet, physically and just what it does. They’ve got one thing about them that feels almost undefeatable

Also in this issue:
Electric Dreams! DWM talks to the people behind the DVD range – and reveals ALL the Doctor Who DVDs releases coming up in 2011! Will your favourites be among them?

Train of Thought! Doctor Who’s Head Writer, Steven Moffat, takes the train with the Doctor, Amy and Rory, and tells DWM of a fantastic journey accompanied by saucy pictures of Karen Gillan – and a very special copy of the script for Episode 7...

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

TW Begins filming

According to the spin off’s crew, who have launched an official Twitter feed to keep us up to date with the latest production developments, the first shot for the 10-part series took place at 8:01am this morning. Its creator Russell T Davies and executive producer Julie Gardner were on set to oversee the start of filming, which will continue for the next 7 months in the US and the UK.

Meanwhile, Kai Owen, who will be returning in the series as Gwen’s husband, Rhys, has confirmed on his Twitter that he’s flying out tomorrow ready for his first day on location with Eve Myles on Thursday

TW: Miracle Day press release

BBC Cymru Wales, BBC Worldwide and US premium entertainment network, Starz Entertainment, today announced new cast, plot and character details for the new series of hit BBC drama Torchwood. This highly anticipated new series will have the title Torchwood: Miracle Day and will premiere this July.

ER and Lie To Me star Mekhi Phifer will play Rex Matheson, a C.I.A. operative who joins forces with Captain Jack and Gwen Cooper to fight a global conspiracy that reaches from Washington to Wales and the slums of Shanghai whilst Bill Pullman, best known for his big screen roles such as While You Were Sleeping and Independence Day will take on the role of Oswald Danes, a convicted child killer who survives his own execution to become the most infamous man on the planet.

Also making their Torchwood debuts are Alexa Havins as Esther Drummond, a deskbound C.I.A employee who dreams of active duty and who suddenly finds herself running alongside Jack, Gwen and Rex; and Arlene Tur as Dr Vera Juarez, a Washington D.C. surgeon, who ends up on the frontline of medical care on "Miracle Day" advising the government think-tanks on the best course of action for the world's population.

The plot of Miracle Day is the most explosive Torchwood storyline yet. One day, nobody dies. All across the world, nobody dies. And then the next day, and the next, and the next, people keep aging -- they get hurt and sick -- but they never die. The result: a population boom, overnight. With all the extra people, resources are finite. It's said that in four months' time, the human race will cease to be viable. But this can’t be a natural event – someone's got to be behind it. It's a race against time as C.I.A. agent Rex Matheson investigates a global conspiracy. The answers lie within an old, secret British institute. As Rex keeps asking "What is Torchwood?", he's drawn into a world of adventure, and a threat to change what it means to be human, forever.

John Barrowman and Eve Myles will return in their roles as Captain Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper respectively.

The 10-episode instalment has been written by a team led by Torchwood creator, Russell T Davies, and produced by BBC Worldwide Productions. Davies and BBC Worldwide Productions' SVP Scripted, Julie Gardner, return as executive producers with BBC Worldwide Productions EVP Jane Tranter. The series has been commissioned by Controller BBC Drama, Ben Stephenson, and Starz President and CEO, Chris Albrecht.

BBC Worldwide, having previously distributed Torchwood to territories such as Korea, Japan, Italy, Spain, Israel, Russia and across Latin America will distribute the new series to broadcasters globally.

While previous series were based on location in Cardiff, Wales, this new instalment will feature locations in the US and around the world.

The series was originally commissioned and produced in 2006 by BBC Cymru Wales, with the latest high octane series capturing UK audiences of more than 6million.

About BBC Worldwide
BBC Worldwide Limited is the main commercial arm and a wholly owned subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). The company exists to maximise the value of the BBC’s assets for the benefit of the licence fee payer and invest in public service programming in return for rights. The company has six core businesses: Channels, Content & Production, Sales & Distribution, Magazines, Home Entertainment and Global Brands. In 2008/09, BBC Worldwide generated profits of £102.6 million (before exceptionals) on sales of over £1 billion.

About BBC Worldwide Productions
BBC Worldwide Productions is headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in New York and works in collaboration with the BBC Worldwide Content & Production team in the UK. Led by Jane Tranter, the company develops new and innovative programs for U.S networks as well as taking acclaimed British formats, both scripted and unscripted, and re-versioning them for U.S. audiences. Unscripted successes include the Emmy®-winning and ratings juggernaut, "Dancing with the Stars," as well as the "What Not to Wear," which recently celebrated its 250th episode.

About Starz Entertainment
Starz Entertainment, LLC, is a premium movie and original programming entertainment service provider operating in the United States. The company offers 16 premium channels including the flagship Starz® and Encore® brands with approximately 17.1 million and 31.1 million subscribers respectively. Starz Entertainment airs in total more than 1,000 movies and original series every month across its pay TV channels and offers advanced services including Starz HD, Encore HD, Starz On Demand, Encore On Demand, MoviePlex On Demand, Starz HD On Demand, Encore HD On Demand, MoviePlex HD On Demand, and Starz Play. Starz Entertainment ( is an operating unit of Starz, LLC, which is a controlled subsidiary of Liberty Media Corporation, and is attributed to Liberty Starz (NASDAQ: LSTZA), a tracking stock group of Liberty Media Corporation.


REX MATHESON (Mekhi Phifer)
He's the golden boy. The embodiment of the American dream and has been all his life. Harvard education, Rex is destined for success and could make a fortune in Wall Street or Hollywood, but he chose the C.I.A. because he believes in justice and will fight for it. He can talk his way into anything, then charm his way out, fast. This may be just what he needs as he joins forces with Jack and Gwen to fight a global mystery behind "Miracle Day" that has them racing from one crisis to another, dodging assassins, blackmail, corruption and conspiracy, from Washington to Wales and the slums of Shanghai.

Jack looks like a hero. He's handsome, witty and subversive with a killer smile. But there's a reason for that glint in his eye. His dashing style hides a secret. Truth is Jack Harkness is immortal, the only one of his kind. He once ran the Torchwood Institute, a British organization dedicated to fighting the strange and bizarre. But Torchwood closed down, and Jack disappeared, to start yet another of his many new lives. When a new, epic danger affects the whole planet, Jack finds himself back at the center of events, fighting not just for his own life, but for everyone on Earth.

Gwen once lived the ultimate double life - the funny, salty, earthy woman who loves home and family, combined with the tough, ruthless warrior, who loves the thrill of the fight. She was the heart and soul of an organization called Torchwood. She was a defender of the human race. But now she lives in seclusion, with her devoted husband Rhys and baby Anwen, knowing that one day trouble would come calling again. When events surrounding "Miracle Day" push Gwen to the limit, she'll need to call on resources she never knew she had and make the most terrible decisions, on behalf of all mankind.

Esther is an innocent, in a world of assassins, liars and zealots. She got where she is with the C.I.A through diligence and application. Hard work keeps Esther focused but she still dreams of active duty as a field agent serving her country. The dream is going to happen faster than she thinks and in no time at all, Esther finds herself running alongside Jack, Gwen and Rex, living off the grid, gun in hand, fighting a global conspiracy against enemies ranging from big business to the state. It’s a tough, brutal, hard lifestyle where survival is hard won and life-changing choices have to be made.

OSWALD DANES (Bill Pullman)
Well-educated and a former school teacher, Oswald’s a convicted child killer, both guilty and unrepentant. But when Oswald survives his own execution, he’s given a whole new life. The most infamous man in the world, he becomes the most provocative figure in modern media. He’s a flare, reviled yet mesmerizing, whose very existence embodies how the world changed on "Miracle Day".

DR. VERA JUAREZ (Arlene Tur)
An attending surgeon in Washington D.C., she's smart, fast talking and hard working, Vera is on the frontline of medical care on "Miracle Day". As the world crisis grows, Vera's surgical and ER experience sees her recruited to advise on government think-tanks until she has to make a moral choice of enormous consequence. Sexy, confident and passionate, Vera's life is soon inextricably tangled up with Rex's.


JOHN BARROWMAN (Captain Jack Harkness)
John Barrowman first played Captain Jack Harkness in the award-winning series "Doctor Who." The character was such a hit with the public and critics alike that when Russell T Davies created "Torchwood," John was invited back to recreate the character as the leader of the Torchwood team.

Recently voted number three in Broadcast Magazine's 'Hot 100 Talent,' John is an accomplished actor, musician and writer. In addition to his lead role on "Torchwood," John's television career has included recurring roles on "Desperate Housewives," "Titans" and "Central Park West."

John is also well known in the UK for his work as a presenter and producer of primetime entertainment formats, such as "Tonight's The Night." He has also appeared as a judge on entertainment properties such as "How to Solve A Problem Like Maria." His West End credits include "The Phantom of the Opera," "Anything Goes" and "Miss Saigon," amongst others.

EVE MYLES (Gwen Cooper)
Eve Myles won the Welsh Bafta for Best Actress for her role as Gwen in "Torchwood," season one. She has appeared in numerous television programs including "Merlin," "Doctor Who," "Tales of Pleasure Beach" and "Soundproof." Her most recent work was in the BBC's adaptation of Charles Dickens's "Little Dorrit," as Maggy. Eve was also a winner of an Ian Charleson Award for her work in "The Taming of the Shrew" and "Titus Andronicus" for the Royal Shakespeare Company and performed at The National Theatre playing Doll Tearsheet in "Henry IV: Part I" and Lady Mortimer in "Henry IV: Part II" alongside Michael Gambon and directed by Nicholas Hytner.

Mekhi Phifer is a critically acclaimed television and film actor best known for his work as Greg Pratt in the Emmy Award-winning series "ER" and his performance as Future, opposite Eminem and Brittany Murphy in 8 Mile.

Phifer was most recently seen on Fox’s compelling drama series "Lie To Me" as FBI Agent Ben Reynolds. His television resume includes an NAACP Image Award-nominated performance as a death row inmate in "A Lesson Before Dying." He showcased his vocal talents as a love struck cop in the modern musical adaptation "Carmen: A Hip-Hopera." He was also given the opportunity to highlight his comedy chops in a four-episode stint on HBO's "Curb Your Enthusiasm."

In addition to his thriving television career, Phifer has appeared in a number of successful films, including O (Lionsgate) alongside Julia Stiles and Josh Hartnett; I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (Columbia/TriStar) with Jennifer Love Hewitt; and the mystery thriller An Invited Guest, winner of the 1999 Urbanworld Festival Audience Award and the Acapulco Film Festival Grand Prize.

In 2007, Phifer teamed with writer/producer/actor Ronnie Warner to form two new production companies: Facilitator Films and Facilitator Music. The company's first project and Phifer's directorial debut, Puff, Puff, Pass, was acquired by Sony and released in May, 2007. Phifer and Warner have since completed several other film projects, most notably partnering with Clint Culpepper of Sony Screen Gems to executive produce This Christmas, starring Regina King, Nia Long, and Loretta Devine.

He currently resides in Los Angeles and recently completed filming the crime drama Flypaper opposite Ashley Judd and the Sony Pictures Television movie Close Quarters.

Russell T Davies is one of the UK's most influential and highly-regarded television writers. In 2008, he was awarded an OBE (Order of the British Empire) for his writing services to television, and in 2006 he was honored with the prestigious Dennis Potter Writer's Award from BAFTA.

In 2003, Russell was charged with reinventing "Doctor Who" for a BBC One's primetime audience. Russell's regeneration of the title took the nation to fever pitch and huge ratings success. This critical acclaim characterized his five years as lead writer and showrunner, with audiences reaching peaks of 13 million and over 40% share. The series won countless awards, including a BAFTA for Best Drama Series and National Television Awards for Best Drama and Actor, four years in succession.

The success of "Doctor Who" led to Russell's creation of two new series, "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures." In the UK, "Torchwood" retains its record as the highest-rated drama on the digital channel BBC Three. The title's move to BBC One led to further ratings and critical success.

Russell was also the writer and creator of the critically-acclaimed and vastly popular "Queer as Folk," the adaptation of which ran for five years on Showtime. Other credits include award-winning series "The Second Coming," "Bob & Rose" and "Casanova."

Julie Gardner is Russell T Davies' producing partner and Senior Vice President, Scripted, BBC Worldwide Productions. Prior to joining the team in 2009, Julie was Head of Drama Commissioning and Head of Drama for BBC Wales. In this role, she was responsible for heading up the revival of "Doctor Who," as well as the successful series, "Torchwood" and "The Sarah Jane Adventures." Her leadership also led to the production of an unparalleled string of hit dramas including "Life on Mars," "Ashes to Ashes," "Being Human," "Girl in a Cafe, Stuart: A Life Backward," "Mistresses" and "Casanova," for which she received a multitude of awards.

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