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Toei Reveals Kamen Rider Build Series Premiering in September

Toei officially revealed on Wednesday that the next installment in its Kamen Rider live-action special effects franchise is titled Kamen Rider Build. Toei initally filed for the trademark for the series in May.
The protagonist of the new series will be a genius physicist. Key to the series will be the protagonist's "Build Driver" belt, which he can use to transform by combining "Full Bottle" ingredients from animals or machines. If the ingredients turn out to be the "best match," the protagonist can use his special moves. Seen in the promotional images is the protagonist's "RabbitTank" form, which combines a rabbit's jumping ability with a tank's power.
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In the show's story, "Pandora's Box" was found on Mars. Since then, massive walls called "Sky Walls" appeared and divided Japan into three regions now called Tōto, Saito, and Hokuto. In Tōto, unidentified creatures known as "Smash" begin appearing, causing a crisis in the region. The protagonist will face the Smash with his belt and bottles.
Ryuta Tasaki (Kamen Rider Agito, Kamen Rider Ryuki, Kamen Rider Decade) is directing the series, while Shōgo Mutō (Crows Zero, Surely Someday, Thermae Romae) is penning the script. Kenji Kawai (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor) is composing the music. Sasaki Motoi is chief producer, while Ayumi Kanno, Chihiro Inoue, and Takahito Ōmori are producers. Taomotsu Shinohara is the creature designer, while Miyazaki Tsuyoshi is the action director. Hiroshi Butsuda is in charge of special effects.
The series will premiere on TV Asahi on September 3 at 8:00 a.m., but will move to a 9:00 a.m. time slot on Sundays starting in October. Toei will reveal the series' cast on August 2

Anime Limited to Distribute Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower

Deadline for orders October 10, title will be available around end of year

Anime Limited has announced that it will distribute Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower in the UK, Ireland and Scandanavia.
According to the announcement:
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"We (Anime Limited) will begin taking pre-orders for Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower for UK, Ireland and Scandinavian customers through our web shop starting today (Tuesday 25th July 2017.)
The deadline to pre-order by will be Tuesday 10th October 2017 (at 12pm). After this deadline has passed we will not accept any more orders for this product. Though unlikely, should there be any additional units following fulfilment of pre-orders, they will be made available to order through our web shop on a first-come first served basis. Pre-order Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt: Bandit Flower here.
The product itself isn't released in Japan mid-November 2017, so we anticipate our stock to arrive following the Japanese release date. We anticipate order for this to be shipping in late November/early December 2017. Obviously if our allocation arrives earlier than that we will work to fulfil pre-orders sooner."
The exact contents of this edition have not been finalised, but the set will provisionally feature:
Storage box specially illustrated by Hajime Katoki (approx. size: width 7cm / height 18cm / depth 14cm)
80-min. bonus disc ” MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THUNDERBOLT Live OPERATION 01 “Rumble & Silence” ” (no subtitles)
Storyboards (from original eps. 5 to 8 streamed exclusively in JP)
“Animation Works” (line art illustrations, staff interviews) (100 pages planned)
Sleeve case specially illustrated by Yasuo Ohtagaki / Jacket illustration specially created for this release
Special booklet (16 pages planned)
On-Disc extras: [in Japanese only]
Staff & cast audio commentary (no subtitles)
Ads by Kiosked
Promo Video(s)
The synopsis is as follows:

Earth, eight months after the end of the One Year War. Captain Monica launches a secret mission, “Operation Thunderbolt,” and selects Io to pilot the Atlas Gundam. She leads the assault landing ship Spartan into a part of the ocean effectively controlled by the South Seas Alliance. Their objective is to secure or destroy the data of the Psycho Zaku, which the Alliance now possesses. Daryl, who took the upper hand in his battle with Io, has descended to Earth as part of the remnant forces of the Principality of Zeon. He has also been given the mission of obtaining information on the Psycho Zaku. Fighting alongside his new comrades, Io encounters Commander Peer, the South Seas Alliance's border garrison commander. In the sea, on the ice field, and among the thick jungle, the mobile suits of Zeon, the Federation, and the South Seas Alliance battle each other. The war is not over yet.


With the recent announcement of a new Doctor, online auction site eBay have taken a look at who is the most popular Doctor in their listings ...

ebay LogoDoctor Who? Tennant leads the way in ranking

With Jodie Whittaker announced as the latest Doctor, has taken a look at the most popular Doctors of all time and revealed that it’s the tenth Doctor – David Tennant – that takes the ‘sonic sceptre’. With nearly 6,000 current listings for ‘David Tennant’ on site (19th July) the online marketplace has revealed that the feisty Scot tops the ranking, selling more than one related item per hour in the last three months!

In at close second is the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker who graced our screens in the 70’s, selling nearly 2,000 related items in the last three months. With popular items of memorabilia including his trusted multi-coloured scarf and canine pal K9.

In third place is the most recent Doctor, Peter Capaldi, whose dry wit and charm has placed him firmly in the nation’s hearts, and seen him sell nearly a 1,000 related items in the last 90 days– that’s 11 items every day. Another recent addition to the ‘Doctor-hood’, Matt Smith, fell into fourth place with 10 related items sold per day and caped crusader Jon Pertwee followed shortly behind in fifth.

With nearly 190,000 listings for Doctor Who listed on 19th July, and a sonic screwdriver selling on site every hour in the last three months, it’s clear that the nation is geared up to greet the latest rendition, this time a Time Lord with a difference.

Top 10 Doctors:
David Tennant
Tom Baker
Peter Capaldi
Matt Smith
Jon Pertwee
Peter Davison
William Hartnell
Patrick Troughton
Paul McGann
Colin Baker

Monday, 24 July 2017

School-Live! Released Monday

On Monday July 24, Animatsu will release School-Live! on Blu-ray. The anime is based on Norimitsu Kaihō (Nitroplus) and Sadoru Chiba's Gakkō Gurashi! manga, which began in Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara Forward magazine in 2012.
The series revolves around girls who decide to stay over at school: the energetic Yuki Takeya (voiced by Inori Minase), the shovel-loving Kurumi (Ari Ozawa), spacey school adviser Megu (Ai Kayano), level-headed underclassman Mii-kun (Rie Takahashi), and Rii-san (M.A.O), who brings everyone together. However, the girls are actually the survivors of a zombie attack...
Manga Entertainment will also release a complete Blu-ray set of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, carrying all 64 episodes of the series (the second anime adaptation of the epic manga by Hiromu Arakawa), on ten discs.
Manga Entertainment will also release Naruto Shippūden Box 29, carrying episodes 362 to 374 of the series

Napping Princess Cinema Website Launched

website has been launched showing venues and booking links for the UK and Ireland cinema release of Kenji Kamiyama's Napping Princess, aka Ancien and the Magic Tablet (Hirune Hime: Shiranai Watashi no Monogatari), from Wednesday August 16. The screenings will be in Japanese with English subtitles.
The New York International Children's Film Festival described the story:
This fender and genre-bending film takes us into the not-too-distant machine-driven future. Kokone should be diligently studying for her university entrance exams, but she just can't seem to stay awake. Aside from stealing precious study time, her napping is even more distracting, as it brings on strange dreams with warring machines that hint at family secrets that have been dormant for years. She can't ask her father, a hipster mechanic more talented and artful than his job requires, as he's always busy modifying motorcycles and cars in flights of fancy. What are these visions that lead Kokone at once closer to and farther away from her family? Like all the best anime, the film revels in multilayered fantasy to show how sometimes opposites—waking and dreaming, the past and the future—are far more intertwined than they appear.
The Japanese promo video is below.
I.G Port's new anime studio subsidiary Signal.MD (Tantei Team KZ Jiken Note, Anime Tamago's "Colorful Ninja Iromaki" short) animated the film as its first anime film project. Kamiyama (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex, Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit, Eden of the East) directed the film and penned the script. Satoko Morikawa (The Cat Returns, Eden of the East, Xi AVANT) designed the characters, and Shigeto Koyama (Michiko & Hatchin, Moribito - Guardian of the Spirit, Heroman) was charge of mechanical design. Yoko Shimomura (Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV) composed the music for the film

Anime Limited Updates

Anime Limited has released a podcast with the following updated schedule:
August 7
ERASED Part 1 (DVD, Collector's Blu-ray/DVD combi), pictured. The Collector's Edition includes a 92-page book
August 21
Snow White with the Red Hair Part 2 (Blu-ray) Funimation
August 28
Charlotte Part 2 (DVD, Collector's Blu-ray/DVD combi)
Martian Successor Nadesico (Collector's Blu-ray). Includes the sequel film Martian Successor Nadesico: The Motion Picture - Prince of Darkness and the Gekiganger 3 OAV (on DVD), as well as behind-the-scenes extras, art cards and a sticker sheet.
Tokyo Ghoul OVAs "Jack" & "Pinto", including Tokyo Ghoul: Jack and Tokyo Ghoul: Pinto (DVD, Blu-ray). Subtitled only (there is no English dub).
Fairy Tail Part 17 (DVD) Funimation
September 4
The Anthem of the Heart (DVD)
Heavy Object Part 2 (Blu-ray) Funimation
September 11
BlazBlue Alter Memory (Blu-ray) Funimation
September 18
Momotaro, Sacred Sailors (Blu-ray/DVD combi). Includes short film, The Spider and the Tulip, and 132-page book by Jonathan Clements.
Genius Party & Genius Party Beyond (DVD, Blu-ray) Subtitles only.
Escaflowne: The Movie (standard Blu-ray)
September 25
Durarara!!×2 Ten (DVD, Collector's Blu-ray)
Sword of the Stranger (Collector's Blu-ray/DVD combi)
Castle Town Dandelion (DVD, Blu-ray)
Mobile Suit Gundam ZZ, Part 1 (Blu-ray)
Fairy Tail Part 18 (DVD) Funimation


ATB Publishing have announced the forthcoming publication of Red White and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America:

Red, White and Who: The Story of Doctor Who in America (Credit: ATB Publishing)RED WHITE AND WHO

Written by Written by: Steven Warren Hill & Jennifer Adams Kelly, Nicholas Seidler, and Robert Warnock with Janine Fennick and John Lavalie
Full wraparound cover art by Dani Jones
Published by ATB Publishing on 21st August 2017

“This is genuinely fascinating stuff… a warm, dryly caustic in places, look at the way the show was viewed, received, influenced by and ultimately loved by the American audience... you’ve earned this book.”
– Gary Russell, from his foreword

Every American DOCTOR WHO fan has a story to tell, and fans of the iconic British television show love to tell stories. All of them from the casual to the obsessed, will happily regale others with the tale of how and when they discovered the greatest science fiction media franchise ever. Most early American fans first met the Doctor in the early 1980s, nearly twenty years after the show began in 1963...but the story of Doctor Who in America – a complex and fascinating journey into pop culture – stretches much further back.

In this book, you’ll find the rich history of everything Doctor Who in the USA – from American TV Guide listings of Canadian broadcasts in 1965, through the Dalek movies, the BBC sales attempts, the official debut on American television in 1972, the explosion in popularity among US viewers in 1979, the twentieth anniversary celebration in 1983, the conventions, the merchandise, the clubs, the video releases, the USA Tour, and every imaginable fan activity including cosplay, fan productions, PBS pledge drive volunteering, websites, podcasts, and much more, to the new heights of success, popularity, and participation in the 21st century. It’s an enlightening and entertaining journey for everyone who admires Doctor Who...and not just for American fans, but devotees around the globe.

Think you know everything there was to know about our favorite Time Lord and his history? Get ready to discover a “New New World” in RED WHITE AND WHO: THE STORY OF DOCTOR WHO IN AMERICA!

The 6x9 paperback book contains over 600 images across its 700+ full colour pages - a full list of contents and index can be found via the ATB Publishing website.


This news item contains official information released by the BBC at the Doctor Who panel at San Diego Comic Con. some readers may consider the information spoilers.

Twice Upon a Time: Mark Gatiss, Peter Capaldi, David Bradley (Credit: BBC)

The BBC has announced that Peter Capaldi’s final episode of Doctor Who, to be broadcast this Christmas will be called

Twice Upon a Time

Twice Upon a Time: Pearl Mackie (Credit: BBC) The episode will also feature Pearl Mackie returning as Bill Potts. Viewers will have to wait until Christmas to discover exactly how Bill, who will appear throughout the episode, makes her return.

It was also revealed that Mark Gatiss will co-star in the episode in a guest role, playing a World War One soldier - known so far only as ‘The Captain'

As previously revealed in the closing moments of the 2017 series finale, the special will feature Peter Capaldi’s current Doctor team up with the First Doctor, played by David Bradley.

DWM 515

The next issue of Doctor Who Magazine takes a look back over the last several years of Doctor Who, as its outgoing head writer Steven Moffat leaves the show with this year's Christmas Special.

With his first contribution to the show in 2004, The Empty Child, did he expect to still be writing for the series some thirteen years later?
No, God, no!. God, no! I also didn’t think I’d do the showrunning job for more than three years, and I’m here after six series. Yes, I’ve been writing Doctor Who stories since 2004. That’s a hell of a long time. When I wrote The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, I wondered if I’d ever write another Doctor Who story. I was very keen to, I really wanted to. I remember asking, ‘Would you have me back next year...?’
What's next for the writer?
I’m looking forward to the idea of not having to automatically say no to everything else! Whether that’s writing jobs, or weekends away. I can write different things. I’m looking forward to that, hugely. But I am so glad it happened. I’d have been miserable if I’d never got to write Doctor Who! It’s been amazing. Of course it’s been amazing.

Also inside this issue:
  • PRODUCTION NOTES Steven Moffat writes his final column for DWM, and his last-ever Doctor Who words!
  • THE TOP 20! A look back at 20 amazing things about the Steven Moffat era of Doctor Who – plus tributes from Russell T Davies, Chris Chibnall, Mark Gatiss and many others...
  • THE EMPIRE OF MARK GATISS The concluding part of our all-encompassing interview with actor/writer Mark Gatiss!
  • THE PARLIAMENT OF FEAR There’s a brand-new adventure for the Doctor and Bill Potts in Part 1 of a new comic strip story, written by Scott Gray, with art by Staz Johnson.
  • RISE AND FALL Reviews of the 2017 series, and the season finale World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls.
  • TURNED UP TO ELEVEN The Fact of Fiction examines the Eleventh Doctor’s début adventure, 2010’s The Eleventh Hour!
  • REVIEWS The latest DVD and audio releases are put under the microscope.
  • COMING SOON Previews of all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.
  • PLUS! All the latest official news, the Watcher’s column, prize-winning competitions, the DWM crossword, the 2017 Season Survey – and much, much more!

Doctor Who Magazine issue 515 is on sale from Thursday 27 July


Tributes have been paid to actress Deborah Watling, who died yesterday after a short illness.

Watling played Victoria in the 1960's, alongside Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines, who was one of the first to comment. Deborah Watling (Credit: Big Finish) Watling was an active member of the convention circuit and much loved by many other stars of Doctor Who. Nicola Bryant tweeted "I am so sad to hear of the passing of the lovely Deborah Watling.We had so many laughs & heart to heart", while Katy Manning added "So deeply saddened to hear that the wonderful funny talented #DeborahWatling has gone on her awfully big adventure ,oneofthe absolute best"

Deborah Watling's sister is the actress Dilys Watling and her brother the former actor, and current Member of Parliament for Clacton, Gyles Watling, who told PA
She was bubbly, vivacious, with a great sense of humour. We grew up together – she was ahead of me in the acting game. She had a great career. We toured together all over the country and shared digs – we had a wonderful life. She passed away peacefully.
In recent years Watling had returned to the character of Victoria for Big Finish audio productions. Senior Producer David Richardson said
Victoria was one of the Doctor’s loveliest companions from one of the show’s greatest seasons, and Debbie was always a joy to work with at Big Finish and so committed to the work. The Doctor Who universe has lost another of its shining stars.
Deborah Watling is survived by her husband Steve


It is with deep sadness we report the death of Deborah Watling, forever known as the Second Doctor's companion Victoria.

Deborah Watling joined Doctor Who in 1967, just over 50 years ago. She remained with the series for just under a year, playing the Victorian orphan taken into the care of the Doctor.

Alongside Patrick Troughton and Frazer Hines, Watling would occupy the Tardis throughout what is now viewed as the classic monster era of the show, featuring Cybermen, Daleks, Ice Warriors and, of course, The Yeti.

Deborah Watling was born on 2nd January 1948. She was born into a theatrical family, her father the actor Jack Watling and her mother the actress Patricia Hicks. It was inevitable that she and her siblings would end up on the stage and by the age of ten, she was appearing in the ITV series The Invisible Man, playing the niece of Peter Brady.

In 1965 she played Alice Liddell in the BBC Wednesday play written by Dennis Potter and based on the life of Lewis Carroll. It was this appearance which led her to be cast as Victoria Waterfield in the final story of Season four, The Evil of the Daleks.

It wasn't initially to be a companion role. The producers were hoping to persuade Pauline Collins, who had appeared in the previous story, to stay on. When Collins declined, the role of ongoing companion was offered to Watling and Victoria joined the TARDIS crew.

It is well known that the team of Troughton, Watling, and Hines got on extremely well with Watling often the butt of the boys jokes. Many of her stories have been wiped since transmission, and the return of two to the archive a few years ago, The Enemy of the World and most of The Web of Fear brought her considerable delight.

She left Doctor Who in April 1968, at the end of Fury from the Deep. Small roles in the films That'll Be the Day and Take Me High followed. On TV she appeared in Rising Damp and The Newcomers and in 1979 she played Norma Baker in the ITV series Danger UXB.

She briefly returned to the character of Victoria in 1993, for the Children In Need skit, Dimensions in Time before recreating Victoria in a number of audio plays for Big Finish.

Deborah Watling was diagnosed with lung cancer six weeks ago and died earlier today.

Friday, 21 July 2017

The Boy and the Beast Home Release on September 4

Otaku News has posted a press release from Studio Canal, announcing the release of Mamoru Hosoda's fantasy adventure film The Boy and The Beast on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download on September 4. The press release links to pre-orders on Amazon.
On its limited cinema release, the film was rated '12' in Britain for moderate violence and mild bad language. The American distributor Funimation describes the story:
When Kyuta, a young orphan living on the streets of Shibuya, stumbles into a fantastic world of beasts, he's taken in by Kumatetsu, a gruff, rough-around-the-edges warrior beast who's been searching for the perfect apprentice. Despite their constant bickering, Kyuta and Kumatetsu begin training together and slowly form a bond as surrogate father and son. But when a deep darkness threatens to throw the human and beast worlds into chaos, the strong bond between this unlikely pair will be put to the ultimate test—a final showdown that will only be won if the two can finally work together using all of their combined strength and courage

The Red Turtle Home Release Listed on Amazon

Amazon UK is listing a Blu-ray and DVD release of The Red Turtle on September 25. Entertainment news website Deadline described the film:

The dialogue-free picture centers on a man shipwrecked on a tropical island inhabited by turtles, crabs and birds. When he builds a wooden raft, he is confronted by the titular turtle. The story then follows the milestones in his life on the island which include meeting a woman and starting a family.
The Red Turtle is the latest work by award-winning Dutch animator and director Michael Dudok de Wit ("The Monk and the Fish," "Father & Daughter" animated shorts). Studio Ghibli co-produced the film with French film production and distribution company Wild Bunch (co-producers on The Secret World of Arrietty).
Director de Wit temporarily moved to Koganei in Tokyo (where Studio Ghibli is headquartered) to work on the film, completing the film's storyboards and the scenario in his time there, while Studio Ghibli director Isao Takahata checked them. Takahata also served as the "artistic producer" for the film. Pascale Ferran (Bird People) wrote the film's script.
The film screened at the Cannes Film Festival in May, and won the Special Jury Prize at the Un Certain Regard section of the festival. The film opened the 40th Annecy International Animation Film Festival in June.
Via Otaku Calendar Twitter feed

Fairy Tail TV Anime Gets 'Final Season' in 2018

Fairy Tail manga creator Hiro Mashima revealed on his official Twitter account on Thursday that the "final season" of the series' television anime adaptation will premiere in 2018. Mashima said in English, "The Final Season of FAIRY TAIL TV anime will go on air in 2018!"
The Fairy Tail Zero prequel anime (pictured right), the franchise's most recent television anime, premiered in January 2016. The series marked the first time that Funimation streamed Fairy Tail in both Japanese audio with English subtitles, and with an English broadcast dub.
The first television anime season inspired by Mashima's manga premiered in 2009, followed by the second season in 2014. The series inspired its first original video anime in 2011. The Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess film sequel to the television anime premiered in 2012, followed by its Fairy Tail the Movie: Prologue - The First Morning OAV prequel in 2013. The Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry anime film opened in Japan on May 6.
Funimation Films announced on Friday that it will screen the Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry film at 300 U.S. and 12 Canadian theaters this August. The film will screen in Japanese with English subtitles on August 14 and then screen with an English dub on August 16 and August 19. The English dub will also screen on August 17 in Canada only.
Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine revealed in May that the manga series would end in 10 chapters. In addition, the 61st compiled book volume of the manga revealed in May that Mashima will end the series in two more volumes. Mashima stated on Twitter in May, "Even though the original manga is ending, I don't think Fairy Tail is done just yet. I have a lot of plans, so please look forward to them."
The manga follows the adventures of world's most notorious mage guild, Fairy Tail. The series launched in 2006.

SDCC 2017

Bandai and Saban Brands had a "Power Hour" panel at SDCC (San Diego Comic Con 2017) and because new stuff was going to be revealed, there was nothing new we didn't already know was coming on the Bandai floor (like Legacy Zeo figures). this is what was revealed...

Bandai Booth:

Pics from Power Rangers Now

PCSToys Collectibles:
Mini Bust Lord Drakkon

Upcoming Busts:


Titanus and Megazord

Thunder Megazord and Pirantis
Wasn't his name Pirantishead?

Current line even though I haven't see the Tigerzord Warrior before in stores.

Legacy Wars:
Ninjor, my nephew Jaiden wants it NOW. He loves Ninjor!!!

Funko Pop Mighty Morphin Red with Dragon Shield, I think this is a FYE exclusive.

Legacy Items:


Golden Power Staff

Legacy Psycho Rangers, unknown if all of them will be released, everyone is excited about this! 

Thursday, 20 July 2017

MVM Q4 Release Schedule

MVM has announced its release schedule for September into December through its Anime-on-line website.
October 2
Ads by Kiosked
October 9
Girls und Panzer der Film (DVD, Blu-ray)
October 16
Norn9 (DVD, Blu-ray)
October 23
Monster Musume - Collector's Edition [with CD] (DVD/Blu-ray combo)
November 6
Girls und Panzer: This is the Real Anzio Battle! OAV (DVD/Blu-ray combo)
November 13
GATE - Collector's Edition (DVD/Blu-ray combo)
November 20
Matoi the Sacred Slayer - Complete Collection (DVD, Blu-ray)
Ads by Kiosked
December 4
Fruits Basket - Collector's Edition (Blu-ray)
December 11
Tenchi Muyo! OVA Collection (DVD, Blu-ray, Collector's Blu-ray/DVD


The BBC has issued a formal response to complaints about the casting of Jodie Whittaker as the thirteenth Doctor.

Since the news was released on Sunday, the Corporation has received a number of complaints about the casting decision.

As part of its complaints procedure it has now responded.

Since the first Doctor regenerated back in 1966, the concept of the Doctor as a constantly evolving being has been central to the programme. The continual input of fresh ideas and new voices across the cast and the writing and production teams has been key to the longevity of the series.

The Doctor is an alien from the planet Gallifrey and it has been established in the show that Time Lords can switch gender.

As the Controller of BBC Drama has said, Jodie is not just a talented actor but she has a bold and brilliant vision for her Doctor. She aced it in her audition both technically and with the powerful female life force she brings to the role. She is destined to be an utterly iconic Doctor.

We hope viewers will enjoy what we have in store for the continuation of the story.


Incoming Doctor Who Showrunner Chris Chibnall has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate by Edge Hill University.

The award for, services to Literature, was made on Monday 17th July. In a video released by the University, Chibnall talked about how it felt to receive the award and his aspirations for Doctor Who.


Peter Capaldi was paid between £200,000 and £250,000 for his work on Doctor Who in the previous financial year, according to figures published by the BBC today.

The BBC has been instructed by government to publish the salaries of all on screen staff members who earn more than £150,000 each year, as part of the 2016 charter renewal.

The BBC has 96 staff members who fit into this category with Radio 2 and Top Gear presenter Chris Evans topping the chart with a salary of over 2 million pounds.

The highest paid actor is Derek Thompson from Casualty who earned between £350,000 and £400,000 in the year. The list only includes those working directly for the BBC and not those working on independent productions comissioned by the corporation, such as Sherlock.

The figure just reflects the amount of licence fee money paid to the actor and does not include any money paid by the commercial company BBC Worldwide for any other work undertaken.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

London Live Channel Screens Glitter Force and Digimon

UK Anime Network reports that the Freeview channel London Live (only available in the London area) is screening a programming block called Bounce, which includes Glitter Force (the Saban dubbed version of Smile Precure!), Digimon Fusion and Power Rangers.
The block is screening from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on Monday to Saturday. In the current schedule, Digimon Fusion is at 6 a.m., Glitter Force at 6.30 a.m. and two episodes of Power Rangers between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.
There are also plans to release a Bounce app in 2018 to make the block's content available to smart devices. The Bounce block results from a deal between London Live, Saban Brands and Studio 100 Media