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Koch Media have released the third in their collection of interviews from Reeltime Pictures with stars from Doctor Who, this time focussing on the fourth Doctor, Tom Baker's era.

The Doctors: The Tom Baker Years (Credit: Koch Media)The Doctors: The Tom Baker Years
Produced by Keith Barnfather (order from Amazon)

A new double-DVD release in the highly regarded series exploring the world of TV’s Doctor Who in what will build into a complete work on The Doctors.

Forget any previous releases, this is the most complete collection of cast & crew interviews ever assembled from the Tom Baker era of Doctor Who, offering viewers unparalleled access into the world of the sci-fi classic.

  • Includes six documentaries making it the definitive set of interviews with the team of actors who brought the TOM BAKER era of DOCTOR WHO to life.
  • Presented by voice of the Daleks Nicholas Briggs.
  • Quality in-depth interviews with Tom Baker (the Fourth Doctor), Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane), Ian Marter (Harry), Louise Jameson (Leela), Mary Tamm (Romana) and John Leeson (Voice of K9)
  • This 2 DISC special collectors edition is 5 hours of pure nostalgia, which will give you a whole new insight into the making of Doctor Who.
  • Includes special feature: Introduction by Nicholas Briggs & Producer Keith Barnfather.


Two unofficial books about the visual effects work of twentieth century Doctor Who, previously only available to a mainly UK fanbase and via various offline avenues, have now been made available to purchase worldwide online.

The books were written by Steve Cambden, who worked on the show as one of K9's operators. The first, The Doctor's Affect (1999), chronicles how he achieved his dream as a teenager to work on the series, with in-depth accounts of the recording of Destiny of the Daleks, Nightmare of Eden, The Horns of Nimon, Shada, Meglos, Full Circle and State of Decay, plus exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs and a comprehensive account of K9’s creation.

The second, The Doctor’s Effects, features interviews with many of the visual effects and design legends who worked on Doctor Who throughout the 'classic era', covering over a hundred productions including stories such as The Daleks, The Tomb of the Cybermen, The Sea Devils, Genesis of the Daleks, Terror of the Zygons, The Awakening and The Trial of a Timelord. The book includes many previously unseen photographs and includes interviews with Bernard Wilkie, Jack Kine, John Friedlander, Ian Scoones, Mat Irvine and Ray Cusick.

Behind te scenes on Destiny of the Daleks (Credit: Simon Meade/Steve Cambden)The online initiative has been organised by Steve's long-term friend Simon Meade, of The Ark in Space Facebook group and Twitter feed:
Having been a friend of Steve’s for nearly 50 years, and gone through many of those wonderful 70’s Doctor Who fan moments with him, such as meeting actors and production crew, visiting the Longleat and Blackpool exhibitions, and attending the very first DWAS convention in 1977, I’m delighted to see that his two books can now be read by a worldwide audience!

On his website, Alex Storer has, for several years now, kindly been sharing information about Steve and his books, and over the coming weeks we’ll be updating the site with more information and readers comments.

Both books are informative and enjoyable reading for Doctor Who fans, especially if you adored the classic years, when so many talented and creative men and people, working with miniscule budgets and often ridiculous time constraints, made television magic that enthralled and captivated so many young hearts and minds.

Full details about the books - which will be personally signed - and how to purchase them can be found via the website.


Candy Jar Books have announced the titles for its fifth series of Lethbridge-Stewart novels:

Lethbridge-Stewart: The New Unusual (Credit: Candy Jar Books)Range Editor Andy Frankham-Allen introduces the fifth series of books:
It’s quite an exciting series, with three very distinctively different stories. Each explores very different aspects of the Lethbridge-Stewart universe. A New-Age thriller taking the team to Australia, a ghost story set in and around a haunted manor, and an all-out adventure which pits very branches of Lethbridge-Stewart’s family against each other.

This series of books sees our lead characters, in particular Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers, dealing with the fallout from the losses they suffered in series four. The series ends on something of a cliffhanger, which will have repercussions for the series as a whole for a long time.

Series Five opens with The New Unusual by first-time novelist, Adrian Sherlock, who wrote the short story, The Playing Dead, in 2016. This tale sees our heroes being drawn to Australia after investigating strange goings-on at dream-ins, mysterious new age gatherings in which people explore their deepest desires through eggs of alien origin. This book features the return of Lethbridge-Stewart’s nephew, Owain.

A Very Private Haunting by Sharon Bidwell, who is no stranger to wrting novels, with quite a CV behind her, including the Lethbridge-Stewart short story, The Wishing Bazaar in 2016. This books sees Arthur Penrose finally take ownership of a Scottish manor house that’s been in his family for generations. There are many secrets in the house, but what connects them to the mysterious shadow creatrues that Lethbridge-Stewart and his men are investigating?

The series is wrapped off with The Man from Yesterday, by popular novelist Nick Walters, who returns with his much-anticipated second novel in the Lethbridge-Stewart series, following 2015’s Mutually Assured Domination. Here, Lethbridge-Stewart learns the truth behind his father’s disappearance at the end of World War II, when aliens arrive on Earth from a mysterious reigon of space known only as the Realm. This book features the return of Lethbridge-Stewart’s brother from another reality, James Gore, and his father, Air Commander Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart!

Head of Publishing Shaun Russell says:
Series Five is the last in the ongoing series for a while, as next year we’re stepping out of the usual narrative to present a special series of novels celebrating fifty years of Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne Travers.

The New Unusual, A Very Private Haunting and The Man from Yesterday are all available for individual pre-order, or as a discounted bundle. They are also available as part of the yearly subscription offer. Full details from the Candy Jar website.

Candy Jar Books will be at the Cardiff ComicCon this Saturday and Sunday if people want to visit say 'hello'!


Bessie, the vintage car first used by the Third Doctor, has gone on show at the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu in Hampshire.

The car joins other exhibits in the On Screen Cars exhibition, alongside Mr Bean's Mini, Del Boy's Reliant Van, James Bond's Jaguar XKR, Harry Potter's Ford Anglia and Elvis Presley's Cadillac.

Bessie made her debut in the 1970 story Doctor Who And The Silurians. She became the main form of transport for the Third Doctor during his exile on Earth. At the start of Season 11 the Doctor replaced Bessie with a new creation, The Whomobile owned and designed by Jon Pertwee himself. However, she returned for the debut of Tom Baker in Robot at the end of 1974.

Bessie was back with the Third Doctor for the 20th Anniversary story, The Five Doctors in 1983, before making her last main appearance alongside the Seventh Doctor in Battlefield . A final appearance came in 1993 with the Children in Need episode Dimensions in Time.

Although she looks older, Bessie is actually a 1954 Ford Popular 103E. The car has been fitted with a fibreglass tourer body made by Siva Engineering of Dorset. The four-seater Siva Edwardian body was available in kit form from 1969 until the mid-1970s, allowing any keen DIY mechanic to transform their second-hand Ford 7Y 8hp, Anglia or Popular into a replica of a much older machine and re-live the good old days of motoring.

The National Motor Museum is based on the Beaulieu Estate, home of Montagu family, located in The New Forest National Park, situated on England's south coast. Entrance to On Screen Cars is included in a general admission ticket to Beaulieu, which also includes entry to the National Motor Museum with its collection of more than 250 vehicles, the new-look World of Top Gear, the ancestral Montagu home of Palace House, 13th century Beaulieu Abbey and the grounds and gardens.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

coana cup noodle

Fans of Nissin Foods' Cup Noodle instant ramen may know of the freeze-dried "mystery meat" cubes included in some varieties. The cubes are officially called "dice minchi" (diced mince), but Nissin Foods hasn't openly discussed what the mystery meat is actually made of. The company finally decided to reveal the secret of Cup Noodle's meat cubes in Mayuko Kanba's Detective Conan: Hannin no Hanzawa-san (Hanzawa-san the Criminal) manga.
A special website for Cup Noodle's collaboration with the manga opened on Monday. The site features a chapter of the manga that reveals the true nature of the famous mystery meat on the last page.
In the chapter's story, the black-silhouetted "criminal" that appears in Detective Conan to represent mystery culprits decides to start working at Nissin Foods. His goal is to climb the ranks to eventually expose the truth of the biggest secret of the "dark corporation." Through diligent work, he knows he can uncover the secret of Cup Noodle's mystery meat in time.
One day, the head of the company's PR department asks the criminal to make copies of a proposal for a certain campaign. While making the copies, the criminal discovers that the project will reveal the secret the mystery meat. The criminal is shocked and outraged that the company would reveal the truth in such a simple and frivolous way after he had been working so hard to earn the means to learn the secret.
The criminal confronts the PR head and protests the idea of the campaign's reveal. However, the PR head seems to know that the criminal actually does want to know the secret. He taunts hims and teases the truth. The criminal attacks the PR head, runs away, and creates an explosion. However, the PR head writes the secret in mystery meat chunks on the floor before he apparently dies.
Nissin Foods revealed on the website that the key ingredients in the mystery meat cubes are meat and soy. The base of the regular mystery meat chunks is pork, and the base of the white mystery meat chunks is chicken. The company decided to reveal the secret of Cup Noodle's mystery meat for the product's 46th anniversary. Nissin Foods explained that this "hybrid meat of the near future" can help to mitigate the world's impending food supply crisis as the population continues to rise.
A special "mystery meat festival double" variety of Cup Noodle with extra mystery meat and white mystery meat chunks went on sale in Japan on Monday.
Kanba launched the gag manga in Shogakukan's Shōnen Sunday S magazine on May 25. The first compiled book volume will ship on December 18.

Cardcaptor Sakura's Clear Card Arc TV Anime Slated for January 7

The official website for the television anime of CLAMP's Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card manga announced on Wednesday that the anime will premiere at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, January 7, 2018. The anime will then repeat on Fridays at 11:45 p.m. The website also unveiled a new visual and character designs:
A new promotional video will debut on September 22 during the ongoing rerun of selected Cardcaptor Sakura anime episodes from the past.
The cast includes:
Sakura Tange as Sakura Kinomoto Aya Hisakawa as Keroberos
Junko Iwao as Tomoyo Daidōji
Motoko Kumai as Syaoran Li
Megumi Ogata as Yukito Tsukishiro/Yue
Tomokazu Seki as Tōya Kinomoto
Nozomu Sasaki as Eriol Hiiragizawa
Emi Shinohara as Kaho Mizuki
CLAMP launched the Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen sequel manga series in Nakayoshi on June 3, 2016.
The anime will feature a returning cast and many returning staff members. Morio Asaka is returning from the first television anime series and two films to direct the new series at Madhouse. CLAMP's Nanase Ohkawa is handling the series composition and is writing the scripts. Kunihiko Hamada (animation director for previous TV series and two films) is the character designer with costume and card designs by CLAMP's Mokona. Masafumi Mima is directing the sound, and Takayuki Negishi is composing the music. NHK, Kodansha, and NHK Enterprise are producing.

Free Manga Lecture in London on Monday

On Monday September 25, the Japan Society will present a lecture on manga author Susumu Katsumata, who often wrote manga on nuclear themes. Entitled 'Fukushima Devil Fish: Susumu Katsumata's Anti-Nuclear Manga', the talk is free but must be booked - call the Japan Society office on 020 3075 1996 or email
The venue is The Swedenborg Society near Holborn station (directions), with the talk starting at 6.45 p.m.
The talk will be delivered by Ryan Holmberg, an art historian and critic (pictured above). From the website:

One of the regulars of the legendary alternative manga monthly Garo in the magazine's heyday of the late 1960s and early 1970s, Susumu Katsumata (1943-2007) has the curious distinction of having risen within the world of political cartooning and literary comics while studying toward a graduate degree in nuclear physics in Tokyo. While best known for his stories about life and myth in the Japanese countryside, Katsumata also drew frequently about political and social issues since the mid 1960s, including numerous satirical strips about nuclear arms and the influence of big science within Japanese universities. After the anti-nuclear power movement gelled in Japan in the late 70s, Katsumata began illustrating critical science books about the history and dangers of nuclear power. He also drew frequent humor strips on related topics, as well as moving stories about the “nuclear gypsies” who maintained Japan's nuclear plants under oppressive work conditions.
This talk will survey Katsumata's work on the subject of nuclear power, which is the largest, most diverse, and most trenchant such oeuvre in Japanese visual art prior to the 2011 meltdowns in Fukushima. The talk will serve as a preview of two forthcoming publications, a collection of Katsumata's manga titled Fukushima Devil Fish (SISJAC and Breakdown Press) and a history of antinuclear thought, protest, and cartooning in Japan around Katsumata's career, titled No Nukes for Dinner: How One Japanese Cartoonist and His Country Learned to Distrust the Atom (publisher TBD).

Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Full Metal Panic! Anime's 1st Season Gets 3-Film 'Director's Cut'

Shikidouji, the illustrator of Shoji Gatoh's Full Metal Panic! light novel series, revealed on Wednesday that production has been green-lit on a "director's cut" version of the first Full Metal Panic! television anime series from 2002. The director's cut will consist of three films. The announcement does not state if the film trilogy will add new footage.

Full Metal Panic! centers around a mercenary group called Mithril on a parallel Earth in which the Cold War did not end in 1991.
The original Full Metal Panic! light novel series debuted in 1998, and Fujimi Shobo published the series' 12th and final novel in the main series in 2010. The novels have more than 11 million copies in print. Tokyopop published the first five volumes before the company shut down its North American branch in 2011.
Aside from the 2002 series, the novels also inspired the 12-episode Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu TV anime in 2003, and the 13-episode Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid TV anime series in 2005. Additionally, the light novels inspired the Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid video anime episode in 2006. Gonzo animated the 2002 anime series, and Kyoto Animation animated the two sequel series and the video anime. A new television anime series titled Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory by XEBEC has been green-lit. It was originally slated to premiere this fall, but will now premiere in spring 2018

Flying Witch Anime's English Dub Cast, Clip Revealed

Sentai Filmworks announced the full English dub cast for Flying Witch on Tuesday. The company also began streaming a dubbed clip featuring Stephanie Wittels as Makoto, Juliet Simmons as Chinatsu, Adam Gibbs as Kei, and Chaney Moore as Nao.
The cast, under director Shannon Reed, assistant director Kyle Jones, and writer Marta Bechtol, includes:
Sentai Filmworks will release the anime, with the series of "petit" shorts, on Blu-ray Disc and DVD on October 24. A premium box set with an art booklet, art cards, micro fiber cloth, sticker, and soundtrack will be available.
The 12-episode television anime series premiered in April 2016. Crunchyroll streamed the series as it aired, and it describes the story:
Aomori, Japan In a land blessed by nature's bountiful beauty, bizarre things begin to take place. Makoto Kowata, 15 years old, is a professional witch. She left Yokohama with Chito, her black cat, to live in the house of her relatives in Aomori. This is where she begins to train as a witch.
Even though Makoto's powers are still limited to just flying through the sky, she and her second cousins Kei and Chinatsu surely make the most out of each and every day.
Katsushi Sakurabi (Gunparade March, Heaven's Memo Pad, Lunar Legend Tsukihime) directed the anime at the studio J.C. Staff, and Deko Akao (Arakawa Under the Bridge, Noragami, Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, Snow White with the Red Hair) was in charge of the series scripts. Masato Yasuno (episode animation director on Little Busters!, Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?) designed the characters. Singer miwa performed the opening theme song "Shanranran feat. 96 Neko." Voice cast members Minami Shinoda (Makoto) and Eri Suzuki (Chinatsu) performed the anime's ending theme song "Nichijō no Mahō" (Everyday Magic).
The anime adapts Chihiro Ishizuka's Flying Witch manga. Vertical Comics licensed the manga for North America

Glasgow Scotland Loves Anime Line-Up Confirmed

The Scotland Loves Anime website has now confirmed the line-up for Glasgow leg of the festival. The venue is the Glasgow Film Theatre, and the event will feature Tomoki Kyoda, director of Eureka Seven, as a guest. The Glasgow season pass is available at the site; individual Glasgow tickets will be available soon.
The full Glasgow line-up is as follows:
Friday October 13
8.10 p.m - Tokyo Ghoul (live-action)
11 p.m. - Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust (2000 film directed by Yoshiaki Kawajiri)
Saturday October 14
2.45 p.m. - Lu over the wall (Masaaki Yuasa)
5.45 p.m. - Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution - first part of new cinema version of BONES serial, pictured.
8.30 p.m. - Kizumonogatari Part 3
Sunday October 15
2.15 p.m. - The Dragon Dentist (45-minute version made in 2017)
4.50 p.m. - Fireworks, Should We See it from the Side or the Bottom? - new teen romantic drama by the Shaft studio.
7.15 p.m. - Venus Wars - 1989 science-fiction adventure
In addition, the Glasgow Film Theatre is holding an earlier screening on Saturday September 23, called "Crunchyroll Movie Night". It includes screenings of the first three episodes of The Ancient Magus' Bride and 'an exclusive first look' at the 20-minute original Crunchyroll production Children of Ether, created by LeSean Thomas (Cannon Busters).
The full Edinburgh line-up is as follows. (There will also be an "education day" during the festival featuring animation festivals. The Edinburgh guest is TBC.)
Monday October 16
6.15 p.m. - your name. (Makoto Shinkai)
Tuesday October 17
6 p.m - A Silent Voice (This is the world premiere of the English dubbed version)
Wednesday October 18
8.45 p.m - Resident Evil: Degeneration
Thursday October 19
8.30 p.m. - Resident Evil: Vendetta
Friday October 20
3.45 p.m - Eureka Seven: Hi - Evolution - first part of new cinema version of BONES serial.
6.15 p.m. - Tokyo Godfathers - 2003 Satoshi Kon film, pictured.
8.45 p.m. - Night is Short, Walk On Girl (Masaaki Yuasa)
Saturday October 21
1 p.m. - Venus Wars - 1989 science-fiction adventure.
3.30 p.m. - Fireworks, Should We See it from the Side or the Bottom? - new teen romantic drama by the Shaft studio.
6 p.m. - Lu over the wall (Masaaki Yuasa)
8.30 p.m. - Tokyo Ghoul (2017 live-action film version)
Sunday October 22
1.15 p.m. - Kizumonogatari Part 3
3.30 p.m. - Mind Game - 2004 film by Masaaki Yuasa
8.45 p.m. - Metropolis - 2001 science-fiction film by Rintaro.
In addition, the Edinburgh Film House is holding an earlier screening on Sunday October 1, called "Crunchyroll Movie Night". It includes screenings of the first three episodes of The Ancient Magus' Bride and 'an exclusive first look' at the 20-minute original Crunchyroll production Children of Ether, created by LeSean Thomas (Cannon Busters).

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Perfect Blue UK Cinema Screenings

Anime UK News reports that the Picturehouse, Showcase and Vue cinemas chains are listed as screening Satoshi Kon's 1997 psycho-thriller Perfect Blue on October 31.
The film will be shown at the following Picturehouse cinemas, linked here.
Little Theatre Cinema, Bath - 8.45pm
Science+Media Museum, Bradford - 6pm
Duke of York's, Brighton - 6.30pm
Arts Picturehouse, Cambridge - 8pm
Cameo, Edinburgh - 8.45pm
Exeter Picturehouse - 6.30pm
Regal, Henley - 8.45pm
FACT, Liverpool - 6pm
Clapham Picturehouse (London) - 6.30pm
Crouch End Picturehouse (London) - 9pm
Greenwich Picturehouse (London) - 6pm
Hackney Picturehouse (London) - 8.45pm
Ritzy Picturehouse (London) 9pm
Stratford Picturehouse (London) - 9pm
London West End: Picturehouse Central - 9.30pm
CinemaCity, Norwich - 8.45pm
Phoenix, Oxford - 8.45pm
Harbor Light, Southampton - 8.45pm
Stratford Upon Avon - 6pm
CityScreen, York - 8.45pm
The following Showcase (Cinemas De Lux) cinemas are screening the films at 8pm.
Bluewater, Bristol, Coventry, Derby, Leeds, Leicester, Peterborough, Reading, Southampton
The following Showcase (Cinema standard) cinemas are screening the films at 8pm.
Cardiff Nantgarw, Glasgow, Liverpool, Manchester, Paisley, Teesside, Walsall, Vue
The following Vue cinemas are screening the film at 7.30pm.
Basingstoke Festival Place, Birmingham, Cambridge, Cheshire Oaks, Croydon Purley Way, Edinburgh (Omni Centre), Exeter, Gateshead, Harrow, Hull, Leeds (The Light), Finchley Road (O2 Centre, London), Islington (Angel, London), Shepherd's Bush (London), Westfield (London), Westfield Stratford (London), Wood Green(London), Manchester Lowry, Newcastle Under Lyme, Northampton, Norwich, Oxford, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Romford, Swansea, Watford, York
Set in contemporary Tokyo, the 1997 film depicts the mental breakdown of an idol singer turned actress. She believes she is being stalked, while being tormented by visions of a double of herself. The film was the feature director debut of Kon, who went to make Millennium Actress, Tokyo Godfathers, Paranoia Agent and Paprika.

Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You UK Cinema Venues

Website has links to UK cinemas showing films on November 5 and 6

The Fathom Animation website now has booking links to the UK cinemas that will screen the feature film Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! on November 5 and 6.
The film's plot tells the story of how Ash (Satoshi) and Pikachu came to know each other. Pikachu was not cooperative toward Ash, but Ash only wanted to be friends with Pikachu. On the day they set out from Pallet Town (Masara Town), both of them saw a Ho-oh flying and made a vow to someday go and meet it.
Satoshi Tajiri is credited with the original work. Pokémon movie director Kunihiko Yuyama directed the film.
"Pokémon! Kimi ni Kimeta!" is the title of the Pokémon anime's first episode from 1997.

Afro Samurai Guest at MCM Scotland Comic Con

Anime Limited has announced that Takashi Okazaki, creator of Afro Samurai, will be at the MCM Scotland Comic Con on Saturday September 23 and Sunday September 24. The event will take place at the SEC, Scottish Event Campus in Glasgow ( directions).
From the announcement:

Character designer Takashi Okazaki, creator of Afro Samurai and character designer on anime including Mamoru Hosoda's Summer Wars – where he designed King Kazma, the fighting rabbit avatar – and Marvel's X-Men series produced by the Madhouse studio, is coming to MCM Scotland Comic Con in Glasgow this weekend. Mr Okazaki is also likely to speak about upcoming projects he's working on including the Autumn anime series Vanishing Line, which is the next chapter in the Garo franchise, during his panel on Saturday that will look over his career to date.
Takashi Okazaki's panel will be at 1.30 p.m. on Saturday, immediately following a Scotland Loves Anime panel from 1 p.m. Ohkazaki will also have two autograph sessions, on Saturday (3 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.) and Sunday (2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m.), which are free to participants in the festival.
Another guest at the event is Veronica Taylor, who voiced the boy protagonist Ash Ketchum in the dub of Pokémon. (The character was named Satoshi in the Japanese original.) Taylor also voiced Ash in several Pokémon spinoffs, including Pokemon: The First Movie. This was the most successful anime film ever in cinemas outside Japan, earning over £10m in UK cinemas, and over $85m in America. Taylor's other roles include Nico Robin and Ms. Sunday in One Piece, and Amelia Wil Telsa Seyruun in The Slayers franchise.

New Blue Exorcist Stage Play Reveals 2nd Key Visual

The official website for Ao no Exorcist: Shimane Illuminati-hen, the new stage play adaptation of Kazue Katō's Blue Exorcist (Ao no Exorcist) manga, revealed the play's second key visual on Friday.
The website revealed the first key visual and 14 character visuals in August.
The play will adapt the Illuminati arc from the 10th to 15th volumes of Katō's original manga. The leader of the Illuminati, Lucifer, aims to unite Assiah and Gehenna and revive Satan, and so declares war on the True Cross Order. The Illuminati kidnap Izumo as part of their plan, and Yukio leads a rescue effort.
The play will run at Tokyo's Zepp Blue Theater Roppongi from October 20-29 and then at Kobe's Shinkobe Oriental Theater from November 2-5. Regular ticket went on sale of Saturday.
Daisuke Nishida is returning to direct the play and write the scripts. Katō is again assisting with the scripts.
Nishida previously directed the Ao no Exorcist: Ao no Homura Kakusei-hen/Kyōto Fujō-Ō-hen stage play in 2014 and the Ao no Exorcist: Kyōto Guren-hen play last year

Fullmetal Alchemist Anime Director Criticizes Upcoming Live-Action Film

At a stage show on September 16th at Nikufes (Meat Festival) Tokyo 2017, Fullmetal Alchemist anime director Seiji Mizushima criticized the upcoming Fullmetal Alchemist live-action film, saying that, “It was a bad idea to only use Japanese actors.”
Mizushima made these comments at a roundtable discussion with anime producers Hiroshi Kanemaru (Popin Q) and Tomoki Misawa (Urawa no Usagi-chan). The topic of discussion was the recent trend of live-action film adaptations of manga and anime. Mizushima was asked to share his thoughts on anime's increasing mainstream prominence in Japan. This topic was particularly pertinent given that the setting of the discussion was Nikufes, a nationwide meat festival that has only recently begun incorporating anime song stage performances and anime collaborations.
When first asked about the Fullmetal Alchemist film, Mizushima criticized the casting choices, saying that, “If you asked me whether I think the cast could pull it off, I'd say that no, they can't.” He elaborated by saying that, “It's hard for actors to capture the look and feel of the original manga.”
Mizushima also ridiculed a number of recent live-action film adaptations, including Gintama. “Gintama just looked stupid,” he complained. The producers shared his sentiments about live-action films, mentioning that Terraformars was a bad adaptation of a great manga.
“2D is freer than live action,” was the consensus. “You can express more with it.”
Mizushima didn't rule out the potential of the live-action Fullmetal Alchemist film entirely, however. He mentioned that he's interested in seeing how the 3DCG shown in the trailer looks in the film itself, and also in seeing how the film handles the story of Hiromu Arakawa's original manga. He ultimately agreed with producers Kanemaru and Misawa when they said that, although they would prefer to stick with anime productions, they approve of how live-action films have been broadening the appeal of anime and manga for the mainstream public.
“I'm rooting for it,” he said.
Seiji Mizushima directed the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime TV series, which first aired in 2003. The anime is based off the manga series by the same name, written by Hiromu Arakawa. An animated remake of the series, called Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, first aired in 2009, and was directed by Yasuhiro Irie. A live-action film adaptation, which Seiji Mizushima had no involvement in, will be released in Japanese cinemas this December. Fumihiko Sori (live-action Ping Pong) is directing the film.
At Anime Expo 2017, Fumihiko Sori and Ryosuke Yamada (Edward Elric's actor) discussed the challenges of creating live-action adaptations of manga and the ramifications of having an all-Japanese cast

Night is Short Walk on Girl Website Launched

Anime Limited has launched a website showing the cinemas that will screen Masaaki Yuasa's film Night is Short, Walk On Girl from October 4.
The main staff of The Tatami Galaxy anime returned for the film. Masaaki Yuasa directed the film at his Science SARU studio, and Makoto Ueda wrote the script. Yūsuke Nakamura, the cover artist for the original novel as well as The Tatami Galaxy, designed the characters. Michiru Oshima composed the music.
The website gives the following synopsis:

"Gracefully yet violently, The Girl with Black Hair (Kana Hanazawa) swirls through the abstract Kyoto night a joyful tempest. Blowing through pub crawls, festivals and book fairs, her youthful glee infects parties of increasingly eccentric characters, but amongst the debtors, existentialists and the God of the Old Book Market, can she be convinced “coincidental” encounters are fate and will she notice the Senpai (Gen Hoshino) in pursuit of her love? Whether the hands on your clock move fast or slow, Night is Short, Walk On Girl."
Night is Short, Walk On Girl opened in Japan on April 7. The film adapts Tomihiko Morimi's (The Eccentric Family, The Tatami Galaxy) novel of the same name.

Monday, 18 September 2017

The Miracle of Endymion Released Monday

On Monday September 11, Manga Entertainment will release A Certain Magical Index: The Miracle of Endymion as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. The story is described as:

In the scientifically advanced Academy City, a miracle is about to occur: the completion of the world's first space elevator, “Endymion.” Meanwhile, a certain high school student, Touma Kamijou, and his companion Index are going about their daily lives when they encounter and befriend Arisa Meigo, a cheerful and ambitious singer. When strange occurrences begin taking place throughout the city, they lead to the discovery of an intricate plot surrounding Arisa and Endymion. Things only get more complicated when the Stiyl Magnus appears, signifying that the magical world is somehow involved too…
Hiroshi Nishikiori (Magic Tree House, Azumanga Daioh, Angelic Layer) returned to direct the film at the studio J.C. Staff (with CG produced by Sanzigen). Hiroyuki Yoshino (Macross Frontier, Accel World, Code Geass - Lelouch of the Rebellion) scripted the film based on the original novels' author Kazuma Kamachi's new story.
Anime Limited will release a standard Blu-ray edition of Escaflowne: The Movie, the feature film retelling of the TV series Vision of Escaflowne. (The film was previously released as part of Anime Limited's 'Ultimate Edition' pack of Vision of Escaflowne.)
Anime Limited will also release the second half of Charlotte as a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack, with Collectors packaging and art cards.
MVM will release the second volume of God Eater on Blu-ray and DVD.

Your Name Deluxe Edition Details

Anime Limited has released images and details for its limited deluxe home release of Makoto Shinkai's your name.
Limited to 2000 units, it will only be sold through and, with online orders starting in the near future. It will be released on November 23, after the other home editions of the film, see below.
The Deluxe edition will include the film on Blu-ray and DVD; the CD Japanese soundtrack (which will also be included in the Steelbook edition); and a 128-page art book. The book will include

- Cast and Music Interviews - Cross Talk: Japanese staff talk and roundtable discussion
- Illustrations: Key visuals and a collection of illustrations for magazines and merchandise
- Pre-Production Materials
- A 'massive' Q&A with director Makoto Shinkai
The Deluxe edition will also include ten Art Cards, a folded A3 poster and possibly 'an additional item' TBC. The collection will come in a rigid case with a digipack to carry the three dics.
The SRP of the collection is £59.99, but this is 'not indicative' on the price it will have on the Zavvi and All The Anime websites.
Anime Limited will also be three other home editions of the film: a standard DVD, a standard Blu-ray and a Collectors Steelbook Blu-ray/DVD. These three editions will be released before the Deluxe edition, on November 6.
All versions will include the subtitled Japanese version with the Japanese RADWIMPS soundtrack; and also the English-language version with the English-language RADWIMPS soundtrack. Anime Limited is 'working' to include the option of the English-language voices with the Japanese-language songs on all editions.
The on-disc extras will include a special TV program. The Steelbook edition will also include the CD Japanese soundtrack.
There are no plans at present to release a 4K/UHD Blu-ray release


This week sees Titan release the final issue of the "Wolves of Winter" arc in the latest installment of Twelfth Doctor.

Doctor Who: Twelfth Doctor Year Three #7

Writer: Richard Dinnick
Artist: Brian Williamson
Cover A: ​ ​Claudia Ianniciello​ Cover B: ​ ​Photo ​ ​Cover C:​​ ​Andy Walkeralkerkerr

New companion Bill Potts has joined the Twelfth Doctor on a brand-new adventure, taking them to an island in the Atlantic in the 9th century CE. Caught in the middle of a stand-off between a group of Vikings and Ice Warriors, Bill and the Doctor had to ensure the mighty battling forces united against an even greater threat – a sentient disease-carrying Flood!
Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Cover A (Credit: Titan ) Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Cover B (Credit: Titan ) Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Cover C (Credit: Titan ) Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Page 1 (Credit: Titan ) Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Page 2 (Credit: Titan ) Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Page 3 (Credit: Titan ) Twelfth Doctor Year Three #8 - Page 4 (Credit: Titan )


Telos Publishing have annouced the release of an official tie-on novelisation to the new Doctor Who spin-off drama White Witch of Devil's End:

Telos Publishing is pleased to announce that this November they will be publishing the official Tie-In Novelisation to the new Doctor Who Spin-off Drama WHITE WITCH OF DEVIL'S END, being released on DVD by Koch Media.

The original Drama follows events in the life of Olive Hawthorne, the White Witch of Devil's End from the 1971 Doctor Who adventure 'The Daemons'. Six authors have supplied the tales, and they are being presented by Telos in two different paperback editions:
  • First is a limited edition A Format paperback, designed to look like the old Target Novelisations. Art by Andrew-Mark Thompson.
  • Second is a B format paperback, with cover to match the DVD release.

Olive Hawthorne is the sole guardian of the sleepy village of Devil’s End. She protects the world from the incursion of demons, vampires, aliens and all manner of otherworldly creatures. But she is getting old … and they keep coming...

This is the story of Olive’s life. From her earliest days, through teenage years, middle age, and now old age. Tales of her adventures with monsters and evil … forever battling against the forces of darkness … and forever seeking to keep the world safe.

Written by Suzanne Barbieri, Debbie Bennett, Raven Dane, Jan Edwards, David J Howe and Sam Stone, and edited by Sam Stone, The Dæmons of Devil’s End is the story of one woman’s exciting and emotional life.

With a Foreword by by actress Damaris Hayman and an Afterword by producer/director Keith Barnfather.

The Dæmons of Devil’s End is based on, and expands upon, the Reeltime Pictures drama production White Witch of Devil’s End, released on DVD by Koch Media and available from It also spins off from the 1971 BBC Doctor Who adventure The Dæmons. All characters are used with permission of the relevant rights owners. This book has not been licensed or approved by the BBC or any of its affiliates.

The book also features a special ‘Dossier’ section compiled by Andrew-Mark looking at some of the artefacts held in the UNIT vaults relating to the strange events that have happened in Devil’s End through the years